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serious hair loss on the scalp

Comparing The Alternative Solutions To Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss, but are not sure which treatment is the best solution for your needs? There are a huge number of solutions to hair loss which are available on the market, from innovative hair transplants similar to those performed at our clinics here at Longevita to hair weaving and even BioFibre hair transplants, all of which have different benefits for the patient. In order to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to your hair loss, we’ve put together a quick comparison of all of the different types of alternative solutions to hair loss for you to choose from.

Hair Transplant

Here at Longevita, we pride ourselves on the quality of the hair transplant procedures that we carry out at our clinics in Izmir and Istanbul. We ensure that the procedures are only performed by the world’s most sought-after surgeons, and always ensure that the technique that we use is the ideal choice for each individual patient’s needs. There are a number of techniques to choose from, including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Unshaven Hair Transplant (UFUE), amongst many others. A hair transplant simply moves follicles from a permanent zone on the scalp and these follicles are then planted in any areas where hair growth is limited and/or balding is apparent.

In terms of original hair growth, a hair transplant offers very high levels of growth offering a very natural appearance. The side effects of a hair transplant are minimal and often rare, with scarring being a slight possibility. Maintaining the hair transplant is just as simple as your everyday hair care routine, although we do offer some specific advice in order to ensure your hair grows back as naturally as possible straight after the procedure. You are able to cut and style the hair as normal, and the life of the hair after growth is permanent, while costs for a hair transplant procedure remain moderate.


Those who are experiencing early signs of hair loss may not want to opt for a full hair transplant and instead will turn to some forms of medicine, such as minoxidil and finasteride, which have been proven to help improve hair growth. In terms of original hair growth, medicine offers medium growth offering a natural looking, but thin appearance. Side effects are possible in the long term, as with any form of medicine, and long-term maintenance is required. Cutting and styling of the hair will also be possible in the long-term, but unlike a hair transplant where results can be seen quickly, medicine can take a lot longer for the hair to grow back to its full potential. One benefit to opting for medicine for hair loss is that the cost is typically low, and the life of the hair growth will continue for as long as the medicine remains in use.

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is a natural hair loss solution, which is ideally suited to those in the early stages of hair loss, who do not yet require a hair transplant. Original hair growth offered by PRP therapy is high, and the appearance of the hair once new growth begins to appear is natural – however, this is often much thinner than what a hair transplant can provide. Due to the process of PRP therapy using platelets from the patient themselves, the risk of side effects and rejection are very low. However, it is important to maintain PRP therapy over the long term in order to achieve the best results, whereas a hair transplant can be carried out once with permanent effects.

Cutting and styling of the hair are similar to medicine in that it is possible in the long-term as the hair grows back again and that the cost of PRP therapy is relatively low. However, the life of hair after grow is relatively short, which is why it is important to have this treatment continually. It is often recommended that patients have 5-6 months of sessions in order to obtain the best results from PRP therapy.

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding is the application of hair glue to artificial hair which is then glued onto a person’s head. This treatment is not a frequently used alternative solution to hair loss, as the procedure can come with a number of complications. Firstly, the hair is not original and the appearance after the procedure is very unnatural. Further to this, hair bonding can cause a series of allergies and even traction hair loss – which technically counters the purpose of having hair bonding in the first place. Frequent adjustments are also required, but you are unable to cut or style the hair as you please. The cost of hair bonding is relatively moderate, and you will experience no further hair growth once the bonding has occurred.

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is very similar to hair bonding, but instead of glueing on the hair, the weave is stitched onto the patient’s remaining hairs. The hair is not original and is very unnatural in appearance, with the possibility of traction hair loss and even allergies. A weave requires frequent maintenance and adjustments, and while the cost is moderate, you will experience no extra hair growth and you will be unable to cut or style the hair.

BioFibre Hair Transplant

The BioFibre hair transplant is an innovative method, which allows biocompatible artificial hair to be implanted into the scalp. While some believe that this is an ideal method for those who suffer from balding in almost all parts of the scalp, the hair growth from a BioFibre hair transplant is very unnatural as the hair is not original. Since the treatment began, there have been a high number of incidents including severe allergic reactions and rejections. While this type of hair transplant, when it does work, requires no maintenance, it is important to remember that if the new hair is cut, due to it being artificial, it is unable to grow back so any styling of the hair is permanent. The cost of a BioFibre hair transplant is moderate.

Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are a common alternative for many men and women who are looking to hide their balding patches. It is important to remember that while some hair wigs can look great, they are very unnatural, and can even result in increased dandruff and traction hair loss. You will also need to put the wig on and take it off every day, and while you may be able to choose a number of different wigs in different styles, you are unable to style the wig itself.

