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Eyelid Surgery Turkey

Ageing is a process that happens seemingly out of nowhere and unfortunately, it’s a perfectly natural process that we have very little control over. For some, the ageing process is more obvious to the eye than it is in others and undergoing particular surgeries to reverse the signs of ageing is a perfectly viable option. For those whose insecurities lie in the skin above and under the eyelid, there are a number of options available to rectify the situation. Baggy skin around the eyes can be unsightly and as a consequence can cause unhappiness in sufferers, which is why many individuals turn to our eyelid surgery in Turkey.

The first signs of ageing is visible in the skin around the eyes and it’s fair to say that if you are considering a surgical procedure, then it should be done the sooner the better – as we age, our skin loses elasticity, causing it to sag and loosen – particularly where the thin skin of the face is concerned. In some cases, this loosening of the skin can cause the upper and lower eyelids to sag, impairing vision and leaving the sufferer feeling both uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Specialist Eyelid Surgery In Turkey

Eyelid surgeries, or blepharoplasty surgery, can be expensive in the UK – as is the case with the vast majority of plastic surgeries. Undergoing eyelid surgery can be a particularly daunting experience, made all the more unnerving if you have the cost of a hefty medical bill to pay in the aftermath of your surgery. Having your eyelid surgery in Turkey, for example, can lift the pressure of that dilemma, offering surgeries at a reasonable time and performed to the same high standard in internationally credited Turkish hospitals.

Generally speaking, quotes provided by us include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers and a personal host, available for you for the duration of your stay in Turkey. The hospitals used as part of the eyelid surgery Turkey procedures are of an

excellent standard and our surgeons practice using FDA approved mentor implants where needed. We have consultants based in the UK and Ireland, meaning that potential customers are able to meet with and discuss their requirements prior to flying out to Turkey – there will be no surprises in terms of how the procedure will be carried out, neither with the aftercare provided, nor with the total amount for the surgery.

Expert Eyelid Surgery In Istanbul & Istanbul

Surgeons based in Istanbul that carry out eyelid surgeries are highly qualified specialists within their field – you will only be treated by surgeons of the highest prestige. Our surgeons have high levels of experience within the field and have performed surgeries on people from all ethnicities, skin types and with all levels of need, giving you the peace of mind that you need when undergoing major eyelid surgery in Turkey.

In spite of this, all surgeries carried out are specific and personalised for the person undergoing them – meaning that you will receive an individualised approach to your eyelid surgery in Turkey that has been perfectly tailored to your needs and focuses specifically on the results that you want to see. As is the case in the UK, dedicated aftercare is provided to all recipients of surgical procedures, ensuring that the results that you envisioned before going under the knife are the results that you see in the aftermath of your procedure.

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey from £1,250

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers and personal host.

Top Surgeons

Our plastic surgeon is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He is a Professor with a book on breast surgery and 25 years of surgical experience.

Top Facilities

Our hospital is rated A+ by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. We use FDA approved Mentor implants.

Aftercare Support

We provide dedicated aftercare while in Turkey and after return to home country.

How Does Blepharoplasty Surgery Work?

Blepharoplasty Surgery is a simple procedure that can be performed under both local and general anaesthetic; surgeons will make a small incision above the lash line, removing any excess skin and fat. These small incisions are stitched back together with sutures, removing all evidence of the bags that had previously brought you so much discomfort and lack of confidence. The eyelid surgery in Turkey is usually a short one, lasting between one and three hours depending on the level of ageing.

A surgery such as this one has minimal recovery time- normally you will be allowed to leave the surgery in the aftermath of your procedure, returning only for your checkup and to ensure that there have been no complications and full recovery will normally be possible within a week to ten days. Ageing around the eyes is a natural process and because of the continued loosening of elasticity in the skin, blepharoplasty surgery is one that may need to be carried out more than once in a person’s lifetime, to conquer the natural progression of ageing in the eye region.

PROCEDURE:Incisions is made along the smile creases and lash line. Excess fat, muscle, and skin are removed. Finally, fine sutures are used to close the incision
LENGTH:1 to 3 hours
ANESTHESIA:Local or general
IN/OUTPATIENT:Usually inpatient
SIDE EFFECTS:Temporary blurred vision
RISK:Temporary problems with excessive tearing, blurred vision, dryness, burning, stinging, gritty sensation in eye(s)
RECOVERY:7 to 10 days
RESULT LASTS:Depends on the aging process

What is Eyelid or Eye Bag Removal Surgery?

Eyelid surgery can remove extra fatty deposits that create a puffy look in upper eyelid. After the surgery, the patient will have a better look and better vision as fatty deposits may impair vision. Bags under eyes can be fixed by the surgery. Lower eyelid surgery can correct drooping eyelid.

