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new trends in cosmetic surgery

New Trends In The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

There are great many new trends in the cosmetic surgery industry. Generally speaking, this is always the case, as the industry as a whole is growing massively, and has been on an upward trajectory (in terms of usage and variety of procedures) for decades. This is in no small part thanks to increased and more varied demands driving the industry to formulate novel ways of developing new looks, with social media trends and celebrity influence also accelerating advancements in surgeries, procedures and treatments in general. We are going to talk about two new trends in cosmetic surgery in this piece. And they are cheekbone surgeries and the double eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery

The double eyelid surgery is particularly popular in Asian countries, but has also been rising in prevalence in America, Europe and elsewhere in the Western hemisphere. It is also known as an East Asian blepharoplasty. The ultimate goal of the double eyelid surgery is to create eyes that are bigger and more rounded, by way of a crease that is created in each of the upper eyelids. Many people who have this surgery have eyelids that do not naturally have a crease in them (also known as monolid eyelids) and are generally smaller than desired. This crease is an incredibly desirable feature in Asian countries and is often replicated temporarily by way of special tape or make-up – the machinations always being concealed.

This procedure used to be highly controversial in Asia, even taboo in some areas. Now however, it is highly common and sought after by millions of people. Rising incomes, cheaper surgery options and the prevalence of Western television, social media and celebrities in Asian countries, as well as the acceptance of Western beauty standards (and the widespread acceptance of all of the other points as listed) have helped to improve the popularity of this procedure. Many surgeons in China have been quoted as saying that the double eyelid surgery is now one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures in the entire region. In fact, even in 2015 this surgery was very popular. Worldwide, it was reported to be the third most conducted cosmetic surgery procedure, at 1.3 million in a year. The only two surgeries that were completed more were breast augmentation and liposuction. In addition to this, in 2017 in Japan, 187,000 double eyelid procedures were completed, this figure eclipsing the total number of every other surgery that was completed, this amount clocking in at a much lower 107,000.

To conclude then, the double eyelid is something that a lot of Asian individuals are born without – around 50% in fact, this is what makes it such a desirable look. The “double” refers to the fold or the crease in the eyelid itself (this extra piece of skin being called the epicanthus). A monolid therefore, is an eyelid without this fold. The idea of the double eyelid surgery is to create a double eyelid which adds the fold and in turn makes the eye appear larger, fuller and more rounded.

Cheekbone Surgery

Cheekbone surgery has been made incredibly popular by Hollywood celebrities and self-styled YouTube-based makeup experts. These makeup experts are able to achieve a dramatically different look by simply applying a wide range of different makeup products and by utilising a ton of different techniques – these processes can take hours and be incredibly labour intensive. Furthermore, in essence, these makeup techniques attempt to emulate a certain look which can actually be achieved permanently with cheekbone surgery!

The Hollywood trend of cheekbone surgery goes back many years now and is often one of the go-to surgeries for A-listers who are looking to change their look, achieve a more feminine visage or generally to improve their self-esteem. Arguably one of the most popular methods of cheekbone augmentation is by using dermal fillers. These dermal fillers are perfect for plumping up the skin, adding visibility and definition to the cheekbones whilst also smoothing wrinkles. These fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance.

Other popular cheekbone surgeries include cheek implants. This surgery is used primarily to emphasise the cheekbones, and is completed by adding filler injections, which will be made of either the patient’s own fat or of a specific substance such as Restylane.

Longevita – At The Forefront Of Advancements

As mentioned in the beginning the cosmetic surgery industry is always evolving and new surgeries are always emerging. We are at the forefront of these advancements and are not only exploring these new surgeries, but we are also making sure to provide our clients with the most up to date methods of traditional surgeries to ensure successes, safety and satisfaction in all areas. If you would like to talk to us about a plastic surgery procedure that you have been wanting to undergo, or if you have a specific question about a particular procedure then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly and helpful team.

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