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Ambassador Stories

You may join the below Longevita Ambassadors and start making thousands of pounds by referring new patients to Longevita.

Georgina, Beauty Clinic Owner from Newcastle, UK

“My name is Georgina, I am running a beauty clinic in Newcastle. I met Longevita at the 50+ Show in London. Their representative introduced me to Longevita’s referral program. Before I joined, I talked to their previous patients to learn how happy they were with the Longevita service and treatment results. All of the patients I talked to told me that if they needed any other treatment in dentistry or cosmetic surgery, they would contact Longevita again. Everybody was very happy with the results. I was convinced about Longevita’s quality and became a Longevita Ambassador. I started recommending Longevita to my customers.

Beauty is very important for my customers and they are eager to try surgical methods for better looks. I refer almost all of my customers to Longevita. They get a discount and I get a commission. It really works perfect for everyone!”

Kashif, Hairdresser from London, UK

“Hi, this is Kashif and I am a hairdresser in London. I heard about Longevita from one of my customers who actually had his hair transplantation surgery done with them and is an ambassador himself. Longevita works very professionally and the referral system is a win-win for the patient and the ambassador. My customer was very happy with his treatment results. I had a lot of people asking me about a very good hair clinic for FUE surgery, so I decided to refer a few of my customers to Longevita. Over several months, I kept getting positive feedback about their services from my customers and the great results meant repeat business for myself. It actually worked out great for me because the more hair my customers have the more frequent their visits would be to my hairdresser. I made the highest number of referrals in the whole Longevita ambassador network in May.”

Jessica, University Student from Stockholm, Sweden

“Hi, I am Jessica from Sweden. I had my nose surgery done with Longevita last year. I had a limited budget for the procedure so I negotiated the price of my medical travel package. Longevita told me about their ambassador program and that I could get the €300 discount if I would refer Longevita to three of my friends. I knew that a few of the girls in my dormitory were thinking of going abroad for other cosmetic procedures, so I told them about Longevita and that we could all get discounts if we went on the trip together. We ended up becoming ambassadors all of us. I referred three patients to get my €300 discount and each of the girls got €50 discount on their treatments too. We are now very happy about the results and planning to go to Turkey via Longevita this summer for further procedures. We enjoy being Longevita Ambassadors and keep on telling our family, friends and colleagues about Longevita!”

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