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Which one is better for me: Butt Implants or BBL

People tend to assume that Brazilian Butt Lifts are basically another name for butt implants. While both can give you a well-shaped and round butt, Brazilian Butt Lift and butt implants are actually very different procedures and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As the name offers, butt implant procedure includes implants for the purpose of augmenting the buttocks. However, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) does not include any form of implants, it is simply a fat transfer procedure.  The surgeon takes the fat from other body parts via liposuction and injects into the butt. You may wonder which one is better for you and how to choose the correct one. While the answer is different from case to case, you may have a general idea by taking a look at the following comparisons. You can also get a free consultation by sending photos of your surgical areas to our experienced and friendly team. Therefore, you can quickly learn which option is more suitable for your case.

Advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

● A Brazilian Butt Lift offers significantly less downtime after your procedure and less pain. During butt implant surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in the buttocks and lifts the gluteus maximus in order to open space for the implants. Then he inserts the implants and closes the incision. However, BBL is simply fat injection and the procedure involves smaller incisions. There is no stitch or dressing change after as well. So we can claim that butt implant surgery is a more complex procedure than Brazilian butt lift. Therefore butt implants require longer recovery time.

● You can make solo travel to Turkey to have BBL surgery. However, to have Butt implant surgery in Turkey, we strongly recommend you to travel with someone who can assist you during your journey. Because after the procedure, butt implant patients need help while moving.

● The fat that is injected during Brazilian Butt Lift will be your own body fat. Since there is no foreign material placed to the body, the reaction that the body gives will be milder than it would after a butt implant. Therefore, Brazillian Butt Lift carries less risk of infection than butt implants. In addition to that, there is no risk such as implant displacement as there is in buttock implants. All surgical procedures carry inherent risks. But we can claim that risks are lower in Brazilian butt lift procedures compared to buttock implants.

● If you are looking for a more natural-looking result, Brazilian butt lift might be a better choice since it does not involve any implants.

● Your medical travel to Turkey for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will be shorter than butt implant journey. For Brazilian Butt Lift, you need to stay one night at the hospital and five nights at the hotel. For buttock implant, you need to stay two nights at the hospital and one week at the hotel.

Advantages of Buttock Implant in Turkey

● The first and most obvious advantage of the butt implant procedure is the fact that bigger sizes are available with implants. You can choose among different size options. The result will be more apparent and bigger than Brazilian Butt Lift results.

● Another advantage of Butt implant procedure is that it provides longer results than Brazilian Butt Lift. The inserted implants will be staying there. However, since Brazilian butt lift is made with body fat, the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body in time. So the results may not be so permanent.

● Butt implant may provide a better solution for skinny people. Because BBL involves removing fat from various areas of the body with liposuction and transferring the fat to the bum area. If you are skinny, there might not be enough fat in your body to inject into the butts. In those cases, the bum lift might not be possible. However, butt implants can be used even if you are skinny.


While BBL and butt implant have differences in procedure and aftercare parts, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, both options may bring good results. Longevita only works with the best surgeons to ensure the best results.

If you are interested in enlarging your bum but not sure which method is right for you, you can book a free consultation with our patient consultants to get a free treatment plan based on the photos of your surgical areas. We will make an assessment with our surgeon to decide the best treatment specifically for your case. Just give us a call on 08455198948 or request a call back online.

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