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Reasons To Consider Getting Veneers

Dental veneers are thin coverings or shells that are put on the front side of the teeth to hide imperfections of the teeth. Veneers provide a solution to many problems that people have that make them unhappy with their smiles. There are a lot of reasons for bad smiles, for example, stained teeth, broken teeth or uneven teeth. Veneers can cover them all. Veneers are made from materials like porcelain or resin. Porcelain veneers are the most widely used veneer material because porcelain is better than resin or other materials when stain resistance is considered.

A porcelain veneer can mimic the characteristics of natural teeth. Therefore, it makes it hard to know whether you have had a treatment or is it just natural teeth. Veneers are generally used to improve the appearance of the teeth and to modify the colour, shape or size of the teeth. The most important reason that you should have veneers is that they are strong, long-lasting, look and feel natural and provide instant results.

Here are the top reasons why people get veneers and even you should consider getting them:

Stained Teeth

Many people have the problem of their teeth being stained. It may form an unpleasant appearance for themselves as well as others. The staining of the teeth is usually caused by improper oral hygiene or consumption of food that lead to staining of the teeth. Many people naturally have discoloured teeth and the colour worsens with time. There are many products available today that claim to whiten the teeth and promise a perfect smile. They might work by chance but our advice is to not waste time and money on these whitening products while veneers are providing an effective solution. With veneers, you can get guaranteed desirable results.  What’s more, you can even choose the shade of white when it comes to veneers. Say goodbye to stained teeth with veneers.

Broken Teeth

Many people may have broken teeth because of a number of reasons. They might have had an accident and have a missing tooth or chipped a tooth when they were young.  Good news is, you can add veneers on broken, chipped or cracked teeth. If teeth are cracked or chipped it is possible that the damaged teeth have become weak, veneers also serve as a shield and protect them. With veneers, no one will even seem to remember that you had a broken tooth. It is as natural-looking as natural teeth.

Mis-spaced Teeth

Some people also have unusual gaps between their teeth. This might be by birth, heredity or maybe because they are missing a tooth. This problem or imperfection can be solved with veneers. As veneers are coverings for the teeth, no gaps are to remain visible after veneers are put on and you can have the joy of a set of teeth that appear full and look real. You get a perfect smile with no imperfections.

Improper Tooth Shape

The shape of the teeth can be improper naturally, because of wear and tear or because of some accident. Improper teeth shape may give the illusion of crooked teeth which is not so aesthetically appealing. Sometimes it also happens that the teeth are just slightly misaligned.  These misalignments and issues can be corrected with the help of veneers. For misalignments and minor issues patients don’t have to use dental braces which take a lot of time or other expensive or unnecessary treatments, veneers will do the job. 

Confident Smile

Even if you don’t happen to have an obvious problem like misaligned, misshaped, broken or stained teeth, you might just want to improve the way your teeth look. You may just want to have a smile makeover.  With the help of veneers, you can increase your high self-esteem and feel more confident and charming while you are smiling. 

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