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Lip Lift Surgery: The Procedure, Cost and Aftercare

These days it’s all about getting those plump, pink Instagrammable lips. Although these plump lips sound very attractive, not everyone is so lucky to have them from birth. Genetics plays a significant role in determining how voluminous the lips will be. However, if you have thin lips and are not satisfied with the way they look, you can consider a lip lift procedure.

Plump, pink, hydrated lips have become a symbol of youthfulness. Many people find fuller lips to be more attractive, which is why they look for different ways to increase the volume of their lips. And when you think of big lips, undoubtedly, the Kardashians’ image pops up in mind. Countless celebrities have gotten lip treatments to make them look fuller.

Many people look towards lip fillers as the ultimate solution, but the problem with it is that it’s temporary. And getting fillers, again and again, might not be convenient for many people as it costs time and money.

Dermal fillers are still quite popular; many people choose to have them to see if bigger lips would sit well with their facial features. If it doesn’t, it can always be undone since it’s temporary. However, if you do want to have bigger lips permanently, lip lift surgery might just be the solution you’re looking for.

What is A Surgical Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that makes the lips look fuller and plumper. You can think of a lip lift surgical procedure as an alternative to dermal fillers. In this plastic surgery, the focus is on the upper lip. In the lip lift procedure, the plastic surgeon decreases the distance between the nose and the upper lip.

This region is the philtrum. This indentation at the middle of the upper lips runs from the nose to the outer margins of the lips. The plastic surgeon essentially shortens the distance and exposes more of the fleshy pink tissue of the lips. This makes the lips look plumper. Moreover, since the surgical procedure will lift the lip, it will also expose more of your upper teeth.

The lip lift procedure is nothing like dermal fillers. During plastic surgery, the surgeon will remove triangular wedges of the skin. The size of these wedges determines the elevation of the upper lips. With lip lift plastic surgery, it is possible to customize the shape of the lips with more subtle changes than just injecting a filler to make them look plump.

Who Can Benefit From Lip Lift Plastic Surgery?

As we age, the loss of collagen and fat pads ends up making the lips look dull and drab. The thin, downturned appearance can make a person appear older. Gravity is also at work here. It can thin and lengthen the upper lip. The pink area of the lip that’s exposed decreases. And the upper lip also ends up covering the upper teeth.

Ideally, on gently parting the lips, your upper incisors should show. The effects of ageing, however, can come in the way. Through lip lift plastic surgery, the surgeon makes changes beneath the nose by taking a strip of skin and shortens the distance. This lift upper lift gives it more height and restores its youthful appearance.

What Is the Cost of Lip Lift Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery costs can be sky-high in some countries. According to the Aesthetic Edit, the lip lift surgery procedure can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000. In London UK the price of this plastic surgery begins from £2500 under local anaesthesia.

At Longevita, things are, of course, going to be a bit different. We aim to make cosmetic surgeries more accessible to you. If you do not feel comfortable with a part of your body, you can easily undergo plastic surgery without having to spend a fortune. The treatment cost for lip lift starts from £1350 at Longevita under general anaesthesia.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Lip Lift Surgery?

Those men and women who want to change the shape of their lips can consider having lip lift surgery. With lip lifts, many people can slightly close the large gap between their nose and upper lip, the philtrum, and make subtle changes to their smile and overall aesthetics. The plastic surgeon can also workaround to give you a more defined cupid’s bow through the lip lift procedure.

Those who get lip augmentation through dermal fillers can complain about having lips that are more duck-like and unnatural. Lip lift procedure can ensure more natural results. If you have had lip augmentation through dermal fillers, you shouldn’t expect to achieve the same results with lip lift surgery.

The procedure is more invasive and is, of course, permanent. It isn’t just about injecting fillers in the lips to make them plumper. The lip lift procedure changes the shape of the lips forever. Those who are seeking these things make good candidates for lip lifts.

Lips Fillers Vs. Lip Lift Surgery

Many people who seek lip lift surgery have had some unsatisfactory experiences with lip fillers. Done the wrong way, lips fillers can look too fake and unnatural. You might have seen many people with bad dermal fillers where the size of the lips is too large.

That or the size of the upper lips is too large in comparison to the lower lip, which can give an unnatural appearance. Lip fillers can also make your lips appear long instead of plump and balanced. They may also feel heavy. Still, lip fillers are a great way to “test” plumper lips. If you don’t think they suit you, the filler will dissolve away in some time.

However, if you would like to have thicker, plumper lips, you will have to get fillers again and again. Now, many people get tired of having to have lip fillers to achieve their ideal lip shape. The slight bruising that accompanies dermal fillers can also make them avoid getting it in time. The results might also differ from the last one. Tired of the inconsistency, many seek something permanent, which is where the lip lift procedure comes in. It is permanent and offers natural-looking results.

What is the Surgical Procedure For Lip Lift?

Before the lip lift surgery takes place, you need to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking any blood-thinning medications. The surgery itself can take place under local or general anaesthesia. Usually, local anaesthesia is used since the procedure is not that painful. It takes around 1 hour for the surgeon to perform it. If the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, the patient may need to stay in the clinic for a night.

The surgeon will remove triangular strips of skin from beneath the nose of the patient. Depending on the type of lip lift you’re getting, there can be variations in the location of excision. The surgeon will then close the skin with the help of sutures. After that, you need to make sure that you follow all the aftercare instructions provided by the surgeon.

Types of Lip Lifts

There are different lip lifts techniques. Different techniques can give different results. Your surgeon will consult with you about your desired lip appearance. The techniques used can vary depending on the kind of results you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at them.

Direct Lip Lift

In the direct lip lift, the surgeon removes a strip of skin from the area right above the upper lip. This ends up giving greater definition to the margins of the upper lips. It may cause scarring.

Subnasal Bullhorn

In this cosmetic surgery, skin, in the shape of a bullhorn, is removed from the base of the nose. The skin is then pulled back towards the nose, lifting the lips. Subnasal bullhorn is the most common lift procedure.

Central Lip Lift

When this cosmetic surgery is performed, the surgeon removes a small piece of skin right underneath the nasolabial junction.

Corner Lip Lift

Corner lip lift surgery is more suitable for those patients who have downturned lips. It uplifts the corners of the mouth, hence its name. In this surgery, the plastic surgeon removes slivers of skin from the corners of the mouth to lift the lips.

Italıan Lip Lift

It is somewhat similar to the subnasal bullhorn; only the difference is that the incisions don’t extend to the whole base of the nose. The surgeon will make two small incisions underneath the nose.

What Is The Recovery Process After Lip Lift Surgery?

The patient can experience swelling, redness, and bruising as a result of lip lift surgery. Moreover, they might also feel tightness in the surgical area. However, the swelling will subside within a month, and the redness and bruising will take a little more than one week to go away.

It’s important for the patient to follow the aftercare instructions to have a successful and healthy healing process. The surgeon will give the patient antibiotics and painkillers, and s/he should take the medicines as prescribed. In addition, the patient should rest, avoid sleeping on the face or opening the mouth too wide. And the patients should also keep the incision line moisturised. S/he should use the cream the surgeon has recommended/prescribed. Also, the patient cannot smoke for a month.

In A Nutshell

If you want to have bigger and natural-looking lips permanently, you should think about getting lip lift surgery. It’s a long-term solution that will give a youthful appearance to your lips. Moreover, you won’t have to bother with dermal injections either. To book your treatment package with us, get in touch with us right away.

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