How to Psychologically Prepare for your Breast Surgery

How to Psychologically Prepare for your Breast Surgery

Deciding whether or not to have breast surgery can be stressful. A plethora of thoughts can plague the mind. While you may feel unhappy with the way you look and want to do something about it, social pressures might cause a flicker in your resolve. However, it’s healthier to always remember that as long as the decision concerns you and your body, you’d know better what’s best for you.

It’s natural if you feel anxious even after the surgery is over. From searching for clinics to getting ready for travel, the research and planning can overwhelm you. You should, in any case, remind yourself of the end result and push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and materialize your dreams. We’ll make sure to make your travelling experience as seamless as possible. Longevita’s travel coordinators will do their best to plan your journey so that you’re free from any worries while getting breast implants in Turkey. We understand that going for a procedure in a foreign country can add to your worries, but we try to make the trip the best part by planning everything out and providing utmost support for a comfortable journey before and after the surgery.

Types of Breast Surgeries

There are different reasons as to why someone might choose to get breast surgery. Whether it’s aesthetic concerns, aches and pains, or the fact that you’re unhappy with the way you look and are having lower self-esteem as a result; these procedures can be performed. They are of three types and are opted depending on the needs of the patients.

Breast Enlargement

The surgery involves the insertion of implants behind breast tissues for bigger and fuller breasts. It can even address concerns related to asymmetry and make the boobs more even. Therefore, breast enlargement surgery in Turkey can help boost your self-esteem and confidence in your own skin.

Breast Reduction

Bigger breasts can often lead to discomfort and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders due to their weight. Liposuction or breast tissue removal procedures can help reduce the size of your boobs. Asymmetrical and sagging boobs too can be corrected through breast reduction surgery.

Breast Uplift

As the name “breast lift” indicates, the procedure helps with drooping and sagging boobs that may result in causing pain. The surgery can lead to a more defined look and shape.

How to Overcome Pre-operation Stress

As scary as a surgery can be, there are some ways by which you can overcome the stress. Such as:

Relaxation Exercises

It can include deep breathing exercises, meditation, or muscle relaxation techniques, all of which
can dramatically affect your mindset about the surgery. Participation in classes or even pre-
recorded training courses can teach you well how to better deal with stress.

Positive Thinking

What matters most is that you should not focus on what could go wrong, instead think about
what could go right. Have faith in yourself and the decisions you make because they can
encourage you further to be more confident. It’s essential that you go into surgery thinking all
the good that can come out of it.

Visualisation Techniques

Another technique that can be used to help with pre-op anxiety is using visualisation and
imagination techniques. This simply involves imagining the end result of the procedure with you
being satisfied, happy, and healthy.

Talk To Your Doctor

As you are putting your trust in your doctor to give you the desired results, it’s better to discuss
with them anything of concern to you regarding the procedure. When getting breast implants in
Turkey, through pre-op consultations, you can even begin to develop greater confidence in your
doctor once you realize their professionalism, experience, and skill.

Differing Opinions on Breast Surgery

In today’s world, it’s common to be on the receiving end of a negative body-shaming experience.
If not that, then it’s still a high possibility that you might’ve met someone who has been through
a similar situation.

The hard part is that one way or another, no matter how hard you try, you don’t end up pleasing
everyone. If you are flat-chested with asymmetrical breasts, in that case too, people might be
critical of the way you look. On the other end of the spectrum, if you do get breast implants, even
then you might be body-shamed. Unfortunately, you’ll meet people who are always critical of

It’s important to remember that such an unhealthy company should be avoided as many a time
people project their own insecurities on someone else sometimes even without realising. It is
your body, and you are the one to think about its welfare and decide what works best for it.
Decide what makes you happy even if it involves getting a breast implant in Turkey.

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