5 Things to Know Before Having Breast Reduction Surgery

5 Things to Know Before Having Breast Reduction Surgery

Having the perfect shape and size of breasts is important to many women because it helps them look sexier and more feminine. A lot of women lose confidence in themselves when they do not have their desired shape and size of breasts. If you have uncomfortably big breasts, breast reduction in Turkey is your best option.

Breast reduction offers natural-looking, smaller and shapelier breast that enhance the comfort and confidence of women who have big breast. This surgery typically involves making one or more cuts in your breast to remove some skin and tissue. After the removal of the excess skin and tissue, the cuts are stitched back. In some cases, the nipple and areola will be removed and repositioned. This procedure can also make the dark skin area around the nipple smaller.

Another method of reducing big breast is by undergoing liposuction. This procedure can be used alone for breast reduction if there is no problem of excess skin, and if part of the breast is full of fatty tissue. Liposuction can also be used alongside surgery to achieve a balanced result.

Here are five things to know before having a breast reduction surgery:

Health benefits of breast reduction surgery

Apart from the aesthetic benefits that a breast reduction surgery may come with, it will also offer health benefits and improve the quality of your life. Mostly, women who have oversized breasts experience issues like the neck, back, and shoulder pains due to the weight of the breasts. Having a breast reduction surgery can help you get rid of these painful experiences as the current size of your breasts will be less weighty. Besides, this surgery also has psychological benefits and could help you feel more comfortable in your skin and boost your confidence.

Adverse effects of breast reduction surgery 

Even though breast reduction can help to improve the quality of your life as well as offer aesthetic value, it is not all perfect when it comes to the recovery process of the surgery. A breast reduction will cause small scarring at the points of the incision. Besides, there is always a possibility that your breasts will drop with time. Also, you should know that the breasts you get after a breast reduction surgery may not be the boobs you would have forever as pregnancy, and weight change may affect the look and size of your breasts. It is important to decide the surgery at the right time for you.

Recovery time

It will normally take up to 6 weeks for you to recover and get back to your normal life after you’ve had a breast reduction surgery. You will need to take some time off work, and your surgeon will be in a good place to tell you how much time you need to take off. You will also find that you feel a bit tired and may need a little help with doing your daily cleaning,  cooking, and shopping first 3 days. Generally, you will be required to keep off lots of work and exercises until after at least six weeks. Exercise is essential and supports your recovery process. You will also be required to wear a post-surgery or sports bra all day and night for a month after your surgery.

The best time to get a breast reduction surgery

Getting a breast reduction may have effects like interfering with your glands and hence slowing the possibility of breastfeeding. It is, therefore, best to get a breast reduction surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, weight loss may affect the shape and size of your breasts after you have gotten a reduction surgery. If you’re considering going through a weight loss procedure, therefore, you should do that before getting a breast reduction surgery.

Some parts may stay numb 

It is very rare to have all parts as numb. All women who undergo a breast reduction surgery experience numbness in the nipple and areola because of swelling, but it typically lasts for a period before the numbness stops. This means that a breast reduction surgery may have not too pleasant impacts on your sex life for a while. However, some women do not consider this numbness such a big deal and can live happily with it.

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