How to Spend The Recovery Time During My Stay in Turkey?

How to Spend The Recovery Time During My Stay in Turkey?

You may want to evaluate the time you came for surgery in Turkey in accordance with your health conditions. The recovery time of each surgery varies as you may guess. In addition, post-operative recovery time may differ for some personal reasons such as the patient’s immune system, medical history, prescription medications, age and genetic structure.

Here we would like to give you general information for each surgery and their allowed activities during the recovery time in Turkey. Please note that all this information is for the majority of the general patient and is just an overview for you to prepare yourself before your surgery in Turkey.

  • Dental Procedures in Turkey:

    Dental procedures are done under local anaesthesia so if the patients feel not dizzy or sleepy, they may visit around the city right after the procedure. They may plan cultural travel in the current city that they are just having a procedure because dental procedures require some visits following the first appointment. Patients need to inform their dedicated patient relations specialist about their planned activities to get appropriate professional advice.

  • Breast Surgery in Turkey:

    It is recommended to visit around the city after having the first check-up with the surgeon. Please note that it depends on the pain tolerance of the patients, some patients are fine with mobilizing but some patients prefer to rest in their comfortable hotel room. You may have swelling till you have completed your third month and sudden pain which is normal for the first two weeks. After having breast surgery (all kinds of breast surgeries included) in Turkey, you cannot go swimming and also you have to avoid the sun. You can take short and frequent walks. It is beneficial for you to slowly increase the length of the walks as you feel up to it. Please listen to your body and rest when you need. We mostly recommend our patients to take a walk in very beautiful sea costs in Turkey or discover Turkey’s ancients bazaars or historical places.

  • Tummy-Tuck in Turkey:

    It is recommended to visit around the city or go shopping three days after the surgery. With a tummy tuck, the patient stays two days at the hospital. You may likely feel moderate pain, which will be controlled by pain medication, it is totally normal. After having a tummy tuck in Turkey, you are not allowed to go swimming or sauna during your recovery time. Avoid the activities that make you sweat as you will have the surgical scar, you need to keep it clean and dry. You may walk around to help accelerate blood flow. This helps you to heal faster, but do not go alone, as your balance and strength could be compromised.

  • Liposuction in Turkey:

    Generally, patients are fine to visit around the city just one day after the liposuction in Turkey. In your first week, it is normal to have swelling, itching and small bumps and pain. Your pain will be controlled with oral medications that we have given you. After having the liposuction surgery, you are advised to walk as soon as possible, this to reduce and lowers the chance of blood clots. As other mentioned plastic surgeries above, you will be not able to go swimming, sauna or Turkish bath until you have completed your first month.

  • BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey):

    . You may have swelling, pain or small bumps after the surgery, they are all normal. As we have mentioned in the liposuction part, walking is greatly encouraged right after the surgery. Walking will improve your blood circulation, speed your healing, and might even improve your results! There are lots of great monuments in Turkey to take an easy walk and see.

  • Nose Job in Turkey:

    If the patient doesn’t have too much swelling or bruising, they are able to go out just a day after the surgery. Generally, plan on taking it easy. Although your nose will not feel pain while you healing, it is still possible to injury. You may walk as much as you like while discovering the hidden beauties in Istanbul.

  • Facelift in Turkey:

    It is recommended to stay one day at the hospital and one day at the hotel and rest. After staying one night at the hotel they are able to visit around the city. You may have some persistent swelling. Swelling and bruising generally go away around the second week, it is just a normal healing process. During the recovery time in Turkey, your surgeon will ask you to message to the concerned areas. You need to take care of your incision for any risk of infection so please keep it clean. You should definitely avoid the sun. Walking slowly in the fresh air will fasten your recovery process.

  • Eyelid Surgery in Turkey:

    Generally, one day resting is enough time for the patient. You may visit around the city but please avoid the dust. You may use sunglasses or a cap. Please do not wear any make-up to cover your surgical areas in your recovery time in Turkey.

  • Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey:

    It is recommended to stay the day of the procedure at the hotel. The light, the dust may not be good for the eyes because the eyes will be sensitive. We do not recommend you to stare at the computer screen or TV for long; going to the cinema might not be a good option for you.

  • Hair Transplant in Turkey:

    Generally, patients will be totally fine one day after the procedure, they can even fly back to their country back after the procedure. Please note that you need to avoid the sun. You cannot go swimming, sauna or have sunbathing. All you can do is walking on the sea coast, shopping, visiting historical places and famous restaurants.

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