How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Sizes? 

How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Sizes? 

When you’re going to have breast augmentation, one of the most daunting tasks is to convey your desired breast implant size to the surgeon. Even you might be confused about the shape and size of the implant that you want. However, after reading this guide, you’ll, hopefully, get an approximate idea of the breast implant sizes that will suit you the best. Moreover, you’ll find out how you can eventually decide on a particular size, from the comforts of your home. 

The problem arises when our patients try and convey the implant size they want through bra cup sizes. However, bra cup sizes are not standard. What may be B cup in one brand, maybe C cup in another so it’s not wise to decide on your implant sizes based on bra sizes. You might try telling your surgeon that you want a C cup, but your surgeon probably has a different C cup size in mind than yours. This will, of course, cause confusion. Moreover, if the surgeons were to use this as a standard, many patients would end up feeling unsatisfied with the results. Another problem with the use of bra cup sizes is that there is a wide variation in the shapes and sizes of breasts of different people. So, we can’t say that increasing a cup size means the same thing for everyone. 

Normally, sizes for implants in breast enlargement surgeries are given in CCs or cubic centimetre of liquid volume. Most of our patients end up asking how big the implant is because they’re not familiar with implant CCs. Here, we’ll also explain how breast implant sizes are calculated. 

What Are the Different Measurements of Breast Implants? 

Breast implants can be round or teardrop in shape. In totality, they have three important measures: volume, height, and diameter. The cubic centimetres essentially covey the volume that your implants will have. The greater the volume, the more space they will occupy. Height or projection are usually referred to as “profiles” that the implant will have. A high-profile implant will have greater height and hence, greater outward projection. Similarly, a low-profile breast implant will have less height and hence, less outward projection. There are also breast implants that have moderate profiles. They, of course, have a moderate projection from the chest wall. Importantly, you should keep in mind that breast implants are created differently for each body type. So, even though the CCs are the same, the profile might not be the same. 

The diameter of the breast implant refers to its width. Now, you need to understand that if the diameters of two different sets of implants are different, even if they have the same volume, the narrower implant will have a greater projection than the flatter one. 

Which Breast Implant Size Looks Most Natural? 

To choose the best breast implant size, you need to become familiar with another concept – breast width. You can measure it from the one side of the breast to the other (cleavage to outer corner). The reason why finding out the breast width is important is that a breast implant whose width is equal to or slightly narrower than your breast width will be the most suitable for you. It will give your breasts the most natural-looking appearance. 

However, there are some cases in which the width of the breast implant is greater than the width of the patient’s breast. For instance, someone who has narrower breasts and wants to widen them. The space between the boobs and the desired volume is kept in mind when deciding to use breast implants with widths greater than that of the breasts. Wider and taller implants give a more full and round appearance. 

Will You Get Sample Implant Sizers to Try During Consultation Session? 

Yes. Our surgeons try different breast implant sizes on their patients during the consultation session. You can try implant sizers once you’re in Turkey or even when you’re booking your package with us. During this activity, you can try different implants and find out the best fit for yourself through the surgeon’s help. So, you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re making your final decision. 

Also, as the procedures are bespoke, you can change your size preference during the consultation. Bigger implant sizes won’t cost you more. Moreover, of course, you’ll feel excited about getting new implants, but it is usually accompanied by a tinge of anxiety. You can check the before-after pictures of other patients to see the change that takes place on the insertion of breast implants. 

Longevita uses MENTOR® breast implants. They have both saline and silicone-gel varieties. On their website, they have a visualizer tool. You can upload/take your picture and generate a simulation of your profile with the breast implants. You can try different implant sizes to see which one you find the most attractive. Moreover, it will also show you pictures of other patients who have chosen an implant with the same CC as you have in the visualizer tool. It might help you get a better idea of how you would look after getting the implant. 

Remember, it is quite possible that you end up choosing two different implant sizes for your breasts. Breast asymmetry is very common. Your one breast may have different shape and size than the other one. So, to make them both equal, you might need to choose two different breast implant sizes. 

How You Can Make Your Own Implant Sizers at Home

There’s a very simple technique called the rice test by which you can see how the implants will look on you from the comforts of your home. Through this, you can insert different implant sizers in your unpadded bra and see how they will look in different outfits. Although these DIY implant sizers won’t exactly be accurate, they can give you a pretty good idea of how you’ll look in different implant sizes. 

For this, you can use pantyhose, nylon stockings, knee-highs, or sandwich bags, which act as the implant shells. Inside, fill them with uncooked rice. Of course, experiment with this by taking out rice or putting more in it. Now, when you find the desired size, just empty the rice into a measuring cup. The rice will give you an approximation of the CC of liquid volume in the implant that you want. 1tsp equals 5cc, 1tbsp equals 15cc, ½ cups equals 118cc, 1 cup equals 236cc. 

People may regret their implant sizes and have corrective surgeries for bigger/smaller ones, so it’s best to try them at home. One good idea is to wear the DIY implant sizers for a few days if you can. Try them out in different situations, such as when you’re going to the gym. If you feel comfortable with a particular size, you should tell your surgeon about it.

What Factors Do Surgeons Consider When Deciding on Breast Implant Sizes? 

First and foremost, your aesthetic concerns are taken into consideration when deciding on breast implant sizes. However, that’s not all. Surgeons also have to take other factors into consideration such as the thickness of your chest wall, the shape of your body, your weight, the current shape and size of your breasts, your lifestyle, among other things. 

Moreover, a good surgeon will also make sure to convey to you the pros and cons of your decision. Usually, when going to have breast augmentation, patients desire to have bigger breasts. By that, we mean that they want implants that have a greater width than that of their breasts. You don’t want to end up regretting your decision. Many patients feel that they should’ve gotten them bigger. 

Only the problem with very large breast implants is that they can end up causing you a lot of problems in the long run. If you’re into sports, large implants can not only create imbalance, but also discomfort. They can make your breasts look too wide and unnatural. The weight of the breasts can cause them to droop over time. Your skin might need an uplift on the removal of the implants. Moreover, there’s a risk of tissue damage. You can also suffer from back and neck pain and rashes under the breast, among other issues. The most commonly used breast implant size is 400CC. That doesn’t mean you should also get it. Quite possibly, another size might suit you better. In any case, never underestimate the importance of finding a good surgeon for breast augmentation surgery. 


When you’re having breast augmentation surgery, little experimentation and research go a long way. Not only should you try implant sizers at home, but also try and change them at the consultation session until you find “the one.” Choosing the right size is important because the results will likely stay with you for decades. In this, you also have to find an expert surgeon who can exactly transform your dream into reality. 

Longevita promises nothing but the best. You can book your free consultation session with us. We look forward to talking to you. 

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