Breast Reduction Recovery Guide

Breast Reduction Recovery Guide

A global survey of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that breast reduction was the 8th most popularly performed procedure in 2018. Around 534,294 surgeries took place, while the number was 489,146 in 2017. Therefore, it isn’t odd to get this procedure. Breast enlargement may be the most popular cosmetic procedure. It certainly isn’t everyone’s choice. The surgery offers a sigh of relief to those who’ve been suffering from the aches and pains of big breasts. By removing excess fat, skin and tissue, many women start to feel more comfortable and livelier in their skin. Although the surgery can be prohibitively expensive in some countries, breast reduction in Turkey is affordable for all.

Longevita has been offering its services with the aim of helping you. The surgeons that we work with have more than 35 years of experience so that you can achieve the best possible results from your surgery. There are more than just a few problems experienced by women who have enlarged breasts. But we’ll highlight a few that they commonly face.

Why Choose a Breast Reduction Surgery? 

When the pain and discomfort threshold gets crossed, many look towards getting this surgery. It could be because of the severe neck and shoulder pain that many patients have. The weight of the breasts can put those areas under constant stress, resulting in pain. Many women end up getting an infection underneath the breast tissue. It could be because sweat and dirt continue to accumulate in the trappings of the skin.

Breast reduction surgery can significantly improve the quality of one’s life. You may start leading a more active lifestyle without the burden of heavy breasts weighing you down. Some women also end up having issues related to their spine. Their posture gets bent, and even disc herniation may occur. Moreover, with this surgery, you can achieve a more balanced and well-proportioned body shape. These are just a few reasons. They may lead to long-term chronic illnesses.

What can you expect in Breast Reduction Aftercare? 

With this guide, you will have a detailed and clear idea of what will happen days after you’ve gotten your breast reduction surgery in Turkey. You only need to follow all the given steps so that you can manoeuvre around easily in a foreign country post-op. So, let’s read into its details.

  • Day 1 

It is the time when you will be discharged from the hospital after the surgery. It is important to not wander around in the city at this time. You will have to return immediately to your hotel room so that you can take a rest.

It is also the time when you will experience the most pain, soreness, swelling and bruising. Of course, this can cause some discomfort. You might experience sudden waves of pain. We recommend taking a pain killer before it gets too severe. However, it is quite expected. You shouldn’t worry about this. Take as much rest as possible and try avoiding moving around too much. We always recommend you bring someone from your family or friend with you. They can help you around with things.

  • Day 2 to 4 

After you’ve taken some rest and feel a bit better, the time has come for you to attend your check-up appointment. Make sure that you absolutely come to the doctor’s clinic for this. In this, the surgeon will make sure if your recovery is on track. You will be prescribed some antibiotics so that you don’t get infected. Still, the doctor will make sure that nothing undue has happened.

In these days, your dressing will also be changed by the surgeon. You will start feeling more yourself and fresh by the day.

  • Day 5 to 14 

Incisions are made in breast reduction surgeries for fat removal. So, stitches are a given, But you can expect them to dissolve within two weeks.

You might possibly experience cramps post-op in the shoulders, neck and back, but we will provide you with pain killers. Restlessness, sleeplessness, constipation, gas, thirst, mild sore throat and some other discomforts can also occur commonly.

  • Day 14 to 28

The swelling of your breasts will gradually start to go away in this time. But you shouldn’t expect it to completely go away up to three months. If you’re experiencing swelling after surgery, it’s all okay. Patients get worried that it may be a sign of something bad happening. You should not feel anxious about it. Slowly you will also regain normal sensation in your nipples.

Fast forward to one year, and you will finally be able to see the results of your breast reduction in Turkey.

Personal Care for Breast Reduction Aftercare    

There are some things that you need to be careful about in the breast reduction aftercare. Please make sure that you follow these for a full recovery.

  • Some Dietary Restrictions 

Combining alcohol with pain medications is never a good idea. In the first few days even weeks, you will feel pain for which you’ll be taking painkillers. During this time, do not consume any alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, you should not smoke or chew tobacco for the first two weeks. This is because healing wounds require proper circulation of blood. And smoking can constrict blood vessels. 

Other than that, after you’ve recovered from your anaesthesia, you can resume your normal diet.

  • Limit Your Movements

You should not perform any strenuous activity. You can resume your gym session after at least 6 weeks. At most, you can take brief, slow walks. Another thing to remember is that you should minimize your sun exposure for at least a year post-op. It does not mean that you have to stay cooped up inside your home. You can go out after wearing sunscreen of high SPF.

As far as driving or sexual activities are concerned, you need to wait for at least one month.

  • Some Other Post-Op Care Instructions

Other than these, you need to wear a special bra that will be provided by our surgeons. For the bandaging, you can remove it on the second day of surgery. But the steri-strips along the incision lines should not be disturbed. It’s better if you clean yourself up with wet towels or take very light pressure showers. This will only continue for a few weeks.

What are Some Dos and Don’ts of Exercise after Breast Reduction in Turkey?

Many patients want to know when they can resume their exercise regime. It can get frustrating sometimes to not be able to perform any vigorous activity. We don’t want that to happen. So, you can exercise but follow the instructions below.

  • Walking

Contrary to what you might think, we recommend our patients to take regular walks. However, keep them short yet frequent. They are helpful for the recovery process. You can slowly increase the length of the walks. It is important that you listen to your body and stop when you feel like resting.

  • Running and Lifting

Running and lifting is a big no, no. Strenuous physical exertion must be avoided for at least 6 weeks post-op. However, you can do gentle shoulder and arm exercises. But be careful as you don’t want to rip apart the stitches. Some moves that can help you stretch include:

  • Gently moving your arm over your head and out to the side.
  • Gently move your arm behind your neck.
  • Gently moving your arm to the middle of your back.
  • Slowly doing arm circles and “W” shapes.
  • After the 3-Month Mark 

Things will get quite better after the third month. You can do smooth yoga practices, but keep it low. You can also start to visit the gym and do leg extensions, light jogs, squats, and walking lunges. However, be careful about not working the chest directly. Stay away from any hanging as it can stretch your skin and put it under a lot of tension. So, these are a few breast reduction aftercare instructions that you should follow to heal as soon as possible.

Concluding Remarks 

In the first few weeks after your breast reduction in Turkey, things might be slightly difficult. That is why you should take lots of rest during that period. Slowly you will start to regain your strength. Generally, plan on taking it easy. Do not push too hard and stop when you feel like it’s enough. Most of all, you need to be patient to see great results by the end of the year.

You should remember that we will be by your side through the recovery period. At Longevita, we have an extensive aftercare team in both London UK and Turkey. If there’s any problem post-op just book a call with our aftercare nurse and we will immediately get back to you. We will then offer you the medical advice that you’ll need. Many clinics leave their patients in a lurch after the surgery, and we believe that’s not how you should be treated. If you’ve put your faith in us, we will make sure to keep it. Do not be late for being the best version of yourself with Longevita!

Have a look at our lovely patient’s breast reduction journey.

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