3 Questions You Should Ask During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

3 Questions You Should Ask During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Deciding to get a boob job in Turkey may bring a plethora of questions into your mind. It is quite natural. The prospect of having surgery for the first time can cause anxiety. Addressing that problem is where we come in. Longevita’s consultation sessions are the perfect way to make yourself feel safe and calm. We will address everything that concerns you. However, to utilize your session most efficiently, we’ll help you with the important questions that you should be asking.

While the first thing that comes to the mind when one thinks of breast augmentation is, “aren’t many celebrities getting that?” Many of the big names of the industry chose to get this surgery. It certainly doesn’t mean that it’s a luxury common folks can’t afford. And it is definitely not a fad that seems like it’s going to pass away anytime soon. The stats for it show just that. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in the United States alone, over 17 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2018. The number is a quarter-million more than the previous year. And the procedure that was opted the most was none other than breast augmentation which was performed 4% more than in 2017. International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ISAPS) global survey of 2018 also tells the same story. Breast augmentation was the top surgical procedure conducted with 1,862,506 operations carried worldwide. Among men, gynecomastia was the top procedure, which involves removal of fat from under the nipples of males so that they can look flatter. The industry is showing an increasing trend, raking in millions more every year. Choosing to get a boob job in Turkey, therefore, has been the decision of many people. 

Why Should You Get Boob Job in Turkey?  

Breast augmentation is a surgery that you choose to get. The reasons for it can be varied, but none is less important than the others. A woman’s breasts can play a significant role in defining their sexuality and femininity. And so, many may feel unhappy about themselves if the size or shape is not as desired. It can also negatively impact the way you perceive yourself, how confident you are and your self-esteem.   

In that case, breast implants offer a viable solution. Sometimes it so happens that one boob is smaller than the other. This asymmetry can be bothersome for many. If that’s not it, then smaller uneven boobs too can be problematic. Boob job in Turkey will help greatly enhance your self-confidence.  

Many reasons can contribute to changes in the shape and size of breasts such as pregnancy, hormones, weight change, various ailments, and ageing, among others. Such transformations can be overwhelming and not always welcomed. Breast implants give you the choice and control over your body. The process, however, will be tough as it is quite a big decision. There are many details that you need to go over. The more you know, the better you’ll be prepared for what’s to come. At Longevita, we realize how difficult everything can be, and so we make sure to provide our assistance on every step of the way. This is what brings us to our next part – consultation. 

Why Consultation is Important for Boob Job in Turkey? 

Medical tourism may be a foreign concept to some people. It is very popular and the top reason for its popularity stems from the cheaper costs offered. But going to a country completely unknown for a medical procedure can be somewhat daunting and difficult. In order to ease anxieties, we offer a consultation session to our patients. 

All the important stages of medical tourism period for breast implants are highlighted. The consultation session is the perfect time to get rid of all your doubts. You can ask as many questions as you have regarding the procedure, and your consultant will make use of his/her expertise to bring your mind at ease. The whole process is, in fact, quite beneficial since it allows a transfer of knowledge from the medically informed individual to the patient. It is here that your surgeon will learn about what you’re expecting to get from the surgery or any other concerns and desires that you might have. 

However, when the time for consultation comes, many people may get blank all of a sudden. You realize that there are many important things to be addressed, but the rush of the situation and simultaneous stimuli may muddle up the mind. Or you may have listed all the questions in your mind but forget asking about one or two. That is why we have written this guide to help you. For a successful consultation session, you need to be ready for everything and the best way to do that is by jotting down your questions as it is very useful. It is quite an effective way to seek all the information you want. So, let’s get into it. 

What Important Questions Should I Ask? 

Down below, we will provide you with a list of all the important questions that you should ask during your consultation session for a boob job in Turkey. Let’s begin with questions related to surgery and move categorically to others. 


1. Questions You Should Ask About Surgery 


Of course, a lot of the things that will take place during the surgery will be discussed with you beforehand, and you’ll be making many decisions for it too. And those will have to be discussed and agreed upon. These may include: 


  • The Place of the Scar


Surgeries come with scars. While they are not permanent, they can be irksome. Having them in places that are not always glaring back at you can be somewhat comforting. Therefore, you need to ask where the scar will be. It can be under the breast or the nipple. But in case of breast implants, you don’t have to worry about the scars as they’ll eventually fade away in approximately one year anyway. 


  • Ask the Implant Size


The surgeon decides the size of the breast implants according to the wishes of the patient. Your surgeon will also make recommendations to you so that you can choose the best option for yourself. Usually, popular implant sizes start from 200cc and enlarge to 600cc. Although it is not common, patients may also choose smaller or larger implants as well. You can go up to 800cc, but it is not a popular choice because the heavyweight may cause backaches. 


  • Ask the Place of Implants 


The placement of implants can be above or below the muscle.  The surgeon decides this according to the lifestyle of the patient. For instance, if the patient is a gym-goer and likes to spend quite some time there building muscles, then the surgeon is likely to recommend the over-the-muscle implants. On the other hand, under-the-muscle implants are used when the requirement is to make the edges less visible and the curve of the breast more natural. The latter, though, may cause more ache during the recovery period. 


  • Ask about Drains


Drains are important for post-op. They could either be silicone or rubber tubes that help escape the blood or lymphatic fluid that might’ve accumulated after the surgery. However, they will not be used necessarily, therefore, you need to ask whether there will be any drains. Your surgeon will remove them in a few days. So they won’t bother you for long. 


2. What Are My Itinerary Details? 


Getting a boob job in Turkey can be a new experience for many people. Questions like where to stay, how to go around, where the clinic is, and what if I get lost can plague the minds of patients. To deal with that problem, we have our expert travel coordinators. So, you don’t have to worry about any of these details. 

Once you have booked your package by paying a small amount of deposit, your travel coordinator will call you and go through your itinerary in detail. They will make everything the utmost comfort for you. He/she will make sure that you are well informed about the details of the journey even before you leave your home. This way, the patient is free of any worries. It is not binding on you to go with us. If you have decided to go with another company, then you should definitely ask how long the medical journey will last. 


3. What are the Accreditations of the Medical Institute? 


Although medical tourism is on the rise in Turkey and even the government is taking measures to make it safer and better for people, there are many clinics out there that offer subpar services. So, to make sure that the clinic of your choice is safe and provides quality treatment. Ask about the accreditations of the surgeons and hospitals. If you’re travelling with Longevita, you’ll be completely at ease for your boob job in Turkey. It is because Longevita only works with the best. Our patients matter the most to us, and we make sure to take every possible step for it. 

Our surgeon, Prof. Dr Fuat Yuksel, has been a plastic surgeon for more than 30 years, and he is an ISAPS member too. We even make sure to provide look books of the surgeons. They’ll include his/her diplomas along with before and after photos of their previous works. You will find all the necessary details in there. 

The clinics and hospitals that we work with are the best of the best. They have private rooms, excellent room service, and luxurious amenities to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Each of the clinics is not only recognised but also licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health. We even support Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) accreditations among many others. With our state-of-the-art medical facilities, technology, and infrastructure, you don’t have a thing to worry about.

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