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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Missing teeth pose functional and aesthetic problems for millions of people around the world. However, most people cannot decide to take any action against missing teeth because they are afraid of how much a dental implant would cost.

Dentist’s experience plays a big part in dental implants cost. Dental implant procedure requires a great surgical skill of a dentist; therefore, a dentist who is skilled and experienced in the procedure will charge more than a dentist who started their practice relatively later. A dentist with a membership of worldwide professional organizations such as International Team for Implantology will charge more than a dentist with no membership because such professional membership indicates proficiency.

Besides dentist’s experience, dental implant material affects the cost significantly. A very cheap price may mean that low-quality non-brand implant will be used. On the other hand, FDA or CE approved branded implant with ISO certifications will naturally cost higher as the latter one is more durable and proves better results.

The condition of the mouth and jaw is another factor to be taken into account when it comes to estimating dental implant cost. Bone grafting may be required for some patients whose jawbones aren’t thick enough in order for implants to be successfully placed. Similarly, sinus lift may be necessary if there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw or if sinuses are very close to the jaw. These extra procedures will increase the cost of the dental implant procedure.

The cost of the dental implant also varies according to where you live. Dental implant cost in big cities is likely to be higher than the cost in smaller cities. Likewise, affluent western countries are likely to charge more than developing ones. In the USA, a single dental implant cost on average is around $4,500 but in India, the cost may be as low as $750.

Finally, dental implant procedure requires a crown after the dental implant is placed and healing is completed. Crowns may be metal or porcelain, whose prices are different from each other. Porcelain crown is costlier than metal crown because it looks more natural due to its white colour. The choice of the type of crown, therefore, affects the cost.

To sum, the question “how much do dental implants cost” depends on a number of factors such as the dentist’s experience, quality of the implant material, condition of the mouth, location of the treatment and type of crown. Book your free consultation to learn more.

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