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woman with non surgical nose job

Four Great Benefits of a Non Surgical Nose Job

With more and more of us taking better care of ourselves and taking more pride in our appearance than ever before, it’ll probably come as no surprise to you to learn that beauty treatments and procedures are also on the increase and are growing in popularity. Many of these procedures require invasive surgery, which is why it’s referred to as “going under the knife”, because scalpels and various implements are used to slice us open and make us eventually look better. For some people, however, the prospect of going under the knife is a little too daunting, which is why they opt for non-surgical procedures instead. Nose jobs are one of the most popular beauty procedures in the entire world, and as a result, non-surgical rhinoplasty is proving to be a massive hit amongst men and women all over the globe. If you’re thinking of having a nose job but are worried about an invasive and potentially painful procedure, here are four great benefits of non surgical nose job procedures instead.

Less downtime and recovery
– One of the main benefits of a non surgical nose job is the fact that the downtime and recovery following the procedure is much less than that involved with a regular nose job. In fact, in many cases there is no downtime or recovery time required at all, other than perhaps taking the rest of the day off immediately following the procedure. This means there is no painful congestion, no uncomfortableness, no dramatic looking bruising and swelling, which also keeps you off work as you can’t work when looking like you’ve done 10 rounds with a prime Mike Tyson, and no need to rely on pain killers and medications.

The procedure is much quicker
– Whilst not all issues can be corrected non-surgically, ones that can be corrected are often completed much quicker than with a regular nose job, and in actual fact, a non surgical nose job is often referred to as 15 minute nose jobs because they can be completed so quickly.

They work incredibly well
– Non-surgical rhinoplasty basically involves the use of dermal fillers designed to help increase the volume of the nose, to help fill in any types of hollows on the nose, and to generally make it look far more symmetrical and aesthetic. Although these procedures don’t actually reduce the size of a nose, what they can do is create the illusion of a smaller nose, by making it look more even, shapely, and symmetrical.

They’re very safe
– Another fantastic benefit of non-surgical nose reshaping procedures is that they’re incredibly safe as they use only a slight amount of local anaesthetic and perhaps a couple of pain killers afterwards. There is much, much less bruising, only a few small cuts where the fillers have been applied, and there is no need for stitches or dramatic looking bandages either. Most people are even able to return to work or to whatever they were doing beforehand on the very same day.

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