How You Can Continue Your Exercise Routine in Turkey

How You Can Continue Your Exercise Routine in Turkey

If you’re a fitness junkie, it’s certainly hard to let a day pass by without hitting the gym. You might’ve heard this countless times, “exercise is good for your health.” So, it is hard to let go of an exercise routine that’s benefitting you both mentally and physically. Fortunately, it’s only temporary. 

A big reason why the surgeon will recommend you against doing any kind of exercise right after the surgery is that it can undo the stitches on the surgical site. If you apply any kind of pressure, it can even make you bleed. Sweating while exercising also poses a risk of infection. This is why patients are asked to refrain from resuming their exercise routine. 

Now, another thing that many patients don’t know about is that they can, in fact, exercise. It is not going to be the exercise routine that you follow, but it will be what your body needs and can handle. You can start these basic exercises even while you’re staying in Turkey after getting your medical procedure. After getting the surgery, patients have to stay in Turkey, sometimes for a week, for their follow up appointment(s). 

How Exercising Can Help You After Surgery? 

Surgery time is very stressful. And exercise can help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. It’s cathartic. Some even consider it meditative. Before having the surgery, you can exercise as a way of dealing with the mental stress. Those who do exercise regularly know how good it feels. You feel more energetic, happy, and sharp. Moreover, you feel good about yourself. It gives you a sense of achievement and well-being. It’s great if you’re exercising before the surgery. That’s because it’s a very healthy way to cope with the stress that comes with it.

But the time after surgery can also bring stresses of its own. You fear how you will look after the final results of the surgery become visible. You may wonder about all the worst possible scenarios in your head. Many people think about how their life would change now that they’ve gotten the surgery. This is all exacerbated by the free time that you have in your hands post-op. The doctor will advise you to rest so that you can recuperate. And that’s exactly what you should do if you can.

But we understand how difficult even sleeping is after surgery. This is why our surgeons will suggest some light exercises that you can do after the surgery. They also serve the function of improving your blood circulation and fastening the healing process. Daily exercise will keep you active and healthy. Moreover, it will help you in keeping your thoughts happy, positive, and hopeful. These small exercises can also help you sleep better. It is something that many patients struggle with after the surgery. 

How and When You Can Exercise After Having Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Before you decide to do any kind of exercise, make sure to discuss it with your surgeon. Even some yoga poses are dangerous as they can put pressure on the stitches. You won’t be able to do any kind of exercise right after the surgery because of the general anaesthesia. Most of the cosmetic surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia. It might cause some temporary side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and sleepiness. So, your body needs time to recover after you’ve gotten general anaesthesia. Sometimes patients can also feel dizzy. They can fall. That’s why you shouldn’t exercise for at least 2 days after getting discharged. 

Two days after the surgery, you can start walking. However, this depends on the kind of surgery that you had. After having breast surgery, liposuction, or otoplasty, you can resume your normal exercise routine quicker than you would with others. Strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and vigorous exercise should not be done until the stitches are removed. To pass the time, you can always go for a small walk near the sea while avoiding the sun. Also, avoid any crowded or dusty places. Turkey is a beautiful country. So, go around. It’ll help calm your heart and soothe your soul. 

When to Avoid Exercise While in Turkey 

On the other hand, there are some surgeries in which the patient needs more patience. It’ll be a little while before you start exercising after having those surgeries. If you had a tummy tuck, butt implant, or thigh lift, you shouldn’t exercise while you’re in Turkey. You can try walking inside the hotel. You can even go to some nearby place to help with the blood circulation. However, these exercises should be restricted to non-surgical areas. For example, if you had a tummy tuck or thigh lift surgery, you can do some light exercises for your arms. Always keep in mind that your surgical areas are vulnerable. You can easily harm them if you’re not careful. 

With these surgeries, you need more time to go back to your normal exercise routine. This might take about 6-8 weeks. The recovery process after surgery is a journey that you should be patient about. The purpose of light exercise is to keep you healthy and mentally energetic during the healing phase. If you feel that walking won’t do much to help you, you can do some mindfulness exercises. You could try putting your mind to the way your feet touch the ground, the way the rustling of the leaves, chirping of birds, or the feeling of wind on your skin feels. It’ll provide you with a healthy distraction, and you’ll also feel more relaxed. 

How and When You Can Exercise After Having Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

If you’re having a cosmetic dentistry treatment in Turkey, you don’t have to worry about continuing your normal exercise routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re having crowns, veneers, or whitening, etc. It is possible that you might experience slight pain after having your dental appointments. If you do, you should immediately listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Take rest, and don’t push yourself. You’ll soon get better. If you exert your body too much, you can delay your healing. 

You can take a painkiller your dentist gave you and take a rest afterwards. If you feel okay, you can benefit from the hotel room’s fitness facility. You can also visit the historical places of Turkey and enjoy the exquisite union of Eastern and Western influences. 

How and When You Can Continue Exercise Routine After Having Dental Implants in Turkey

Your dental implants need special attention during aftercare. When you get dental implants, the procedure isn’t as simple. It requires a special oral surgeon and a whole dental team to perform the surgery. Due to the complexity of the procedure, the aftercare process of dental implants is very important relative to other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Your risk of getting an infection is higher in the case of dental implants as the procedure is more invasive than the other cosmetic dentistry treatments. 

If you’ve gotten dental implants, you need to give special attention to how you can perform your daily exercises. You can walk outside and do some light exercises like stretching. You also need to avoid doing any cardio workouts. 

In order to find out exactly when you can start doing your normal exercise routine, you need to ask your surgeon. That’s because they have an in-depth understanding of your medical history and medical procedure. Each patient’s aftercare is unique and special. It’s quite possible that you might have a special condition for which you need to be more careful compared to other patients. 

If you’re facing any issue, you can always contact your Patient Relations Specialist. You can ask them any questions about the exercise that you have while you are in Turkey. If you would like to do any other exercise or attend any other activities, it would be better for you to ask your Patient Relations Specialist.

To Sum It Up 

Many people get worried that they can’t work out after having cosmetic surgery in Turkey. It’s only temporary. You need to take a rest after having some types of surgeries. However, as you know, you can resume your exercise routine after having cosmetic dentistry except with dental implants. But with most of the cosmetic procedures, you can take small walks. If you can, try to take them every day. You can start increasing their duration slowly. 

Through exercising each day, you can de-stress and distract yourself for a while. Even when you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad, you can consider exercising as it can help energize you mentally and physically. But if you start feeling uncomfortable or tired, stop immediately, and sit or lie down. It’s going to help you in the recovery. And, as always, you have us by your side. If you need anything, you can reach out to us anytime. If you want to learn more about the surgeries you are considering, you can have a free consultation with us. We would be glad to assist you with your inquiries.

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