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big bum trend

Suns Out Buns Out – The Big Bum Trend


The big butt trend is here to stay – bum lifts and Brazilian butt lifts are now one of the most asked-for plastic surgeries worldwide – with the number of bum lifts completed per year well on its way to overtaking the number of breast augmentations completed per year! Having risen in popularity, the big bum is now seen as a must-have by many women. It was made famous by Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B (to name but a few!), as well as Instagram fitness stars, health gurus and many more different people besides. These celebrities and social media stars occupy a unique place in popular culture and are easily able to influence millions of people, often with simple actions like uploading a post on social media (such as the belfie – a bum selfie) or the release of a new music video (with J.Lo’s Booty and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda being perfect examples of this).

As soon as something gets a bit of traction or is promoted by a celebrity then it spreads like wildlife and into almost all areas of modern life! Much is the case with the bum lift, and the Brazilian butt lift trend! Magazines are promoting the fitness bum, celebrities are showcasing their bums and Instagram influencers are now spreading the benefits of this trend daily and across all social media channels. It is almost impossible to escape the influence of this new trend and we are certain that it is absolutely here to stay.

With its roots way back in the mid-90s, this big bum trend has only gotten more popular year on year. When “twerking” was first introduced, thanks in part to THAT Miley Cyrus dance performance at the MTV music awards in 2013, loving your bum became a worldwide phenomenon! But sadly, many women still do not have the shapely bum that they want. It is now seen as one of the most attractive features of a woman and is generally described as “womanly” and the larger the bum the better! With countless evolutionary theories explaining why larger bums are more attractive – it is no wonder that having a big bum is now seen as so desirable!

Get Yourself The Perfect Bum

There are methods of acquiring the big bum look yourself, by way of physical activity and bum specific exercises and exercise routines. These can be gruelling, demanding; and it can take years to get the bum you have always wanted! Plus, as muscle building and the definition of your bum is largely down to genetics (as well as such things as the curvature of the spine) you can train endlessly and never end up where you want to be because you are hard-coded genetically to grow in a certain way.

It makes sense then that the Brazilian butt lift and the bum lift have become so popular – it is a plastic surgery procedure that is relatively quick, requires little downtime and has fantastic results! In fact, there are many celebrities who have been rumoured to have had a bum lift or another similar type of procedure, such as bum implants. These celebrities include one of the most famous of our age – Kim Kardashian, though she has been coy about the specifics around all of her plastic surgeries. Blac Chyna, and Argentinian celebrity Virginia Gallardo have both also had bum lifts or bum enhancement procedures and to great effect!

The Bum Lift And The Brazilian Butt Lift – Here To Stay!

With its widespread uptake among celebrities and popular figures, we are not surprised to see this trend rising among female members of the public who also want a bum lift or a Brazilian butt lift.  By this way, they can emulate their favourite beautiful celebrity, get the ideal behind or just to improve their self-esteem! Of course, you do not need to be a celebrity to have this procedure. Thanks to what has been rapid advancements in medical technology, especially in Turkey where medical tourism is now a booming trade in and of itself, you can now have a bum lift or a Brazilian butt lift or even a different bum augmentation procedure in extremely safe conditions at an incredibly affordable price. Here at Longevita, our surgeons are all exceptionally well trained and experienced. We always provide a reliable service with customer satisfaction all but guaranteed! If you would like to discuss a bum lift or a Brazilian butt lift procedure with a member of our friendly and professional team then please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!



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