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What Do All-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages Include?

Many people who are looking to get cosmetic surgery in Turkey end up searching for “all-inclusive” packages on the internet. Of course, they sound like a better deal. Here, we’ll let you know exactly what’s part of all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages in Turkey. With these package deals, you won’t have to go about looking at different things on the internet to make bookings.

For instance, if you do, you’ll have to make sure that the location of your hotel is not far away from the clinic. Some commute charges can be sky-high, and you can be left in a lurch. Moreover, if there’s no one to guide you around the city on your arrival, you’ll be completely lost. However, we don’t let our patients live their worst-case-scenario. Also, we certainly don’t want you to underestimate the expenses that you’ll incur in this Turkey.

Although cosmetic surgery in Turkey is quite affordable, you’ll be spending some money outside of the treatment package. If you’ve got a good estimate of that, you can come here better prepared financially with a suitable budget in mind. No one likes paying for “surprise charges.” Sometimes a misunderstanding develops about what’s included in their cosmetic surgery package. We tried to clearly outline what’s included in the different cosmetic surgery packages in our procedure pages.

If you’re unaware of that, we encourage you to check out the pages and go through all the details. This will avoid any confusion in the future. But before we do that, there is one very common mistake that patients make and you should definitely avoid it at all costs.

Should I Buy the Cheapest All-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages in Turkey?

In Turkey, there are plenty of clinics that are already offering cosmetic surgeries at pretty low prices contrary to the clinics in the UK. There are average costs for different plastic surgeries in a particular location. You should take a look at them before purchasing the packages. You might be able to save hundreds of pounds in one clinic compared to another. Longevita is subsidised by the Turkish government so you’ll be getting the best possible prices here. There’s a reason why our prices are low and it’s not because we put our patient’s health at risk for cheaper, low-quality surgeries.

All clinics are different from each other. But when you’re choosing a cosmetic surgery package, choose the one that offers the best quality. Don’t just go after the cheaper prices because they might cost you poor results in the end. You might have to spend more money getting revision surgeries then. Some of the cosmetic surgeries will give you permanent results, so don’t necessarily look for the lowest price possible. Your package should be promising.

What is Included in All-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages in Turkey? 

Following points is a part of your cosmetic surgery package. However, please make sure to check out with the provider for that particular surgery so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Hotel Accommodation

One of the most important things when travelling to a foreign country is your hotel room. Even if you’re staying here for a few days or a week, you should be feeling comfortable especially after your procedure. It is also likely that you’ll want to go to some tourist attractions nearby. Shopping is another thing that many tourists look forward to, everyone likes taking souvenirs or memorabilia back home. It can be hard trying to find a hotel on your own, which is just at walking distance from all the hotspots.

Not only should it be close to the clinic, but it should also make transport easy. Rather than worrying you with all these details, Longevita has taken it upon itself to find you a hotel room at the perfect place whether you’re in Istanbul or Izmir.

The treatment package will include the hotel room charges from the time of your arrival till the post-op check-up date. For a hair transplant surgery, it’s just two nights. For breast enlargement, uplift, or reduction, it’ll be four nights at the hotel and one night at the hospital. If you’re getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), it’ll be the same, i.e. four nights at the hotel and one night at the hospital.

The treatment package for a nose job in Turkey includes one night at the hospital and seven nights in your hotel room. There will be three appointments for dental crowns in Turkey. So, the number of days will be decided according to that. In the case of a tummy tuck surgery, your all-inclusive cosmetic surgery package in Turkey will include two to three nights at the hospital and seven nights in your relaxing hotel room. These numbers may change from person to person obviously depending on the case.

Hospital Stay

For some of the treatments, we have mentioned how long you’ll be staying in. Your hospital stays after the surgery until the time of your discharge will be free in your package. For some of the treatments, we highly encourage patients to bring a companion with them. To make your stay more comfortable so that your loved ones are close by, your one accompaniment can stay with you at the hospital. At the hospital, both of you will be provided with wholesome meals. They’re also a part of your package.   

Private Transfer 

We want your welcome in Turkey to be nothing short of the best. Therefore, a luxury car will be waiting to receive you. After you’ve arrived at the airport, our driver will pick you up and transport you to your hotel. On the day of your departure from Turkey, our car will carry you from the hotel to the airport. These two trips will be a part of your treatment package. If you do not wish to spend time arranging your local taxis, we can also add internal transfers to your package for a small fee. 


As we’ve mentioned before, the consultation session that you’ll have with us will be free. Understandably, everyone has qualms about spending thousands of pounds. Especially if you don’t have an exact idea of the level of service. In our consultation session, we’ll make sure to clear any doubts that you might have. Moreover, you’ll find out all you need to know about your cosmetic surgery and we’ll answer every question that you have. Through it, we mean to establish a bond of trust with our patients.


Of course, your treatment plan quote will include the surgery costs in it. All the expenses related to your surgery will be included in it, such as anaesthesia, etc. The things that you’ll need after the surgery for your aftercare are also a part of the package. It includes shampoo, creams, pills, tablets, garments, hairbands, and pillows.

What’s Not Included in All-inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages in Turkey? 

The following points are not a part of the overall package. So, please make sure to go through them. 

Taxi Commutes

On the day of the surgery, patients have to take a taxi to come to the clinic on their own. For your check-up appointment too, you’ll have to take a taxi to come to the clinic. It costs around a maximum of 5-10 GBP for each trip as the hotels are usually located near to the clinics. We can also happily arrange local private transfers upon your request. Kindly keep in mind that Longevita does not offer any city tour services, so you’ll have to look for them on your own.

Additional Persons for the Hotel 

Our treatment package will include hotel expenses for the patient only so your package initially includes a single room. However, if you have a friend or a partner joining you for your surgery abroad, we will also be arranging their hotel stays.

Lunch and Dinner 

Both lunch and dinner are free at the hospital. However, you’ll have to pay for your meals at the hotel unless you asked us to include full board options in your package.

Additional Surgeries and Therapies

For all the additional surgeries that you choose to make a part of your treatment plan, you’ll have to pay for them. Moreover, if your surgery plan changes, you may have to pay extra in some cases. If you want to get PRP therapy, teeth whitening, Botox, or fillers, we can also include them in your package with a special discount and arrange your appointments.

Importantly, if you’re thinking of having some vitamin supplements after the surgery to promote healing, Longevita does not cover such supplements, however, we are happy to consult our surgeons to check which supplements would be the best for your case.

Flight Tickets

Longevita does not book flight tickets. It’s because we welcome patients from all over the world, so it’s impossible to provide a fixed price to every patient. However, we do help you in finding affordable tickets. 

Concluding Remarks 

We hope this guide has cleared any confusions you might have. Now you must have a clearer idea about your all-inclusive cosmetic surgery package in Turkey. We aim to provide you with the best services for your cosmetic needs in Turkey. If you think that we weren’t able to answer a particular question of yours, feel free to get in touch with us and book your free online consultation.  We’ll let you know all there is so your journey goes without a hitch.

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