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recovering from nose surgery

Rhinoplasty recovery: Secrets to help you quickly recover from nose surgery

Rhinoplasty, better known as a nose job, nose reshaping, or nose surgery, is now an extremely common procedure amongst not only women but men as well. In fact, recent surveys have revealed that rhinoplasty is the second most popular male beauty-enhancing surgery in the world, second only to liposuction. Nose jobs are proving so incredibly popular because not only are they minimally invasive when compared with other beauty procedures, but rhinoplasty recovery time, in general, can actually be sped up greatly if you know what you’re doing and follow what it is that you’ve been told to do. A nose job can help you take back control of your life, it can make you feel confident and attractive, and it can help benefit you in numerous other ways in the process. If you’re thinking about undergoing nose surgery, whether it be full on rhinoplasty, a nose reduction, nose reshaping, or anything else for that matter, you’ll want to recover as quickly as you possibly can, which is where we come into the mix. Here are a few secrets to help you recover quicker from open rhinoplasty surgery.

Don’t worry about extreme pain
– If you’ve ever seen somebody fresh out of nose surgery and for the next few days afterwards, it can be a little daunting. Their eyes, nose and surrounding areas are generally bruised and swollen, and the bandages themselves can also look a little intimidating. In actual fact, however, the aftermath for the first few days looks far worse than it actually feels, as you will generally only feel a slight numbness and perhaps experience tenderness on, and around the area. The pain medications prescribed work wonders, and truthfully if you stay calm and realise that it looks worse than it feels, your rhinoplasty recovery will go much quicker and will be much more pleasant as a result.

Expect to be uncomfortable
– Whilst there will be very little pain experienced, you should instead prepare yourself to feel pretty uncomfortable instead. If you’ve ever experienced a cold or sinusitis, it will feel similar to that as you will feel bunged up and blocked up and will have difficulty breathing through your nose. You will feel pretty congested so if you can stock up on any decongestants ahead of time, they will certainly come in very handy. Your sense of smell will also evade you for a few days but it will return so don’t panic.

Drink plenty of water
– As you can’t breathe through your nose after the surgery for a good few days/weeks, you instead need to breathe through your mouth instead, which means that your mouth will constantly be open. This can lead to intense dry mouth and a dry throat which can make you even more uncomfortable. To counter this, make sure you drink plenty of water, preferably if you sip it constantly throughout the day.

Think about wearing sunglasses
– The bruising you will experience following a nose job will be severe, there’s no way around that, but it looks far, far, far worse than it feels. Even so, unless you want people thinking you’ve been involved in a street fight or gasping at how bad the bruises look (even though they don’t hurt), you may wish to wear large sunglasses to hide your eyes for a few weeks in the rhinoplasty recovery process.

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