How Eyelid Surgery is Performed

The time it takes to carry out surgery depends on the technique plastic surgeon uses and whether patients undergoing upper or lower eyelids or both. The plastic surgeon makes tiny cuts along the natural lines in eyelids, along the creases on the patient’s upper eyelids and below the eyelashes in the lower eyelid. This means patient’s scars will go through the natural eye folds, thereby helping to hide the scars. Excess fat and loose skin are removed, and the cut is closed by stitches. If only fat is removed and there is no excess skin, the cut may be made inside the lower eyelids, thereby leaving no visible scar. The plastic surgeon may also use a laser to tighten any loose skin and reduce wrinkles. Using a laser this way doesn’t leave a scar, though the skin may be red for a few months afterwards. As a result, drooping eyelid is fixed.

Results of Eyelid Surgery

Stitches are usually removed three to five days after surgery. Patients may need to continue using sterile strips of tape to support their eyelids for about a week. Patients will have some swelling around their eyes after the surgery. Applying a cold compress, such as ice wrapped in a towel can help to reduce the swelling. Patients should not apply ice directly on their skin as this can damage it. Patients who undergo a blepharoplasty may watch TV and are able to read after two or three days after surgery. They may go to work in a week or ten days after the surgery. The scars may however still be visible, but make-up can be used to cover them.

As part of blepharoplasty recovery, the patient must avoid bending at the waist for about five days and strenuous activity (especially activities that raise one’s blood pressure, such as lifting and rigorous sports) for about ten days to two or three weeks. Surgery will leave scars, but they are usually well hidden and normally fade in time. Blepharoplasty may leave the patient with bruises or swelling on their faces, and sometimes the patient may become depressed because of this. These are some of the side effects of surgery, which are completely normal and they disappear in a few weeks when a complete healing takes place.

Limitations of Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery can treat drooping upper eyelids that make the patient look tired or may even restrict eye sight. Lower eye bag removal surgery can correct puffy bags under the eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery remove dark circles from under the eyes.

Risks of Eyelid Surgery

Significant complications from aesthetic eyelid or eye bag removal surgery are uncommon. Potential risks depending on patient include scarring, hematoma, infection, allergic reactions, changes in sense of feeling. After the surgery, there may be a feeling of dryness or irritation in the eye. It is important for patients to follow surgeon’s instructions before and after the surgery in order to reduce the potential risks of eyelid surgery or eye bag removal.

Contraindications of Eyelid Surgery

Aesthetic eyelid surgery is contraindicated in following patient groups:

  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Graves’ disease
  • Uncontrolled glaucoma
  • Retinal eye disease
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Acute blepharitis

Day 1

You meet your doctor and discuss the details of your eyelid surgery. After you sign your consent form, you have your medical tests. When your suitability is confirmed, you undergo the procedure. The surgery usually lasts for one to three hours. After your surgery, your doctor performs initial check-up and you stay at the hospital on the first night of surgery under the supervision of medical staff.

Most of eyelid surgery patients require cold eye mask after the surgery in order to soften the sensitive tissues as well as prevent swelling and bruising.

Day 2, 3, 4 & 5

Your doctor will perform the second check up in the morning on the second day before your discharge from the hospital. You will be advised on your medication and provided instructions on the dressing routine and using the cold eye mask. You will rest in your hotel as advised on your second, third, fourth and fifth days. You should avoid heavy activities but may take a walk around the hotel or you may choose a city tour option in order to visit the attraction points of the city.

Day 6

You visit the plastic surgeon’s private clinic for final check-up. Your doctor advises you further on medication and the types of activities you can get involved in during your recovery period. You will be ready to go back home after your sixth day.

Can I have both upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to have both operations on the same sitting.

Will blepharoplasty help me with dark circles under my eyes?

If dark circles under eyes are caused by shadows due to large eye bags, eyelid surgery can improve dark circles.

Will the scars be visible after I heal?

There will be little scarring and bruising after the procedure. The bruises will be gone within the first week and scars will fade out to a white line and be invisible in about six months.

What alternatives are there to eyelid surgery for youthful appearance?

You may have facial injections or botox in order to gain a youthful appearance around the eyes.

How long will the results last ?

Eyelid surgery results generally last around 10-15 years however this depends on the patient’s genetics and lifestyle. The impact of gravity will inevitably cause sagging over time however the skin that is removed via surgery will not grow back.

Free Consultations

 We offer free audio or video consultations and aftercare appointments five days a week by our expert patient consultants or aftercare specialists online at the comfort of your home.

We at Longevita work to ensure that the cost of eyelid surgery in Turkey is affordable and suited to the vast majority of budgets – making it a much more affordable option than undergoing surgery in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

For more information and to book a consultation for your surgery, get in contact with us online. We are on hand to help you feel confident and happy in no time at all.

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