As you can see, there are a broad number of alternatives when it comes to alternative solutions to hair loss, but it is often advised that for the most natural-looking results which you can find at an affordable budget, a hair transplant is the best solution. To book a consultation with an expert patient consultant, get in touch on 0845 5198 948.

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Longevita Is The Choice For Celebrities Looking For A Hair Transplant

Here at Longevita, we’re proud to have a significant client base of individuals from across the globe. Our expert techniques allow us to perform some of the most intricate procedures on a range of hair types including afro hair and fair, fine hair. With some of the world’s most sought-after surgeons performing our hair transplant procedures, alongside our other surgical and non-surgical options, we have attracted a number of celebrities to have their procedures performed by us.

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hagia sofia at sunset

The Rise Of Medical Tourism In Turkey

What once was rare, is now commonplace particularly in Europe and America. The growing demand for patients searching for a high-quality surgical treatment, at an affordable cost, alongside the consistent rise in prices in the UK and the US for some of the world’s most popular treatments, has led to a boom in the medical tourism industry, particularly in countries like Turkey. Here at Longevita, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the medical tourism industry and as a result of our rates being subsidised by the Turkish government, our rates are guaranteed to be the best price. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the rise in medical tourism in Turkey, and why so many patients are opting for surgeries in this beautiful country.

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Which Hair Transplant Technique Is Best For Your Requirements?

Finding the right hair transplant technique for your procedure can be difficult if you’re unsure on what your requirements are. While our patient consultants will provide you with all of the information that you require during your initial face-to-face consultation, depending on the quality of your scalp, the desired results, and how much hair loss you have experienced so far, knowing what to expect prior to this can help you to ensure you gain an accurate representation of the procedure itself. Here, we’re taking a look at all of the different hair transplant techniques on offer at Longevita, and which one will best suit your requirements.

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Man cutting beard

10 Things to Know If You’re Considering a Beard or Moustache Transplant

Patchy or thinning facial hair can be a source of frustration for many men. Beard and moustache trends go in and out of fashion all the time but, over the last few years, the popularity of thick beards and ‘designer’ stubble has skyrocketed. As ‘No-Shave November’ arrives, you might be wondering how to achieve a facial hair look to be admired. A hair transplant is one solution that can change your look and impact your life, but if that’s not enough to convince you to undergo the procedure, here are our top ten things to know if you’re interested in having the treatment.

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Could Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Be The Future of Hair Transplants?

Could Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Be The Future of Hair Transplants?

Over the past few years, advancements in technology have had a significant impact on cosmetic surgery procedures, making them more successful and less invasive. Hair transplants are designed to improve the appearance of thinning or balding hair. The treatment is popular amongst both men and women. People choose to have a hair transplant for a variety of reasons – perhaps they have a medical condition which causes hair loss, or they are part of the population which suffers with male pattern baldness. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is just one of the latest cosmetic surgery techniques which is changing the way hair transplants are carried out.

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Hair Loss in Men

10 Common Hair Loss Questions

Losing your hair can be a difficult and worrying time. For some, it can have a major impact on their self-confidence. We’ve taken the time to answer some of the most common hair loss questions to help put your mind at ease. If you are at all concerned about your health, you should always consult your doctor for advice.

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Will Brexit Impact The Healthcare Industry?

Although Britain’s final exit from the EU won’t happen for at least another two years, there has been an enormous amount of speculation about its impacts on the economy, businesses, travel and many more industries across the UK. The healthcare industry is one area which is particularly under pressure at the moment and its ability to cope post-Brexit has been widely debated.

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Could 3D Printed Hair Follicles Be The Future Of Hair Loss Treatments?

A number of new technologies are continually being introduced in the world of cosmetic surgery and with the increase in demand for hair loss treatments for both men and women, it is easy to see the rate with which hair implant technologies will develop is likely to grow. One of the biggest hypes in technology this year has been 3D printing following April reports suggesting that the 3D printing industry has surpassed $5.1 billion, showing a huge amount of growth. With the increase in investment into this industry, some big beauty companies are also looking to the future and taking a look at how 3D printing could be implemented in future cosmetic procedures. One report shows that global cosmetics firm L’Oréal believes that 3D printed hair follicles could be the future of hair transplant procedures– but how?

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You Can Get Cara Delevingne’s Eyebrows with New Eyebrow Transplants

It’s true that fashion is unpredictable, ever changing and is not always limited to simply the clothes we wear or handbags that we fawn over. The current generation are seeing a shift towards having bushier brows and this trend is set to be taking over the cosmetic surgery world as we know it. With the likes of Cara Delevigne leading the way in empowering women to stop over plucking and begin a bushy-brow-loving revolution, it has to be said that not everyone is as blessed in having naturally hairy eyebrows. If you are passionate about recreating Cara-esque eyebrows for yourself but would like some help in the matter, then the new eyebrow transplant trend could be just the solution for you.

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