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woman had a facelift abroad

Facelift Abroad: Patient Experiences

Sagging of the face is, unfortunately, inevitable for us. Effects of ageing, exposure to the sun, gravity and stress are reflected on our faces sooner or later. Various beauty products are used, especially by women, to alleviate the results of these effects; however, these products do not result in a dramatic effect. Yet still there is a more radical and significantly successful way: the facelift.

Facelift, medically known as rhytidectomy, is a medical procedure to improve visible signs of ageing. It, so to speak, winds the clock back. Facelift improves your appearance, makes you look younger and boosts your self-confidence.

Affordable Prices of Facelift Abroad

Medical tourism is booming, so is the demand for facelift abroad. Those who cannot afford facelift in their home countries travel abroad for cheaper prices, which is basically the essence of medical tourism. “My discomfort with how my face looked peaked at the age of 49. Facial wrinkles that bothered me had to be eliminated. However, there was a problem, a big one, which was that I could not afford the cost of the facelift in Denmark. With the suggestion of my friend, I looked into facelift abroad and I was amazed by cheaper prices. The only thing left to do was to find a good surgeon and go ahead with it. I am now very satisfied”, says Frederick.

Better Credentials of the Surgeon

Extensive experience of the plastic surgeons is another good reason to go for facelift abroad. “Low price was definitely a factor. However, the main one was the experience of the surgeon. I wanted my facelift procedure to be performed by a top surgeon. The right surgeon I found with an affordable price was in Turkey. That is why, I went ahead with facelift abroad”, says Amir, 55, from Egypt. Once the credentials and credibility of the plastic surgeon are verified, facelift abroad becomes an easier option.

Fast Recovery

Another point which makes facelift ideal for international patients is that there is no significant discomfort after the surgery. The speed of healing depends upon an individual but healing is usually fast and complications are rare. Bruising and numbness of the skin may occur after facelift procedure but they gradually disappear day by day. “My facelift abroad experience was a comfortable one. I was nervous as to what to expect after the procedure; whether I was going to feel well enough to travel and so on. But I really felt fine after my facelift procedure. Seven nights were sufficient for recovery. I felt well enough to see a little bit of the city as well before my departure” says Emily from the UK.


Many people seek for confidentiality and privacy when they go ahead with the facelift. They do not want to be seen by their friends and acquaintances during their initial recovery process. “I wanted no one I knew to see my face until all my swelling went down. I wanted my friends to see me only when I felt fresh. That is why, I arranged my medical travel to be away from my country for a week. When I got back, I was a younger person” says Shannon from the USA.

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