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Love At First Sight, Love At First Smile

We all know that first impressions count. More often than not, the smile is the first thing that people notice when they meet you. The Academy of General Dentistry actually discovered that 40% of those surveyed notice a smile first in colleagues, with a further 96% being of the belief that a smile is vital to attraction! This holds true for a wide range of different scenes and scenarios, including first dates, job interviews, introductions and almost every other social situation that you can think of! But how important exactly is a good smile? Below we are going to list for you just three of the reasons as to why having a good smile is so important! It is by no means an exhaustive list as there are a massive amount of benefits to having that perfect smile.

The Best Smiles Make The Best Impressions:

The whiter and the straighter and the more aligned that your teeth are the better the first impression you will make with a new person, be it in a professional or a social sense. In fact, the results of one study found that out of all people surveyed a massive 29% said that the very first thing that people noticed about another person is their teeth. A further 24% of individuals said that the teeth are the aspect of persons face that they remember the most after a first meeting. Also, if you are embarrassed of your teeth then you may hide your smile which can in turn make you seem unfriendly or unwelcoming which will give off a terrible first impression.

The Straighter Your Teeth The More Successful You’ll Be

This is regarding perception, and when shown a wide range of different photos of people’s teeth, including straight teeth and crooked teeth, a massive 45% of people surveyed decided that those people who had the straightest teeth and therefore the best smile looked as if they were the most successful. This success was judged to be both in terms of professional as well as financial success. Furthermore, the better your teeth and smile are the more confident you will likely be, with higher confidence often being associated with greater levels of professional success.

People Will Think More Of You

The better your teeth are, and this relates also to how straight your teeth are, the better you will be perceived. This perception also allows an individual to have a better social life, will end up making more friends and will get more second dates! Data from the same study as referenced previously found that 38% of those surveyed said that they would not want to go on a second date with someone who had crooked teeth!

The Lips Are Just As Important As The Teeth

Teeth do form a huge part of the overall effect of the smile, but the lips also play a huge role and must not be overlooked. In fact, we would say that this split is about 50/50 as you cannot have a beautiful smile without having both beautiful lips AND beautiful teeth! Lips can sometimes be misshapen, too thin, or out of proportion with the rest of your face. So, what can you do if you are concerned that your teeth and/or your smile could be better? Thankfully, at Longevita we have solutions to both of these problems!

Lip Injections – Dermal Fillers

Lip injections, or lip fillers can have an amazing effect on the fullness of your lips. With lips arguably being the first step towards that perfect smile – and also being the easiest to resolve. With lip fillers, you are able to define them in almost any way you like. This is a treatment that is ideal for those who were born with particularly thin lips or for those women out there who want fuller lips that are shapelier and well defined.

Dental Crowns

Having dental crowns can have a huge impact upon your smile. The process for dental crown application is relatively simple and will involve your dentist filing away some of the old teeth and placing a brand new set or series of teeth onto the old ones. This is done in such a way that the strength of the teeth is retained, but the new crowns that are placed over the old are brilliant white, straight and designed to fit perfectly into your mouth.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are essentially thin pieces of high grade “veneer” material (such as porcelain, ceramics or a composite bonding material) that are placed over the existing teeth to create a perfect smile. Absolutely ideal for those who have a crooked set of front teeth that are either misaligned or damaged.

Teeth Whitening

Having yellowing, or dull teeth (especially front teeth) can take away a lot from your smile and can leave lovely lips and great teeth looking unhappy. We have a wide range of different teeth whitening techniques so no matter how bad or yellow or dull your teeth are we are certain that we can bring them back to their dazzling best!

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