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Body Hair Transplant Turkey

Man's Chest With Hair

In a similar way to the hair on our heads, our body hair can play a drastic part in our confidence and our self-esteem. In men, in particular, an inability to grow full facial or bodily hair may have an effect on their sense of masculinity and as the pressures surrounding our appearance increase, more and more patients are seeking a solution for thinning or a loss of bodily hair. Body hair transplant Turkey procedures offer those with a lack of body hair or those experiencing hair loss a solution to regain fuller density.

The causes of body hair loss aren’t too dissimilar to that of hair loss on the scalp. Some of the most common are:

  • Stress – Your body hair could thin out when you’re highly stressed due to changes in diet, illness, loss or gaining of weight and hormone imbalance.
  • Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy can cause hair loss not only on the scalp but across the entire body. This includes chest, the pubic area, eyebrows, eyelashes and more.
  • Nutrition Deficiency – As with scalp-based hair loss, our diet can affect the strength and growth rate of our body hair. When key minerals or vitamins are low, this can result in the loss or breaking of the hair shaft or damage to the follicles.
  • Genetics – In some cases, you may be genetically predisposed to hair loss, or to an inability to grow a high density of body hair.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of potential causes for bodily hair loss, they are some of the most common causes that lead patients to opt for a body hair transplant. The transplant sees donor hairs harvested individually from eligible areas around the body, either from the scalp or another area of healthy growth, which will then be transplanted back into the desired area through small incisions in order to improve density and, ultimately, help to improve a patient’s confidence.

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What Can I Expect From My Body Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The process of getting a body hair transplant in Turkey will start with your initial call to our team, who can then book you in for a free face-to-face consultation at our clinic in London, or selected other locations across the UK including Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

The initial consultation will give you the opportunity to not only discuss what you’re looking for from the body hair transplant procedure but learn more about the process and whether a transplant is the best option for your individual case. This will be your chance to ask questions regarding the procedure, the results you’ll see, what you can expect in the long-term and any concerns you may have regarding the procedure itself. From here, your consultant can provide you with a quote for your body hair transplant in Turkey, at which point you can book your surgery and sign a contract. Please note that you’ll be required to pay a 10% deposit in order to secure this and start the booking process.

From here, our travel coordinators will put together packages that include private airport transfers by our in-house drivers, accommodation at one of our hotels in either Istanbul or Izmir, the treatment, and a 12-month aftercare plan to ensure that your results are kept in the best condition for longer. The flights will also be sourced for you, though these will need to be booked at an additional cost.

The procedure itself will consist of an initial meeting with your surgeon, accompanied by a dedicated host who will remain on hand throughout your stay, and the treatment itself. The first meeting offers you and your surgeon the opportunity to discuss the surgery in more detail. They will work out the best course of treatment for your individual case, including the method used for the extraction of the donor hairs and the chosen area for harvesting. The treatment itself may last several hours dependant on the method chosen, and how many hairs will need to be extracted and transplanted.

Following the treatment, you are advised to stay in Turkey for up to seven days post-procedure, but you will be able to explore Istanbul or Izmir freely. The downtime required for a hair transplant is minimal, though being able to rest and relax for a week can help your body to recuperate quickly.

Expert Body Hair Transplant In Istanbul & Izmir

When opting for a body hair transplant in Turkey, it’s important to note that the results aren’t always permanent, however, our expert surgeons are experienced in working with our clients to increase the longevity of the transplants. Through careful extraction of the healthiest donor hairs and precise implantation through small incisions at the area of hair loss, they are able to produce natural-looking results for each client.

Our hair transplant surgeons are members of ISHRS, operating from internationally accredited surgeries throughout Istanbul and Izmir. Throughout the entire body hair transplant Turkey process, you’ll be given access to not only our expert surgeons, but a dedicated host to attend appointments and meetings, as well as your stay in the hospital to ensure that every member of our team can communicate effectively not only with each other but with you.

Having a body hair transplant in Turkey can help to improve confidence and re-instill a sense of masculinity in men who may be struggling to grow or maintain body hair. For more information on the procedure here at Longevita, or to book your consultation with a member of our team, simply contact us on 0845 579 8948.

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