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This medical tourism company provides the majority of its treatments in Turkey – including hair transplants, cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery – at a quarter of the UK prices. Longevita facilitates appointments and travel, and provides an accompanying interpreter as well as aftercare consultants in London. After UK COVID-19 regulations permitted travel abroad, bookings trebled compared to last year.

Wales Online

There is the financial element to consider, plastic surgery can be expensive and many people are seeking alternative practises abroad where costs are significantly lower. Although rates of procedures have been declining in the UK, there is still a demand for plastic surgery. The availability of internationally certified surgeons in other countries has increased the appeal for people to have procedures abroad.

Manchester Evening News

Patients from Greater Manchester and beyond are turning to leading medical tourism providers such as Longevita to provide them with the same treatment at a fraction of the price in the UK. In fact, patients from the Greater Manchester area are on the rise with the area being within Longevita’s top 3 counties.


Longevita, the leading medical tourism company based in the UK and Turkey, are providing patients with the opportunity to get a free consultation before they travel to Turkey for their procedure.


Longevita plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Fuat Yuksel said: “Kim has been popular among women seeking bottom augmentation or Brazilian butt lifts for a few years, but in the last 12 months we’ve had a massive rise in the numbers asking for a Kim Kardashian bum.”


According to Professor Dr. Fuat Yuksel, a surgeon from Longevita, it’s apparent that Renee Zellweger has undergone a number of subtle cosmetic procedures to change the appearance of her face.


Longevita surgeon Prof. Dr. Fuat Yuksel, spoke about the findings: “Kim Kardashian has risen from just outside the top 10 to the number one position in record time and is a firm favourite among women in the UK, and elsewhere around the world.”


Longevita told Mirror Celebs: “Renee has undergone some facial procedures to contour the shape of her face including, fillers around her nasolabial folds and cheeks to give her face a fuller appearance, plus botox around the brow area to tighten her skin and make it appear more youthful.”


Le professeur Fuat Yuksel, chirurgien à Longevita, a assuré qu’elle avait fait beaucoup de choses sur son visage. “Il est évident qu’elle a subi un certain nombre de procédures chirurgicales subtiles pour modifier l’apparence de son visage.”


Dr. Fuat Yuksel, a surgeon from Longevita, told the publication that Renee Zellweger has undergone numerous procedures to get her vastly different features. The most significant procedure appears to be a blepharosplasty which has opened up her eyes and face dramatically.


Longevita plastic surgeon explained that Renee Zellweger in her youth had heavier eyelids. Had these surmised procedures not been done, she would have a more droopy and tired appearance today.