How Long Do Breast Implants Last? 

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? 

Before getting any cosmetic procedure, you need to find out whether its results will be temporary or last a lifetime. Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after plastic surgery treatments around the globe. Many women have a desire to change the shape and size of their breasts. For this, they choose to get breast implants. However, many of them end up wondering how long do breast implants last. Of course, as you age, your body will go through various changes. Pregnancy is another concern, so you need to know how having breast implants will affect you. 

However, there’s no easy or definitive answer to this question. There are multiple factors which can impact the longevity of breast implants. The expertise of the surgeon also plays an important role. Moreover, the implant brand also matters. So, before you start feeling overwhelmed by the smaller details, let’s just go over them one by one. We hope this guide will provide you with all the necessary answers about your breast implants. So, let’s get started. 

Why Implant Brand Matters and Which Implant Brand Does Longevita Use? 

A good implant brand determines, in part, the achievement of good results. You want your implants to look natural. Moreover, the material used for the making of the implants should be safe. As the implants are going to stay in the body for a long period of time, you don’t want to risk any life-threatening diseases because of their presence. 

Longevita usually uses MENTOR® Breast Implants. It is considered as one of the best implant brands in the world and is widely used in breast augmentation surgery. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared them as safe and effective. The implant brand has been in the market for 20 years now. MENTOR® Breast Implants has stood the test of time, which has increased its credibility in the market. The safety ensured by MENTOR® Breast Implants certainly makes the patients feel far more comfortable getting the surgery. The company also periodically checks out on the patients who get their implants. 

As far as the composition of implants is concerned, MENTOR® Breast Implants has provided all the details on their website. The shells are made of “medical-grade silicone elastomer,” (elastomer stands for elastic polymer) which is then filled with “medical-grade cohesive silicone gel during the manufacturing process.” FDA has tested the safety of the silicone used in the implants. Other than that, the production of shells and silicone-gel also make use of platinum, which is considered safe. 

What Are the Different Types of Implants? 

An implant type cannot answer the question of how long do breast implants last. There are two types of implants: silicone and saline. But the thing is that the type of implant chosen depends on the desires of the patient. Silicone implants promise more natural-looking results. However, they do pose a greater health risk on rupture. You might not even be aware of the rupture. Even a surgeon might be unable to detect it. 

FDA recommends getting an MRI three years after you’ve gotten silicone breast implants. If the implants have ruptured, only an MRI can detect it. However, it’s not just a one-time thing. You’ll have to keep getting an MRI every two years. The minimum age for getting silicone-gel implants is 22. When silicone-gel implants were first introduced in the market, they stir quite the controversy for their possible connections with certain disorders. The FDA even prohibited its use in breast augmentation surgery. Only after 2006, its usage was recontinued. 

On the other hand, as the name indicates, saline implants contain sterile saltwater. The two major advantages of using saline implants are that a) the saline water is filled in the implants after they are placed in the body, which means that a small surgical incision is made b) on rupture, your body will absorb the saltwater without causing any risk to your health. The minimum age for getting saline implants is 18. 

A reason why you need to be very careful in finding a good surgeon for breast augmentation surgery is that more than anything the expertise of a surgeon can make or break the surgery. A good surgeon will discuss the different implant options with you and make a recommendation based on your expectations. 

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? 

Breast implants can last a lifetime if there’s no complication. Only the thing is that your body will change with time, which will affect your implants. Any weight change, pregnancy, sagging due to gravity, and the simple natural process of ageing will change your body and the shape and size of your breasts. So, to maintain the results of the surgery, you might need another surgery. The likelihood of a rupture increases as the years pass by. If the shape of your breast drastically changes, and you want new, bigger or smaller implants, you can undergo another surgery. 

According to the FDA, your implants can last for 10 years. Different estimates suggest that they can last for 10-20 years. Still, it should be noted that it is 1 in 5 women who go for replacement after 10 years. Rest of the women are enjoying the results of their surgery for a longer period. 

When Do You Need to Get Your Breast Implants Replaced or Removed? 

In case your implant ruptures, you need to get the implant removed. This is even if you don’t plan to get a replacement. As mentioned above, you might not even know if your silicone-gel implants have ruptured. An MRI is a solution for that. However, with saline implants, you will know if they have ruptured. Of course, you’ll notice a decrease in the size of your breasts. Pain, swelling, lumps, ripples, and tenderness are a few symptoms that you might experience on the rupture of silicone-gel implants. Here, the surgeon also removes the loose silicone from the body. 

Another problem that can affect the longevity of your breast implants is the development of capsular contracture. In reality, the placement of breast implants is accompanied by the formation of capsules or scar tissue. Capsular contracture is a condition in which the scar tissue forms a capsule around the implant and begins to constrict it. The pressure will end up changing the shape and position of the implant. Your breasts may feel painful, firm, and hard as a result. The shape of your breasts will become rounded, and you might also experience rippling. Capsular contracture does not occur commonly. 

Other than that, you can consider getting new implants as you experience changes in your body with age. The position of implants can change as a result, which will impact the overall shape and size of your breasts. 

Should You Register Your Breast Implants? 

This might be news to some, but, yes, you can get your implants registered. Your surgeon will give the implant boxes to you. On them, you’ll find the implant IDs as numbers. You can easily complete the online registration process from the comfort of your home. Each implant has a unique number. Do register yourself. In case a problem arises, the company will easily reach out to you.

Briefly to Conclude 

We hope this guide has answered your question, “how long do breast implants last?”. If you still have any more questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us. When you’re having a breast augmentation surgery, you should keep in mind that implants don’t have an expiration date. You have to keep an eye on them. For that, you need to get an MRI after every two years, especially with silicone-gel implants. 

You can also perform self-checks to ensure that the implants are still intact. Commonly, people replace their implants after some time. This is not because they’re prone to get damaged but because the implants will get old. Moreover, your body will change with time. Sagging skin and weight changes can make your implants not look as perky and fresh. So, it might be a good idea to renew your implants and reshape your breasts. 

In any case, you should discuss all the risks and complications of breast implants with a professional surgeon. Many women are able to enjoy the results of their breast augmentation surgery for a very long time. There are some instances in which you might need to replace your implants earlier than usual. However, those complications do not occur that commonly. Regardless, depending on the patient associated risks can vary so talk to your surgeon if you have any question marks in your mind. 

Lastly, to ensure good breast implant surgery, you need a good surgeon. Longevita is providing its services to patients around the globe. Our surgeons are experts in their industry, and you can expect nothing but the best from them. You can rely on us to make your journey to Turkey stress-free. Book your free consultation with us. We’ll soon get in touch with you. 

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