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smile makeover turkey

Things to Expect During Your First Consultation for Smile Makeover in Turkey

Beauty never goes unnoticed. Attractive faces have an evolutionary preference. Economic success, upward social mobility, perception of your personality and behaviour in a positive light, and the ability to find more romantic dates, are just a few consequences of having a beautiful face. Even infants have shown a preference for attractive faces, which indicates the importance of this trait. It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as it is highly subjective. Regardless, facial symmetry and the conformation of an individual’s face to average prototype equates to greater attraction. Through a smile makeover in Turkey, many patients seek just that. Crooked, broken, chipped, and stained teeth stand out. Symmetry, in such cases, is usually absent. Therefore, a few dental cosmetic procedures can help many people achieve their beauty goals.

Almond eye surgery in turkey

Get Almond Eye Surgery While You’re in Turkey

Your eyes truly are the window to your soul. The way your eyes dance to the motion of events around you can reveal your innermost, secret emotions. Duchenne smile, the type of smile that involves your eyes too, is the one that indicates true happiness. It only takes a mere crinkle around the eyes in the form of a “crow’s feet”. However, if you are struggling with signs of ageing, a crow’s feet is rather stressful. It can make you feel unhappy about your physical appearance. The centrality of eyes in creating beautiful aesthetics is what prompts many to go for almond eye surgery.

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural consequence of ageing. However, if your eyelids are sagging and droopy, it will make your eyes look tired, sad, stressed, and aged. You might not even be experiencing these emotions, but it’s just your eyes being deceptive. No wonder we can question the veracity of eyes being the window to our soul. 

Standards of beauty have enormous variations. However, almond-shaped eyes are quite desirable as they give a beautiful definition to the facial structure. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and many others are famous for their gorgeous almond eyes. It gives them a more youthful appearance. An upward slant, with the lower and upper eyelids touching the edges of the iris, characterises this shape. 

The excess skin and fat around the eyes that come with ageing can hide the true shape of your eyes. It can even give them an uneven appearance making one eye look slightly larger than the other. These unwelcome changes can be taken care of with a simple almond eye surgery.

Plastic surgery in Turkey

Tips to Spend Great Time Until Your Last Check-Up

Medical tourists coming for plastic surgery in Turkey usually end up with prolonging their stay. Turkey is one of the top tourist destinations around the globe for a reason. After achieving your desired body shape or appearance, you might feel like exploring the city and having a relaxing vacation. There’s something about travelling that makes people leave their worries behind. Everything seems so tiny when you realize the vast magnitude of the sprawling earth. The experience can be divine, so there’s little you can do to resist being a part of it. However, after the surgery, your body will change so you might not be able to live like before, at least for some time.

plastic surgery in Turkey

Steps to Follow If You Need to Extend Your Stay in Turkey

Turkey’s magical allure is irresistible. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” History is littered with admirers of this enthralling beauty. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), 51.9 million people visited the country in 2019 of which 86.2% were foreigners. Istanbul, being the most sought-after tourist destination, welcomed 15 million tourists, which is 33% of all foreign visitors. Tourists flock the city for its historical and cultural wonders. However, with medical tourism on the rise, Istanbul has become a hub for plastic surgery in Turkey as well. People from Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, UK, US, Korea, Netherlands, Belgium, Middle East, and a host of other countries come here to unwind and take a sigh of relief. 

how long stay for treatment in Turkey

How Long Should You Stay in Turkey for Each Treatment

The medical tourism economy of Turkey has been on the rise, and this has made travelling there, for a procedure, even easier. In countries like the UK, surgeon fee alone can be as high as £5000, excluding the cost of other facilities, which is why many people have made Turkey their choice of destination for getting various medical procedures, as it is cheaper. The country also boasts highly qualified doctors, modern medical facilities and infrastructure along with a wonderfully diverse range of amenities and facilities.

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