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Composite Bonding Turkey

Composite bonding is a dental procedure that can fix small cracks, chips, and gaps in your teeth. If you have uneven teeth, composite bonding can help increase the length of your shorter tooth or widen it. Many people choose to have composite bonding for a bright, beautiful smile over other dental treatments, such as crowns and veneers, because of its affordability. Composite bonding material itself can create a veneer-like appearance.

The treatment uses composite material which the dentist shapes down on the broken, chipped, or, cracked part of the tooth. Rather than glueing a shell on the tooth, composite bonding allows the dentist to customize the shape of the bonding material on top of the tooth. The dentist will adjust the shape and the length of the tooth according to your aesthetic and functional needs. This way, you can enjoy your final results.

What is the Composite Bonding Procedure?

The composite bonding procedure is fairly quick and easy. The whole procedure can be completed in just one visit to the dentist’s office. Before you get the procedure, we will ask you to share your pictures with us. Our dentists will examine your teeth and determine if composite bonding is suitable for you or not.

Once you arrive at the clinic, the dentist will start the procedure with dental cleaning. Afterwards, teeth whitening takes place before the application of composite resin on the tooth. This helps make the colour of your tooth lighter. After this step, the dentist will decide the most suitable colour of the composite resin for the new colour of your teeth and start the procedure. Applied to a small area, it’s not really possible to change the colour of the entire tooth. That is why the dentist uses a colour similar to that of the patient’s teeth. This will give an even and natural-looking appearance.

After choosing the right colour, the dentist will roughen the surface of your tooth and apply the bonding material. This will allow the bonding material to adhere to your tooth. After the application of the composite resin, UV light helps harden the material. The dentist will file the bonding material to the desired shape if needed.

It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to work on each tooth. However, it can vary depending on the needs of each patient. We will make sure to show you your teeth during the procedure. If you want to make any changes, simply inform the dentist.

What is the Difference Between Porcelain Veneers and Composite Veneers?

Due to the nature of the material used, composite bonding is more fragile than veneers. The biggest difference between the two cosmetic dental treatments is that of the material used. Veneers use stronger material, such as porcelain. This is why porcelain veneers can last longer than composite veneers. Composite bonding uses composite resin, also used in tooth-fillings, so it can be easily chipped. Moreover, porcelain veneers look shinier in contrast to the matte composite veneers.

Unlike veneers, where the tooth is slightly shaved to glue the veneer, composite bonding is reversible since it does not require the shaving down of the tooth. Other than that, generally speaking, composite bonding doesn’t cover the entire surface of the tooth. It is only applied to the small areas that need an improvement in their aesthetic appearance. In some cases, composite bonding takes place over the entire surface of the tooth if needed. The dentist will make sure to inform you about this, prior to the beginning of the procedure. She’ll only proceed after you’ve agreed on the treatment plan.

What is the Longevity of Composite Bonding?

With good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, your composite bonding results will last longer. If you don’t consume any acidic beverages or bite into hard foods, composite bonding can last you for a long time. If you grind your teeth at night, consider wearing a mouthguard. Otherwise, you will harm your composite bonding. If all goes well, your composite bonding might even last for up to a decade. This treatment requires periodic aftercare sessions. So, you need to be willing to visit the dentist regularly.

Are There Any Risks and Side Effects of Composite Bonding?

An allergic reaction to the composite resin is extremely rare. Other than that, composite bonding doesn’t have any serious risks and side effects. You might experience temporary tooth sensitivity after the treatment, but it’ll go away. It is unlikely that you’ll feel any pain. Since the treatment doesn’t require you to shave your tooth, local anaesthesia is not needed. It is a non-invasive, cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment. You can quickly get it done in just one visit to the clinic.

Composite Bonding in Turkey from £75

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers and a personal host.

UK Consultations

Consultations take place by GDC registered dentists or imaging centres in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Nottingham.

FDA & CE Approved

Longevita’s dentists in Turkey use FDA and CE approved dental implants with lifetime warranty at internationally certified clinics.

UK Aftercare

Aftercare support is available by GDC registered dentists in the UK who work in liaison with Longevita’s dentists in Turkey.

What is the Aftercare Process of Composite Bonding Treatment?

Composite bonding is a delicate cosmetic dental procedure. You need to take great care of your teeth after the treatment. Make sure that you’re brushing every day in the morning and at night before sleeping. If the bristles of your toothbrush are old and bent, replace the toothbrush with a new one so that your teeth are properly cleaned.

Moreover, you need to floss. For that, gently take the floss all the way up to the gum line, curve it around your tooth and move it up and down to dislodge any plaque. Try incorporating a mouthwash in your oral hygiene routine as it can further help keep your teeth clean.

Whenever you consume a meal, make sure to drink water afterwards. Initially, your dentist might advise you to avoid foods that are too hot or cold. For some time, you’ll need to go on a soft food diet. You can start eating normally after a few days. However, with composite resin, you need to avoid biting into hard foods for as long as the bonding is in place. You also need to stop biting your fingernails or engaging in any other similar activities as it can easily chip or break the composite bonding.

In addition, consume as less foods and drinks that can stain your teeth as possible. Your composite resin can get far more easily stained than your natural teeth. Try using a straw when drinking teas and coffees. Tobacco products can also cause yellowing, which is why they’re best avoided.

Consuming acidic beverages might thin your bonding. The composite veneer can even crack and fall off. Surely, you need to follow all the aftercare instructions for protecting your bonding from any damage.

Free Consultations

We offer free audio or video consultations and aftercare appointments five days a week by our expert patient consultants or aftercare specialists online at the comfort of your home.

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Who’s the Right Candidate for Cosmetic Bonding?

Composite bonding is especially suitable for you if you’re young. The dentist will still check if your tooth and bone structure is healthy. If you have crooked, chipped teeth with small gaps between them, you might not feel comfortable when smiling. Composite bonding is a simple treatment that can tremendously boost your confidence.

There are some cases in which composite bonding isn’t recommended to the patient. If your teeth are too yellow, the composite resin will look too unnatural. It will not help improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. We will make sure to guide you about other treatment options in this case. Additionally, composite bonding is not suitable for the incisor teeth or the lower jaw.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Bonding in Turkey?

Composite bonding in Turkey costs £75-100 per tooth. After checking your pictures, your dentist will create your treatment plan accordingly. We will make sure to discuss all the additional costs with you in the initial consultation session. At Longevita, we ensure the accessibility of cosmetic dental procedures to people from around the globe through our affordable rates. You can rely on us for getting treatment from qualified, expert dentists who will ensure you the best possible results.

What Does the Cosmetic Bonding Treatment Package Include?

With Longevita, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of travelling to a foreign country. We will make things easier for you. We offer transfer, hotel accommodation, hosting, and assistance services. You can include all these in your treatment package. And you can always customize your treatment plan with us. Moreover, you will get free aftercare services for 12-months after the treatment.

Our dental packages also include free X-ray imaging while you’re in Turkey. Your procedure itself will take place in internationally accredited facilities that have state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies. We use FDA and CE approved materials for the cosmetic dental treatments so you can have peace of mind with us. With our surgeons having malpractice insurance, you can easily get a corrective treatment, if you’re dissatisfied with the results.

If you’re longing to improve the appearance of your smile, then you shouldn’t hesitate to book your treatment. You can learn more about composite bonding through a phone consultation. You should send your teeth pictures to us in advance for our dentists to check if you are suitable for a composite bonding treatment or not. You can also book a free phone consultation for a medical assessment based on your pictures. You will then be provided with your custom treatment plan and price offer.

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