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Unshaven Hair Transplant


Typically, hair loss restoration techniques require the head to be shaved, in order to provide access to the maximum number of hairs possible to harvest from the donor area. However, an innovative technique known as the Unshaven Hair Transplant, also referred to as U-FUE, offers an undetectable solution for patients who are unwilling to shave their hair completely for the treatment. This minimally-invasive and effective treatment is intricate and far more delicate than traditional FUE hair transplant methods, however our expert surgeons at Longevita have many years’ experience in providing this complex method.

One of the main difficulties with this particular method is the fact that the surgeon must skilfully and effectively identify the healthiest hairs, amongst full-grown hair, in order to harvest and graft the strongest follicles. This will allow the best possible results to be achieved for the patient.

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How Does The Unshaven Hair Transplant Procedure Work?

Similar to a traditional FUE hair transplant, each hair is extracted individually from a specific donor area on a strong part of the scalp. With U-FUE, the process is much more delicate, as there is much more hair to work around. Once hair is extracted, small strands will be cut off in order to ensure only the grafts are implanted.

Which Patients Are Eligible For U-FUE?

Many patients are eligible for U-FUE transplants, but these are often best suited to those who require a small number of grafts in order to achieve the desired results. This is also suited to those who are uncomfortable with having a traditional FUE procedure, where hair will need to be shaved. Many celebrities, brand representatives and women opt for the U-FUE procedure, as they are often able to return to work without any noticeable attention from it.

The Benefits Of Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction

One of the major benefits of the unshaven hair transplant procedure is the fact that the implants are arranged to match the natural growing characteristics of the existing hair follicles. In addition to this, the minimally invasive procedure is almost pain-free, with many patients actually falling asleep while the procedure is taking place. However, due to the intricacy of this particular treatment, it can take much longer, and is therefore only suitable for those seeking hair transplantations with a smaller number of grafts.

At Longevita, the maximum number of grafts that we can perform with this treatment is 2500, with the procedure taking between 8-9 hours. With unshaven follicular unit extraction, there is minimal inconvenience and patients can often return to work straight away as the hair does not have to be shaved. This allows for patients to keep their original hair, without any variances to the style and length, meaning they can enjoy a gradual and less noticeable transplant.

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Expert Unshaven Hair Transplant With Longevita

While unshaven hair transplants can often be more expensive due to the laborious nature of the procedure, at Longevita, we pride ourselves on the affordable nature of the services and treatments that we provide. Our U-FUE procedures are carried out by best-in-class surgeons who have a wealth of experience in performing this intricate and complex procedure. With the patient’s individual requirements in mind at all times, we ensure that our patients consistently achieve the best possible results, with a highly successful treatment and aftercare process. To find out more about our Unshaven Hair Transplant procedure, book a no-obligation, free consultation at one of our locations across the UK and Ireland today.

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