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Solutions For Stained Teeth

Think about the last time you really gave a thought to your oral health? For some, the answer is simple – every day. After all, not doing so would just be a harbinger of pain and lead to quite an unpleasant situation, such as teeth stained from smoking. Also, you might’ve noticed that your teeth are on display for almost all day, especially for those who sleep with their mouths open. That says something about the importance of the aesthetic appeal of a good looking set of teeth.

It’s not that someone deliberately wants to have bad teeth, things might go awry even when someone takes the most care of themselves. There are cases where excessive brushing of teeth has caused people to get cavities. Well, there are always exceptions, and excess of anything is bad, after all. Indulgences such as chocolates, candies, soft drinks, and sweets, in general, are good only if moderately consumed. Because they can become a cause for bad oral health. But that’s not it, things such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and poor dietary choices all lead to the same road.

Sometimes, by no doing of your own, you may have crooked, chipped, or broken teeth. But as long as they’re healthy looking, you might not be in too much of a problem. Of course, the former course of action can definitely lead to an unpleasant look. You might’ve learned to live with it, but this complacency will cause nothing but more harm. It becomes a process of constant deterioration where the end results will be nothing short of disastrous. However, here we are to discuss the ruinous effects of smoking on oral health and how you can deal with them. Its negative impact on health can be enormous.

How Smoking can affect Oral Health?

For starters, smoking or chewing tobacco products can make the enamel of your teeth more likely to stain. In fact, the yellowing becomes more prominent with ageing as you continue to consume such products. It can cause gum diseases because the bones and soft tissue that anchor your teeth become weak. It can even harm your overall immune system making you more vulnerable to many infections and diseases.

Nicotine can damage your teeth beyond repair. As it prevents the production of saliva, it becomes easy for bacteria to build up in your mouth and destroy whatever comes in its way. Such substances reduce the flow of blood in the areas of the mouth. This means that any injury sustained would take longer than usual to heal. You’ll be causing damage that’ll be causing further damage to the point of no return.

Is that the Extent of Damage Caused by Smoking?

Obviously, the answer is no. Bad oral health has been linked to cancer, diabetes, risk of heart diseases, infections, and even affects pregnancy. It can lead to premature labour and weak newborn babies. Your breath will smell, and the colour of your teeth would be a gone case. You’ll continue to lose your teeth in an uneven fight with bacteria, viruses, and fungi. All in all, nothing good comes out of the habit.

But What Should I Do Now?

As stated above, no one deliberately looks for ways to destroy their oral health. Certain things in life lead to certain results. But the best part is that there are some ways one can cope with the damages incurred. So, is the case with the effects of smoking. Bad oral health is a cause for concern for many people, and everyone, at some point, tries to undo the damage and look for treatments. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty to turn your stained teeth from smoking over a new leaf. The problem is that many things that are used on a daily basis for the maintenance of a healthy mouth might not work out for you because the harm that has been done may be quite intense. Still, we will look for ways and provide you with solutions on how to deal with your current predicament.

What Are the Solutions?

Now that we’ve come to the best part, let’s make no delays and dive into the solutions.

Use Some Special Products

In order to deal with teeth stained from smoking, you can use products such as mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride will actually help improve the overall health of your mouth as it fights off bacteria and protects the enamel from breaking down due to acid assault. Another thing that you can do is flossing, at least once a day. This can effectively remove plaque from between your teeth.

Scaling is another technique that can help you deal with teeth stained from smoking. In this, all the hardened plaque is vigorously removed from all sides of the teeth. These methods, however, can prove to be quite temporary. Although many kinds of toothpaste claim to reduce the level of stains, they are usually not as effective as they claim to be. Stronger toothpaste can provide a solution, but it will be for a very short time. You can try it out if it seems that doing so would be enough to reverse the damage caused to your teeth.

You Can Try Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves the simple application of bleach to the teeth. While bleach on teeth might sound some red alarms in your brain, it is something that professional dentists do to remove stains from teeth.

But the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the level and type of stain on your teeth. The treatment might be helpful to deal with teeth stained from smoking, although there are some other factors that determine whether your treatment will be a success or not. It can depend on the patient’s age, and teeth structure, along with some other things. The procedure is quite helpful for dealing with coffee and tea stains. Nicotine, however, is a bit of a tough nut to crack, but the bleach will soften stains from nicotine. The problem with this method remains the same as for the former one. It is temporary. Effectiveness of teeth whitening lasts around 6 to 9 months, depending on the lifestyle of the patient.

You Can Get Veneers

As far as veneers are concerned, they have proven to be successful not only against staining but also broken, chipped teeth with gaps between them. Therefore, for stains, veneers offer a certain solution. They will cover the front of your teeth, and although porcelain is most commonly used for the purpose, depending on your need and desire, you can also get different materials. Porcelain is actually quite strong and provides a natural-look contributing to its popularity.
Veneers are most suitable if a person has badly stained teeth that cannot be improved by teeth whitening. And the best part about them is that veneers provide a long-term solution.

Change Your Daily Habits

Some good always comes out of hard work, right? The same is the case with your oral health. The more you try to make it better, the more improvements you will see. Things such as brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing them, and using mouthwash can greatly help you sustain the results of your procedure.

If you’ve gotten veneers, then it doesn’t mean that nothing will ever go wrong with them no matter what you do. You’ll have to have certain lifestyle changes for good oral health. And the biggest thing in that is the kind of food you consume. The amount of work we make our teeth do and the things that we pass through them is bound to have some effects. But as long as you’re putting good stuff, you don’t need to worry about anything. Drinking alcoholic beverages, plenty of carbonated drinks, smoking, sweet sticky candies, and lots of starch such as potatoes and eating bread will certainly have to stop. Taking good care of yourself is a commitment that you need to make for the overall health of your body.

Try to Quit Smoking

As obvious as it sounds, people may think that if they’ve got a solid treatment, then they can go about their old ways. That defeats the whole point of getting treatment for teeth stained from smoking. Admittedly, it will be very hard for some people, but some things can help you refrain from smoking again, such as chewing gum, which has been proven by a study to reduce cravings to smoke.

Similarly, nicotine patches can be used for this, along with many other options. Usually, there are underlying psychological causes for the development of such habits, and in such cases, therapy can help quite a lot. There are different ways in which psychologists can help you get rid of the problem.

Concluding Remarks

As far as stained teeth go, there are ways that you can get that coveted smile. No matter how far down you’re into the rabbit hole, Longevita will help you find a way out of it. Through our consultation session and expert dentists, you’ll get just the perfect treatment that’ll restore your faith in the beauty of your teeth. To get the perfect smile, contact us today.

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