Why You Should Add Thigh Liposuction to Your Treatment Plan

Why You Should Add Thigh Liposuction to Your Treatment Plan

Sometimes every ounce of sweat that you shed becomes a source of hopelessness. That’s because you’re unable to lose those last difficult pockets of fat. You might feel so close yet so far from your ideal weight goals. No matter which fad diet you try that claims a miraculous weight loss journey, this unwanted fat doesn’t seem to go away. For most people, it is around the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. You might’ve dreamed of flaunting your contoured silhouette. However, a pocket of fat will shatter all your dreams in a matter of minutes. The problem doesn’t end there. Fat around the inner thigh area can cause the legs to constantly rub against each other when you walk. It gets worse when you’re running or working out. If you’re struggling with fat around your thighs, you should consider thigh liposuction.

You can choose to have this procedure on its own or combine it with other fat removal procedures. The fat pockets around thighs are troublesome. The constant friction from rubbing can cause rashes. If you live in hotter climates, you know how much worse things can get when the sweating begins. A vigorous workout can also have similar consequences. However, don’t let this bump deter you from your exercise. Thigh liposuction is a very effective solution to this problem. It’s quite similar to liposuction performed on other areas of the body. Of course, the goal of this surgery is to achieve a particular body shape and weight. Moreover, it is quite popular, especially among women.

What Are the Different Techniques of Liposuction?

It should be noted that the purpose of liposuction is not to drastically lose weight. The ideal candidates for this procedure must have already achieved their target weight. They are just looking to get rid of resistant fatty pockets around the thighs, abdomen, or buttocks. Your body will become more well-proportioned with the help of liposuction. Also, it can address concerns such as cellulite. Therefore, the surgery serves both health and aesthetic purposes. Your figure will attain greater balance. And, you will end up enjoying your body more.

There are different thigh liposculpting procedures depending on the area of the thigh which needs fat removal. This surgery can be performed on the outer, inner, and anterior region. This surgery is also performed on the posterior region – called the banana roll. However, for that area, the surgeon has to be very careful. That’s because this area provides support to the buttocks. A vacuum underneath the hips from too much fat removal will naturally cause them to sag. It can appear unnatural.

Different techniques are available for this procedure. We will take your needs and requirements into consideration. Your surgeon will also advise you about the best treatment that ensures excellent results. Let’s take a look at the three techniques offered at Longevita:

1.     Tumescent Liposuction

It is one of the most popular and commonly chosen procedural technique for fat removal. A mixture containing a local anaesthetic, epinephrine, and IV salt solution is injected in the target area. Its quantity can be three times greater than the amount of fat in the surgical site. Afterwards, the tube is inserted to suction the fat out. This liquid mixture makes the process far easier and smoother. It is, however, more time-consuming than other techniques.

2.     Super-wet Liposuction

It actually isn’t exactly how it sounds. This treatment requires the insertion of liquid in the surgical site just as tumescent liposuction. Here, though, the quantity of the liquid mixture inserted is equal to the amount of fat in the target area. Therefore, instead of local anaesthesia, the patient is given general anaesthesia. Sedation is another option. It helps the patient go through the surgery without feeling any pain.

3.     Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL)

This is commonly referred to as VASER liposuction. Ultrasonic waves will break down the fatty deposits in the body. This is, of course, far less invasive than the other two techniques. The recovery time is faster, and scarring isn’t that big of an issue here either.

Please, note that patients should meet a set of criteria to undergo this surgery. Those who suffer from advanced obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, thromboembolic disease, wound healing disorder, or other co-morbid diseases cannot undergo this procedure. Smoking and pregnancy will also make this procedure unlikely.

What Is Thigh Liposuction?

This procedure involves the removal of resistant fat pockets from the thigh area. The fat on the outer region, also known as saddlebags, can make the body look short, chubby, and disproportionate. This surgery can address these concerns quite well. In our initial consultation session, we will provide an assessment based on your pictures. With this step, we will be able to see the condition of your thighs and legs.

Although this surgery helps women by taking care of rashes, the fat isn’t the one always at fault. The shape of your muscles also determines whether the skin of your legs will rub against each other or not. Unfortunately, thigh liposuction cannot provide a solution to that.

A commonly asked question regarding thigh liposuction is its recovery time. There’s no exact recovery time that we can provide here. That’s because it varies for each patient. You should make sure to consult your surgeon about this. They will be able to provide you with accurate estimates. During the recovery time, you should remember to listen to your body and heal properly. More rest means faster recovery. Longevita will provide you with aftercare instructions. You have to exactly follow them. Before resumption of any physical activity, make sure to consult your surgeon.

What Are the Benefits of a Thigh Liposuction?

Women have a greater percentage of fat – 18 to 20 per cent of their body weight – in contrast to men, who have 10% to 15%. Waist and hip measurements are needed to find out the body fat percentage. Moreover, its average value varies with age. So, make sure to take that into consideration before calculating it. Due to hormonal reasons, women are more prone to storing fat. It is stored around their thighs, buttocks, and pelvis. In males, you will find that fat is stored more around the abdomen.

The fat cells around these areas increase their fat-releasing activity and decrease their storage capacity during lactation as the fat stores continue to increase in the mammary adipose tissues. Therefore, it serves a biological function for pregnant women. However, the problem is that it isn’t easy to lose fat from these areas so, thigh liposuction provides a suitable option. Cellulite, caused by fat buildup, can cause an uneven, bumpy, and dimpled skin. The thigh liposuction can help smoothen the skin in the affected area.

Other than that, with lesser fat in the thigh area, your legs won’t be constantly touching each other. Your skin will have ample room to breathe, and you won’t deal with constant rashes and irritated skin.

Another benefit of having thigh liposuction is the discount that Longevita offers. We provide multiple surgery discount. You can get thigh liposuction for a lower price by pairing it with a boob job or any other plastic surgery procedure. It’s easier for the surgeon as he/she’ll perform the surgery on the same day while using the operating room. You can also save time and money this way.

What is the Cost of Thigh Liposuction?

To begin with, you’ll have to send us relevant pictures of your thigh area for the initial consultation. From there, we’ll guide about the most suitable treatment and liposuction technique. The cost can vary from one patient to another. It depends on the amount of fat that needs removal and the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, we cannot provide you with an exact overall cost. You’ll have to get in touch with us to find out your besoke treatment plan.

To Summarise

Dealing with troublesome fat pockets is dismaying. You might constantly strive to do vigorous exercise. Going on a strict diet regime is another option. But it still might not go away. Fat deposits around the thighs affect women more because of hormonal reasons. The procedure is also more popular among them. However, regardless of gender, we all want to achieve our ideal body shape. If things aren’t working out, you can look for another solution, such as thigh liposuction. It has helped many people get rid of the V-shaped figure. It’s what develops from the accumulation of fat around the outer region of the thighs. Moreover, it’ll also mean no more rashy thighs, which is a very common complaint. Living in hot, humid areas, the struggle is even greater.

With more freedom to manoeuvre with your body, you can enjoy life to the fullest and never put a stop on your dreams. Still, you have to make sure that you consume healthy food and do regular exercise. Otherwise, you might not see any results from your surgery after the recovery period. To find out more about thigh liposuction, get in touch with us today. The achievement of your desired look is just a click away.

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