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Colourful houses from the waters edge in Istanbul

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Trip To Turkey

Whether you have chosen to opt for a hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul or you are planning to travel to our hospital in Izmir for a breast augmentation, making sure that you’re travelling with the right documents, clothes and information that you need can make or break your trip. Whether this is the first time you’ll be setting foot on Turkish soil, or you’re a seasoned traveller seeking further information about a medical trip with Longevita, we have compiled a guide to answer a few common questions.

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Hair Loss in Men

How Severe Is Your Hair Loss Based On The Norwood Scale?

Male pattern baldness has become a growing problem in today’s society, with more and more men seeking treatments and solutions for this loss. This isn’t a modern issue, however – in fact, this has been going on since as early as the 1900s, with the industry-acclaimed Norwood Scale coming into effect as early as the 1950s. The first version of the scale was created by Dr James Hamilton, but by the 1970s it was revised by Dr O’Tar Norwood to become the scale that we utilise today.

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Hair transplantation methods. Needle injected into scalp

Robotic Hair Transplant

At Longevita, we pride ourselves on remaining transparent across all our techniques and procedures. While we do not offer a robotic hair transplant currently at our clinics in Istanbul and Izmir, a number of our patients have questioned the technique and its advantages and disadvantages.

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