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A Quick Guide To Daddy Makeovers

Father’s Day is almost here and to celebrate, here at Longevita we’ve put together a guide to Daddy Makeover procedures. We’ve all been there: fatherhood gets the better of us, and we stop taking care of our bodies. As we age, our skin can begin to sag, our hair can start receding, our teeth start to yellow, and where there were once abs is now the definition of ‘dad bod’. In order to give you a little helping hand this Father’s Day, we’ve taken a closer look at the different procedures that you can opt for when it comes to getting your Daddy Makeover.


Also referred to as ‘man boobs’, gynecomastia is where the male breast gland, as a result of hormonal imbalances or being overweight, begins to enlarge causing excess fat deposits. There are a number of causes of gynecomastia but regardless, this can be an embarrassing and relatively common condition for many men to experience. As we age, the testosterone in our bodies can begin to decrease which can be a factor in this condition and alongside this, other diseases and conditions, as well as the consumption of certain types of medication, can all have an impact on a man’s breast area.

If you are suffering with gynecomastia, you may want to consider a male breast reduction surgery from the experts here at Longevita. The initial consultation will determine the exact type of surgery or procedure you will need, depending on the type of gynecomastia you are suffering with. For example, you may require liposuction if the gynecomastia is a result of fatty deposits with minimal excess skin and breast tissue. Alternatively, if you are suffering from excess skin, fatty tissue and excess breast tissue, then you may require a combination of liposuction and surgery.


Liposuction is becoming increasingly popular with male patients who are looking to tackle stubborn areas of fat on different parts of their body. Liposuction can be used as a treatment for the hips, neck, arms, tummy and many other locations and is an effective and somewhat pain-free treatment which requires minimal downtime, depending on the technique used.

Liposuction is an extremely versatile treatment and can be used in conjunction with a number of other procedures. For our male patients here at Longevita, liposuction is often combined with a fat transfer procedure which transfers fat in blocks to the tummy area in order to develop the appearance of a six-pack.

Hair Transplant

If you are struggling with male pattern baldness, or you are taking medication which is having a severe impact on your hair, then you may want to consider opting for a hair transplant with the expert team here at Longevita. This is one of our most in-demand treatments, and with the procedures taking place in A+ rated facilities in Istanbul for a fraction of the cost in the UK, it’s easy to see why the treatment is so popular!

We use a range of techniques in order to cater for your exact requirements, including FUE hair transplant, Direct Hair Implantation using the Choi Implanter Pen technique, Unshaven Hair Transplant, and can even provide a solution for those with Afro hair. If you’re finding that your beard is starting to become patchy as you age, then you may also want to consider a beard transplant. The technique that is best suited to your requirements will be discussed with you at the initial consultation stage.

Teeth Whitening

If you’re after a quick fix which will brighten up your entire appearance, while giving you that youthful glow, then a teeth whitening procedure could be the perfect choice as part of your Daddy Makeover. As we age, our teeth naturally begin to yellow, with this increasing even further with the consumption of staining foods and drinks including tea, coffee, curries, red wine, blueberries and more. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure due to its low cost and excellent results, though the concentration of peroxide required to meet your desired results will be determined during your consultation.

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