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What Longevita’s Patients Have to Say About Their Dental Procedure in Turkey

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Since its inception, Longevita has strived to meet all the needs of its patients. Businesses, no matter in what industry, live to see another day because of its customers. It all boils down to the care you’re provided and the experience you take back home. What matters most is that when you leave our clinic, you have absolute peace of mind. We want your fears to melt away and turn into exciting possibilities that come with the procedures you choose to have. Most of all, we want to unknot the countless threads of confusion that are wrapped around your mind about your dental surgery. Your excellent experience with us means that we’re successfully accomplishing our goals. But how do you trust us? Through our dental reviews. 

According to 2016 US Healthcare Consumer Insights by State & Demographics by NRC Health Market Insights, 41.50% of consumers who have visited a hospital website say “patients ratings/reviews of doctors” is most important. Even for those who haven’t visited a hospital website, 28.47% said, patient ratings/reviews of doctors” are most important. If you’re thinking of getting a dental procedure in Turkey, you’ll most probably scroll through a ton of online dental reviews. The purpose of dental reviews is to help you make the best possible purchase decision. We’ve tried to compile some customer testimonials and patient journeys in this guide so that you can take a look at them yourself. Because the clinic you end up choosing for your dental surgery will make or break its success in the end.  

Which Dental Procedures Are Offered At Longevita? 

Children commonly experience a bad fall. Sometimes they may go unscathed. However, at others, some permanent injuries become a part of their lives. If you’re experiencing tooth decay, or want to cover a broken tooth, you can get affordable dental crowns at Longevita to enjoy a beautiful set of teeth. If your teeth have undergone significant decay because of cavities, your fillings might need the support of dental crowns. Unlike dental crowns, if only the front part of your tooth/teeth needs covering for fixing tooth gaps, chipping, wear and tear, and irreversible staining, we offer dental veneers in Turkey. 

If a missing tooth is left unreplaced, it causes bone loss in the jaw as there is a lack of stimulation in the area. Therefore, dental implants can help prevent bone loss and preserve the surrounding tissues adequately. It is fixed inside the hollow left by the previous tooth and then covered by a crown to provide the functioning of a proper tooth. The results are also natural-looking and can last for a long time. Lastly, consuming certain drinks such as red wine, coke, coffee, and tea can give your teeth a yellowish hue. Smoking and chewing tobacco do the same. We offer laser teeth whitening, which use peroxide to whiten them. 

Take A Look At Longevita’s Patient Journey Dental Reviews 

Let’s take a look at a couple of dental reviews. Our patient, Ryan Bates, came from the UK to get porcelain crowns for issues, such as crookedness and staining. He wanted this dental procedure to be a part of his life transformation journey while giving him the confidence to smile freely. One of his friends had already had a wonderful experience with us. Therefore, his friend recommended Longevita to Ryan because of the promising quality of results that we provide. One of the reasons he chose Longevita was due to the aftercare support available in the UK. He wouldn’t have to fly back to Turkey in case he needs anything from us. He felt comfortable knowing that he’d only have to go as far as London to seek help if needed. We want our patients to know that we’ll be there for them until they’ve completed their recovery process successfully.  

Glamour model, Jordan Kaye Jacks, chose Longevita to get 20 crowns fixed. A career in modelling means constant limelight. However, she couldn’t smile comfortably. She felt renewing her teeth would not only help her professionally but also fill her with confidence. Moreover, she wouldn’t have to cover her mouth every time she smiled or laughed. Unable to get the treatment she wanted in the UK, she came to us to fulfil her goals and desires. Here, too, the referral came from her friends. With Longevita, she was able to enjoy a stress-free dental treatment. From communication, hotel transfers, to the overall experience, in general, she couldn’t help but shower Longevita with praises.

Why Choose Longevita for Dental Procedures in Turkey? 

Healthcare organizations should always put the health of their patients before anything else. Admittedly, it’s a huge industry, but that does not set aside the fact that each person is unique. Every patient should be given the best personalized care. The end goal of Longevita is to serve you. We have a very high referral rate because of the satisfaction that we guarantee our patients. If you’re coming from another country, you might feel worried that everything won’t go as smoothly. However, we have made sure that seamless communication takes place. It is the only way we can and will serve you best. 

According to one study, the personal relationships of a patient with his/her doctor and clinic staff are strong predictors of patient satisfaction. Nyah Rose’s dental review might be able to tell you what we’re doing for patient satisfaction, “I had veneer/crown here! Such a great experience! The dentists were professional, friendly and informative. Help in these every step of the way, couldn’t have asked for a better service!!”

Helping people is the primary goal of healthcare. Longevita has aimed to serve all those patients who need help with areas of their body they feel unsatisfied with. Our treatments have helped them feel happy and healthy. Longevita’s whole team will be available to address any concerns you have. 

What Difference Will Dental Reviews Make? 

The online world is brimming with competition. This can make it quite difficult for you to find out which clinic genuinely offers superior services. Through Longevita’s dental reviews, you’ll find real stories about the past experiences of our patients. You will also find out whether they were able to successfully achieve their desired results post-surgery. Many of our patients end up choosing us through the referral of their friends, family, and barbers, etc. Despite that online communication platforms have made it possible for customers to find clinics that best suit their needs.

Moreover, Longevita’s dental reviews help potential customers in the sense that they provide social proof. Furthermore, they help create transparency between us and our patients. You can find hundreds of positive customers reviews regarding Longevita online. It is one way you can make the right choice of the clinic when looking to get a dental procedure. Through dental reviews, you will also get an idea of the kind of organisation we are, how we treat our customers, and how are patients feel after getting their surgery done.


Carley Brindle got a dental crown treatment at Longevita in 2017. She said, “I went to Istanbul with Longevita to have my crowns done. My surgery was completed by a highly trained surgeon and the results were remarkable. My teeth look amazing now, and I could not recommend them enough.” You can find the before and after results of her procedure. You can also find a compilation of our patients thanking Longevita across the range of services that we provide. 

You can get an idea of our other services from this hair transplant review by Jack Dalton, “I’ll admit to being very nervous at first but as soon as I was met by Longevita, all of those nerves were put to rest. The company does an amazing job at consolidating every point/tip and I now feel very confident in managing my aftercare, etc. I would recommend this company to anyone, brilliant experience and can’t wait for my results!!”

Our customers have endowed us with a respectable and positive reputation around the globe. Their words have encouraged others to come to us for help. What you say is important to us and matters most. 

To End Things Off  

We hope this guide was helpful for you in making the final decision about your choice of clinic for dental procedures in Turkey. Through our services, many patients have found a solution to the problems that have plagued their lives. If you’re uncertain whether we provide a certain type of service, please get in touch with us. We’ll make sure to discuss everything with you. You can book your initial consultation for a dental procedure at Longevita

We’ll wrap this up with a dental review from Nase, who said, “Car transfers were super helpful in getting to and from accommodation especially after feeling drowsy post-procedure. Seda, Nisa and Dr Aksit were patient and listened to any concern I had.”

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