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How To Choose The Best Shade Of White For Veneers?

Veneers are the best way to reinvent your smile and cover any imperfection of the teeth like stained teeth, broken teeth, misaligned teeth or teeth with a gap. If you have decided to get veneers you made a good decision, but a bigger decision is to be taken about the colour of the veneer, i.e. the shade of the veneers. You probably might have got porcelain veneers and porcelain veneers are available in a large variety of shades.

As veneers are custom-made according to the patient, one size and shade might not be suitable for another patient. So the patient has the freedom of choosing the colour of the veneer that they want. Some people may like the brightest white some others may prefer less white shades. The right shade for you depends on a number of factors. Although veneers have quite natural-looking results, the results can only appear natural when the right shade is chosen. Therefore, we can claim that choosing the shade of the veneers is an important step and it’s better to make the decision carefully.

Veneers in Turkey

Once a patient comes to Turkey to get the veneers with Longevita and meets the dentist, the dentist examines the patient’s case and recommends veneers accordingly. The most widely used and recommended veneers are the porcelain ones. The thing with porcelain veneers is that there is a variety of shades and the patient chooses the colour of veneers. Despite the variety of shades, the top 3 most-chosen top shades are the brightest white also known as Hollywood white, the second shade is a lesser bright than the first shade and the third one being fader than the second. The best choice is to go for a shade that makes the veneers look like a healthy set of natural teeth. Keep in mind that a shade that does not go with your skin tone may look artificial and not pleasing.

Tips to Choose the Best Shade

Here are some tips that might help you to choose the best shade for veneers:

  • The colour of the veneers does not have to be as whitest as possible. The want for a bright and white set of teeth is understandable but a shade that is too white might make the teeth look unnatural and artificial. The best guide for the proper shade of white is your eyes. It’s better if the shade of the veneers is not brighter than the white shade of the eyes. The shade of the veneers if matched with the eyes will lead to a more natural-looking set of teeth.
  • The shade of the veneers also depends on your skin tone. People with fairer skin tones should choose brighter shades of white because fairer skin tones do not contrast much with the colour of the teeth. A brighter shade is important to make the teeth appear white.
  • Another thing that is to be brought into consideration while choosing the shade of the veneer is your age. People young in age have brighter and whiter teeth. However, this decision completely depends on you and your dentist.
  • If it’s not a complete smile makeover, meaning not every tooth is going to have veneers and only a few teeth will be covered with veneers, then less bright shades of white are the most preferable. This is because if the shade of the veneers does not blend in with the natural shade. So it might be very easy to figure out that some kind of artificial improvement has been done, no one wants that. The shade of the veneers needs to be the same colour as the other teeth to have a natural look. Naturally, the colour of the teeth is not as white as Hollywood white, so less white colours should be chosen. Your dentist will detect the shade of your natural teeth and recommend you the colour of the veneers accordingly. 


Ultimately, the entire veneers customisation is up to you. From choosing the shade, material, size, shape, etc.  Your dentist will also share her recommendations with you. Be patient when deciding the shade of the veneer. Because once the veneers are placed it would be time-consuming and inconvenient to change the colour of the veneers by replacing them with the new ones.

If you are planning to get that perfect smile, Longevita is where you should come. Longevita provides affordable and high-quality porcelain veneers that yields great results and you are bound to get more than you desired. Contact Longevita to know more about veneers and dental procedures, today.


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