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Skin Mole Removal: Procedure, Cost & Aftercare

Not a single thing on your body passes without notice. It’s true that we tend to be our worst critics. Also, we place too much importance on our appearance. Not always do we end up disappointed, though. Beauty marks and skin moles are the same things. On one end of the spectrum, people flaunt their moles, and on the other, they try to hide them using makeup. Usually, the moles that are bigger in size and protrude from the skin that many people find problematic. And so, they may seek a skin mole removal treatment.

wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth are the last ones to emerge, and they come through when you’ve gained “wisdom.” That’s a hoax. Wisdom teeth are so-called because they come out at a later stage in your life when you’re in your late teens or early twenties. Usually serving the purpose of grinding food, wisdom teeth are now considered vestigial organs – they don’t serve any purpose anymore. The reason is that the human jaw has become smaller over time. So, whenever a wisdom tooth does erupt, it might not have enough space to adjust in the mouth. With a total of 4 wisdom teeth, your oral cavity might not be able to accommodate any. Thus, wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary.

HIFU Facial Treatment

HIFU Facial Treatment vs. Facelift: Which One Is Better?

Facial treatments are all that people are looking for these days to ensure healthier, glowing, younger-looking skin. This is even if you’re not suffering from a skin issue and get pampered through facial treatment is not a harm. HIFU facial treatment was first used for treating wrinkles and sagginess in 2008. Since then, it has found many uses.

HIFU facial treatment is being touted as a non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift. The treatment aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face for a youthful look. Understandably, not many people are willing to go under the knife. This is especially so when they believe that they can achieve the same results with another treatment.

Moreover, they won’t have to go through the recovery period. It is something many people find difficult to take out the time for. However, do these benefits outweigh those of a surgical facelift? And are the results of HIFU facial treatment as effective as a surgical facelift? Let’s find out!

gum pain causes

Gum Pain Causes and Treatments

There’s a lot that you do with your mouth every second of the day; you lick your lips, slide your tongue over your teeth, remove tiny food particles stuck between them hours after you’ve had your meal. Your mouth’s always up to something. However, you realize that when it’s in pain and even the slightest action ends up causing you deep agony. You may experience tooth pain, tongue pain, or gum pain. Here, we’ll talk about gum pain causes.

Gum pain is a common problem experienced by many people. Aggressively brushing and flossing your teeth can cause gum pain. However, so can hormonal changes, tobacco, gum disease, vitamin deficiency, tooth abscess, canker sores, oral cancer, burn, and food allergy. Knowing what’s causing gum pain is important as it can help you in seeking the right treatment for it.

botox in armpits

Botox in Armpits: A Solution to Sweating

Imagine that you’re gearing up for a big presentation. You’ve prepared everything. On the day of the presentation, you’re nervous; of course, you are. It’s a big deal, after all. But you make sure that you look immaculate in every possible way. Now, when the time for the big presentation comes up and you take centre stage. But there’s something else drawing the attention of your presentees. Huge yellow pit stains! There’s no denying the fact that sweat stains can make things awkward. They almost give the impression that the other person is lax about their body hygiene. One solution to your sweating problem is Botox in armpits.

how to get rid of mouth ulcers

How To Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

Who knew something so small could be so excruciatingly painful? Mouth ulcers can be extremely unpleasant and discomforting. These red or yellow sores inside the mouth can take at least 2 weeks to go away. While, usually, you shouldn’t be alarmed by these nuisances, but sometimes, they can be symptomatic of serious health conditions. On their own, they can make it difficult for a person to consume certain kinds of foods and drinks. Even brushing your teeth can become a hassle. That begs the question, how to get rid of mouth ulcers.

Mouth sores, also known as canker sores, are the bane of the existence of many people. It is important that you know about the common causes of canker sores so that you can avoid triggering or aggravating them. In most cases, the canker sore will clear away on its own. However, patience is key. There’s no miracle cure for it, and there’s no way you can get rid of it in the blink of an eye. It will take some time for your mouth or gums, wherever the canker sore is, to heal.

lip lift

Lip Lift Surgery: The Procedure, Cost and Aftercare

These days it’s all about getting those plump, pink Instagrammable lips. Although these plump lips sound very attractive, not everyone is so lucky to have them from birth. Genetics plays a significant role in determining how voluminous the lips will be. However, if you have thin lips and are not satisfied with the way they look, you can consider a lip lift procedure.

Plump, pink, hydrated lips have become a symbol of youthfulness. Many people find fuller lips to be more attractive, which is why they look for different ways to increase the volume of their lips. And when you think of big lips, undoubtedly, the Kardashians’ image pops up in mind. Countless celebrities have gotten lip treatments to make them look fuller.

Many people look towards lip fillers as the ultimate solution, but the problem with it is that it’s temporary. And getting fillers, again and again, might not be convenient for many people as it costs time and money.

Dermal fillers are still quite popular; many people choose to have them to see if bigger lips would sit well with their facial features. If it doesn’t, it can always be undone since it’s temporary. However, if you do want to have bigger lips permanently, lip lift surgery might just be the solution you’re looking for.

teeth shifting

Is Teeth Shifting Normal?

Looking back at your old photographs, it’s only normal to feel a bit nostalgic. However, there is something that might sound off the alarm bells in your brain – your teeth have moved! And we’re not talking about milk teeth here. Of course, those are taken by the tooth fairies. We’re talking about your permanent teeth. You might’ve noticed your teeth shifting, albeit subtly, over time.

Now, you might be thinking, that’s not normal, right? There’s a reason why your permanent teeth are called permanent, after all. You might’ve assumed them to be immovable. And when you wake up every day and look into the mirror, you don’t see anything drastically different with your teeth. So, what’s happening, and why is it happening. The prospect of shifting teeth is quite alarming if you think about it. Let’s do a deep dive into understanding it.

sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry: The Procedure and Aftercare

Going to the dentist can be a daunting experience for many people. The idea of having some very sharp tools being poked around in your mouth can fill them with fear. They might wonder what will happen if things go awry. The loss of control and the uncertainty of the situation alone can make some people avoid going to the dentist. There is such a thing as dental phobia. The severity of dental anxiety can cause health problems. There is a way to deal with this problem though, and that is sedation dentistry.

how to get a jawline

How to Get A Jawline?

With the chiseled jawline trend taking over social media by storm, many people are looking for ways to develop one for themselves. How to get a jawline is the question that’s being asked around a lot these days. You’ll find pages and pages of listicles about people who have the perfectly chiseled jawline that’s to die for. Some people are simply born with it, while others might need to make some slight tweaks to their face to get the jawline that they want.

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