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face yoga

What is Face Yoga and Does it Really Work?

When you think of the word yoga, you can imagine someone standing in a “tree” pose, with their one leg up and hands clasped together. If not that, it’s usually a crescent lunge. There’s a lot of very flexible movement of the whole body. When you think about doing yoga for your face, your mind may come up blank. What exactly would you be “moving around”? And is face yoga just some trend that started on social media that has no scientific basis to it whatsoever? Worry not. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about face yoga, how it works, what it does, and, most importantly, does it even work. 

beauty secrets

Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Women

There’s something enthralling about the words “beauty secrets.” You feel gravitated towards the idea. And when it comes to the beauty secrets of Egyptian women, there’s nothing that can put a damper on your curiosity. Although cosmetic surgery wasn’t available at that time, whenever the topic of Ancient Egyptian women comes up, there’s one word that comes to the mind of most people – beautiful. You’ll find them depicted as breathtakingly beautiful women in many film adaptations, books, cartoons, songs, whatever you can think of, you name it. 

types of nipples

Different Types of Nipples: Which One Do You Have?

There’s nothing wrong with trying to find out what type of nipple you have. Putting yourself in a shape category of the nipple can actually feel quite satisfying. Before anything, you should keep in mind that no one type is better than the other. It is quite possible for your nipple to belong to more than one category. All types of nipples are normal. And even if your nipple doesn’t fall in any of the categories that we mention, it’s okay. You don’t need to worry. 

kardashian family

Kardashians Before Surgery: Secrets of The Popular Family

The Kardashian family is one of the most popular, wealthy, and talked about families of Hollywood. If you haven’t heard about them, you must be living under a rock. Because of their popularity, the Kardashian family’s incredible body transformations have always been a highlight in media and Hollywood. Almost all of the Kardashian sisters have undergone cosmetic surgeries to alter their appearances as their pictures before surgery is almost unrecognisable. But, what kind of cosmetic surgeries did they undergo? If you wonder how Kardashians before surgery look like and how surgeries change them, let’s go into detail.

jennifer aniston plastic surgery

The Truth Behind Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

Looks are essential for people worldwide, especially if you are a celebrity as you are seen and judged by everyone through their screens. As a celebrity, you are frequently, under a lens, watched and criticised by millions of people. Whether it is the red carpet or a casual stroll down the lane, you always have to look flawless. Talking about perfect beauty, one of the most popular and evergreen personalities that come to our minds is unquestionably Jennifer Aniston. Some say she underwent plastic surgery to look the way she does, even at 52. Let’s discuss if Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery is true or not?

cosmetic surgery for man

It’s About Time We Normalize Cosmetic Surgery for Men!

It’s simply distressing to see men hesitate from seeking out a cosmetic surgery only because it’s considered effeminate. Cosmetic surgery for men should be normalised as there’s nothing wrong with taking care of one’s own mental and physical health. With slight modifications to the facial features or other areas of the body, men can boost their confidence and feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

And it’s true that there are certain societal expectations about the way that both men and women should look. This can pressurise men as much as women to look a certain way. And if they’re unable to change the way they look; it might always weigh down on them. Therefore, just because you are a man, doesn’t mean that you can’t have cosmetic surgeries. No one should judge men for seeking plastic surgery. These days, men are getting all kinds of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

cosmetic eye surgery trends

Exposing the Popular Cosmetic Eye Surgery Trends

Beauty trends change with time. There’s no telling what will become the next big thing in the beauty world. That’s not to say that beauty trends are homogeneously changing around the globe. One cannot deny the veracity of the proverb beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Still, there’s something about beauty trends that so many people want to hop on the bandwagon. More recently, cosmetic eye surgery has become quite popular. Some people desire wee changes in this pivotal facial feature to enhance their looks. 

Having long, slim legs and a small butt were considered appealing at the beginning of the 2000s. That has completely changed now. People are seeking cosmetic surgeries for larger butts and fuller legs. Beauty trends are undergoing constant change. Same is the case with cosmetic eye surgery. It’s popular now, but who knows what the future holds. Anyway, cosmetic eye surgery helps take care of the signs of ageing. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery can help get rid of saggy eyelids by removing excess fat, skin, and muscle. It ends up giving the people a fresher and more youthful look. 

However, it doesn’t mean that young people don’t get eye surgeries. In fact, there are different types of cosmetic eye surgery techniques that are very popular among the youth. Sometimes it’s just about catching up with the next hot trend. The fear of missing out is very real. In this guide, we’ll tell you about all the eye beauty trends, such as cat eyes, brow lifting, Botox, and tear through fillers.

carol vorderman plastic surgery

The Truth About Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery

Looks matter, and that is why people are always trying to look a certain way to feel more confident about themselves. As a celebrity, you are exposed to a lot of people. You face a lot of judgment and criticism based on your looks. Thus, the life of a celebrity is heavily affected by their looks. This is why there is a new celebrity transformation every day. The most recent being Adele who wowed fans on social media with her transformation. Another celebrity always in the news for her body transformation is Carol Vorderman. Carol is a British TV sweetheart and a famous host. The 58-year-old celebrity has stirred a lot of buzz about her looks, her body, and her age. Did Carol Vorderman plastic surgery really happen? 

Well, you’re about to find out!

Katherine Ryan Plastic Surgery

The Duchess Star Katherine Ryan Fiercely Talks About Her Plastic Surgery

Whenever we see a celebrity with seemingly flawless beautiful skin or with sharp Cleopatra-like features, we start wondering how we can get this look? These stars advertise a wide range of beauty products and services but do they really work? If your face and wallet are feeling raw after using Kylie Jenner’s skincare or the Armani Beauty’s almost £400 Nera Reviving Cream, then that’s because these products seldomly work and even if they do it takes a lot of time to show the results. The truth about the celebrity glow is not something you find in stores – but in a cosmetic clinic. After the Katherine Ryan plastic surgery scandal broke out, she proudly admitted it without any hesitation.  

The Glitter Room star said that she has had Botox and other facial treatments. While there are many celebrities who get these facial treatments and cosmetic procedures to look beautiful and flawless but only a few actually admit it. 

Simon Cowell plastic surgery

Simon Cowell Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation

It’s safe to say that Simon Cowell is a household name. This man needs no introduction. However, if you’re someone who’s not that familiar with pop culture, Simon Cowell is a record producer, talent scout, entrepreneur, businessman, and a very famous media personality. Most of us know him as the man who’s been sitting on the judging panels of “The X-Factor,” “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain’s Got Talent.” It would be fair to say that the man is Gordon Ramsay of the music world. Here, we’ll take a look at Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery journey. 

From shedding tears at performances to spewing insults, this man knows how to speak his mind. He hasn’t been someone to deny news reports about him getting cosmetic surgeries over the years. It’s wonderful to see someone speak so positively about it. According to The Sun, the music mogul even gets his staff and colleagues vouchers for the botox injections for Christmas. Now, that’s not something that you hear every day. Simon Cowell is one of a kind. Still, his face transformation came as a shock, considering it took years off his face. That’s even more surprising because he just turned 60 and he doesn’t even look like it.