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Risks And The Recovery Period Of A Bum Lift

The shape, size and symmetry of the buttocks can have an adverse effect on a person’s self-confidence, particularly if asymmetry is obvious or the entire body lacks proportion as a result. In these cases, a bum lift can be a solution to consider. However, while a bum lift performed by a specialist or professional is completely safe, understanding the potential risks involved and what to expect during the recovery period, is vital before committing to this surgery. We’ve compiled what you need to know, below.

What Can I Expect During Recovery From A Butt Lift?

While recovery is certainly different for everyone, there are some things you can and must do in order to promote a better healing process. These include:

  • Pain Management

You’ll experience some pain in the months after your butt lift, but this is easily managed with pain medication. Your surgeon may suggest or prescribe painkillers or narcotics to you dependant on your situation and lifestyle.

  • Compression Garments

A compression garment can be worn after surgery in order to support and treat any areas that the fat has been transferred from. This will ensure that bruising and swelling is kept to a minimum and that it heals properly and fully. This is typically worn for up to eight weeks depending on healing speed, but will not be placed over the buttocks before the fat can solidify.

  • Swelling And Bruising

Swelling and bruising are unfortunately a part of the recovery process in most cases. This is often managed with medication and compression garments. The level of swelling and bruising may differ from patient to patient, so there is no guaranteed period of time you may experience this for.

  • Promoting Blood Flow

Patients are typically advised to avoid sitting on their buttocks for up to two weeks after their surgery. This can help to prevent harming the settling fat and reducing the chances of clotting, in addition to ensuring that the transfer receives all of the blood supply that it needs to thrive.

What Risks Could I Face From A Bum Lift?

While all professional surgeons will take precautions to reduce risk, there are a few things your body may experience after you step out of surgery and go back to everyday life. These are as follows:

  • Poor Healing

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, your bum lift could experience poor healing depending on how well it’s cared for, or as a result of malpractice. Anything from wound separation, to infection or blood clots can all manifest in the days after your surgery, but with help on hand, they can often be dealt with quickly and effectively whether through antibiotics or other means.

  • Scarring

Scarring is another risk you may face, but your surgeon will make sure that any incisions made are only in places which are not immediately visible. They may also provide advice on how to minimise the potential for scarring through effective aftercare techniques.

  • Asymmetry

Asymmetry is unlikely when opting for a Bum Lift, but the potential is certainly there. 30-50% of the fat transferred from around your body is unlikely to survive within your buttocks and in some cases, either buttock may end up with different levels of surviving fat and therefore, different shapes or sizes.

  • Skin Sensation Loss

This is another rarity, but in some cases, you may lose sensation in the skin of your buttocks after the surgery or experience changes. You’re likely to feel a reduced sensation and perhaps a bit of numbness for some time, but this tends to disappear over the months following the procedure.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

While there is no set period of time for recovery, you will typically experience the final overall result three months after the initial procedure. This will be when the area begins to look and feel natural as the fat will have settled and solidified completely.

While a butt lift does carry risks, as with any cosmetic procedure, a qualified surgeon will dedicate their time to ensuring that they reduce these risks for you considerably. Follow their aftercare instructions after leaving the clinic and commit to a full recovery, and a butt lift could be the solution you need to give you a deserved confidence boost.

If you’re considering a bum lift, and would like more information on the procedure, book a consultation with our expert patient consultants today on 020 3409 1947.

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