Steps to Follow If You Need to Extend Your Stay in Turkey

Steps to Follow If You Need to Extend Your Stay in Turkey

Turkey’s magical allure is irresistible. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” History is littered with admirers of this enthralling beauty. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), 51.9 million people visited the country in 2019 of which 86.2% were foreigners. Istanbul, being the most sought-after tourist destination, welcomed 15 million tourists, which is 33% of all foreign visitors. Tourists flock the city for its historical and cultural wonders. However, with medical tourism on the rise, Istanbul has become a hub for plastic surgery in Turkey as well. People from Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, UK, US, Korea, Netherlands, Belgium, Middle East, and a host of other countries come here to unwind and take a sigh of relief. 

Extension of Your Stay

Wanting to extend your stay in Turkey is a sentiment almost anyone can understand. Sometimes, it might be that you have to prolong your stay because of medical reasons. However, in most cases, the request for extension is for exploring the city and having a blissful vacation. The Ministry of Health monitors and controls medical services in Turkey. Many health facilities, in Turkey, including Longevita’s, are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). According to the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association (ISTUSAD), 700,000 medical tourists came to Turkey in 2017. Plastic surgery in Turkey is quite popular, drawing in people from around the globe. The low-prices are not the only reason why people choose this country for their medical treatment; the place is simply gorgeous. Many people try to spend their summer bathing under the warm sun after having their surgery. 

Longevita performs medical procedures in both Istanbul and Izmir. Both cities are raved about for their cultural and historical diversity, a reflection of the country’s past. So, there might be a few reasons why you’re seeking to extend your stay in Turkey.

Why Istanbul Attracts So Many Tourists? 

According to TurkStat, tourists’ average expenditure in Turkey was £512.55 per capita in 2019. Foreign visitors spent £492.02 per capita while the Turkish citizens spent £623.12. Travelling, entertainment, sports and culture is what prompted the foreigners primarily to visit the country. 

Remarkably spanning both Europe and Asia, this alone is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Istanbul. Being one of the most ancient cities of the world and home to Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires, has left its imprint on the city’s topography. Sitting between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, Istanbul’s heart beats with the Bosporus Strait. 30 kilometres long, 3.7 kilometres wide, it is a dynamic and important strategic waterway. Whether it’s a romantic dinner on a ferry, a desire to watch the bustling metropolis, or yalı, also known as the waterfront mansions, fisherman’s villages, no one can resist the charm of going on a cross-continental journey.

Istanbul is Beautiful!

Other than that, there’s always the picturesque Blue Mosque’s domes and minarets and the artistic wonder that is Hagia Sophia, which has been a church, and now mosque and museum. The ever-relaxing Turkish baths, rooftop bars and restaurants, streets and colourful neighbourhoods call upon the hearts of everyone passing by them. One doesn’t even need to mention the bazaars that throb with life and the scent of tea, spices, pottery, and herbs. 

According to TurkStat, most money is spent on food and beverages by foreign tourists. It amounted to almost $2.66 billion with foreign tourists spending $1.95 billion. It might give you an idea of the popularity and delectableness of Turkish cuisine. Döner, dolma, kebap, karnıyarık, meze, baklava, and, of course, simit are just a few mouth-watering foods.  

These are just a few attractions that make many of our patients extend their stay while they’re in Turkey. While their initial concern is having their surgery done, they do not come planning a vacation like a tourist would. Although they are encouraged to visit around, there’s isn’t enough time to explore the city, if they’re only planning to stay for their surgery. The mosques, palaces, cathedrals, and ancient bazaars of Istanbul are sights worth-visiting. Fortunately, Longevita’s clinics are located just a few minutes away from these masterpieces. It’s a great opportunity for anyone with a spirit of adventure to make their medical travel unforgettable by visiting these places. 

Just a bonus tip, do not forget to bring your camera if you already have one!

Is Izmir Worth Visiting? 

Definitely. This peaceful city located on the west coast of Turkey promises nothing but a good time for its guests. It is a perfect spot to spend your summer holidays. Ancient monuments, such as Acropolis, Şirince, and Bergama, will give a whiff of the past. Pergamon and Ephesus are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. This city has its own vibrant, ancient bazaars, the most famous one being Kemeralti Bazaar. If you are thinking to combine your summer vacation with your surgery in Turkey, Izmir is an unbeatable choice.  

You can go diving, surfing, or fishing in the crystal blue water beaches of this city. Konak Square, Izmir Clock Tower, and Mount Kadifekale will only be your trip highlights. Walking inside the Izmir Agora, which is another ancient relic of the Roman-Greek era, you can imagine the hustle and bustle of the marketplace with water still running along the ground.  

Therefore, it’s safe to say that you may primarily come for your plastic surgery in Turkey. However, numerous tourist attractions may sway your heart for an extended trip.

Steps to Follow for Extending Trip After Plastic Surgery in Turkey 

Once you’ve booked your package, Longevita will arrange everything required for your medical travel. For any modifications, you’ll need to inform your travel coordinator. They’re in charge of arranging the patient’s stay in Turkey. If you’d like to make a change in your travel plan or have any questions concerning travel advice, go here. We would require some information from you for your trip extension. It’d be better for you to get an idea of the questions we’d ask and formulate answers beforehand so that everything goes smoothly. 

Following is a list of things that we’d like to know from you. 


  • How Many Days Have You Decided to Extend your Trip? 


Make sure that you inform your travel coordinator of the exact number of days by which you’ll extend your stay in Turkey. If you’d like to stay at one of our provided hotels, we need to know about your room preferences; would you prefer a single or double bed, among other things. 

Longevita only covers the patient’s accommodation that is part of the medical package. You will have to pay extra for as many days as you decide to stay outside the package. 


  • Where Will You be Staying?


We need to know about the place that you’ll be staying in. It’s so that we can arrange your private transfers accordingly. Your comfort is our priority, and we don’t want you to worry about your travelling arrangement. Through this information, we can ensure that you have safely arrived at your airport on time.


  • When will You be Available to Attend Follow-up Appointments at Clinic? 


Check-up appointments after your plastic surgery in Turkey are extremely important. Our surgeons will check the progress of your recovery through them. Moreover, if any post-op complication has risen, it will be addressed there. Make sure that you don’t miss them. This is why you need to inform us about your planned schedule so that we can arrange your doctor’s appointment accordingly. 

Once you’ve decided to extend your trip, you might have a chance to attend more than one check-up appointment. We will be doing our best to arrange an extra free check-up for you depending on your surgeon’s availability. 


  • What Activities Have You Planned? 


The purpose of this information is to assess the risk that any of your planned activity can pose to your plastic surgery in Turkey. We’ll inform you about the things that you can safely do and which you have to avoid. Whether you’re planning to spend some extra days before or after the surgery, we need to be informed about your planned activities. For instance, if you have just had a plastic surgery or hair transplant, then we’d strongly advise against planning a summer vacation. You need to avoid going under the sun and cannot go swimming for a month. Our pre- and post-operative instructions will inform you about the kind of activities that you can perform. 


  • Do Inform us about Your Newly Booked Flight Tickets 


We need to be informed about the new flight tickets booked by you to be able to arrange airport transportation. Please, send it as soon as you have booked the tickets. Our private driver will follow your flight code as we would not want you to miss anything.


We understand that there are numerous reasons as to why someone decides to extend their trip. Our goal is to make your journey as smooth as possible. You can expect complete assistance from us for any decision that you choose to make. 

If you’d like to discuss anything with us about your travel plan or have any questions in general about plastic surgery in Turkey, book your free consultation. You’ll find a reflection of the Turkish hospitality.

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