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Eyebrow Transplant Turkey

There are many reasons as to why a person may seek an eyebrow transplant, including if their eyebrows have been, overplucked, burned away, or are simply affected by aging, genetics, scarring or illness. Eyebrow transplants in Istanbul are a relatively simple process, and are important when it comes to facial symmetry and shaping the face. Lack of eyebrows, or thin eyebrows can have an effect on the way a person’s face looks, and this can lead to self-confidence issues.

Eyebrow transplants can be carried out using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) techniques used for other hair transplant procedures such as beard transplants and male and female hair transplants. FUE is a technique that involves hair follicles usually harvested from the back or side of the head to be grafted on the eyebrow area. FUT on the other hand involves a strip of skin being harvested and a patient’s hair being transplanted in natural groups of hair. Typically, small needles are used to remove the follicles and are implanted one at a time with FUT, in the direction of the natural hair growth, in order to keep the eyebrow looking natural as well as even and full. This process requires a meticulous surgeon. All of our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul undergo a strict selection process covering their diploma and specialties, so you can be certain that your cheap eyebrow transplant in Turkey will be carried out by some of the most sought after surgeons in the world.

While tattooing and make-up can be looked to when it comes to disguising small or non-existent eyebrows, it often looks unnatural, and doesn’t always produce the results that people want. Bigger, natural eyebrows are becoming the norm, and as soon as the eyebrow transplant is carried out, the new eyebrow shape and outline can be seen immediately.

Eyebrows are important parts of the facial symmetry and they can affect how people feel about themselves since eyebrows provide aesthetic value. Due to various reasons such as trauma, over plucking, chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases, ageing, scarring or hereditary conditions, eyebrows may become thinner or they may disappear completely. Such an experience makes people dissatisfied with their looks and lowers their self-confidence. For many people, this may be a traumatic experience and some people may even become depressed with the loss of their eyebrows. Luckily eyebrow transplant brings a solution to this problem, and with our eyebrow transplant prices becoming more affordable, the procedure is far more accessible.

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey from £1,500

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How is Eyebrow Transplant Performed?

It is an advanced treatment to permanently replace lost eyebrows. Instead of Follicular Unit Transplantation, minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction technique is used during the procedure. FUE technique ensures that eyebrows look natural, there is no scar after the surgery and recovery is fast and comfortable. The procedure begins with extraction of individual hairs from the donor area, which are typically behind the ears. Then each individual hair is meticulously transplanted onto the eyebrow region. It is performed under local anaesthesia; therefore, the patient does not feel any pain. As the eyebrows need to be artistically positioned, it is a technically demanding procedure. Therefore it is very important to choose a skilled professional to perform eyebrow transplant. Otherwise the result may not be natural at all. Looking at before and after pictures of previous eyebrow transplant patients of a surgeon will definitely give an idea about how skilled he or she is. Asking the surgeons about the number of eyebrow transplant procedures they have performed, eyebrow transplant costs and the qualifications they have are also good ways to understand how good and experienced the specialists are.

Results of Eyebrow Transplant

Like scalp hair transplant and beard transplant, the result of eyebrow transplant is permanent. After the procedure, hair begins to grow in two to three months. The final result may be seen after nine months. There may be some shedding a couple of weeks after surgery but it is normal and expected. New hair will grow stronger and is permanent. Since scalp hair is used and it behaves differently than eyebrow hair, transplanted hair may grow a bit differently than previous eyebrow hair. That is why, regular trimming and shaping is advised to patients who have had eyebrow transplant procedure.

Some Essential Points about Eyebrow Transplant

Since this is a delicate procedure, it is essential to choose a good eyebrow transplant specialist. There are some cosmetic specialists who perform only eyebrow transplant but not hair transplant. Such so-called specialists should be avoided because eyebrow restoration requires removal of hair from the back of the head professionally. Therefore only specialists who are experienced both in hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation should be chosen. As suggested above, their qualifications, the number of procedures they have performed and before and after pictures of previous patients should be sought for. Regarding the price, eyebrow transplant cost mainly depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. The more grafts typically mean more expensive the procedure would be, but we aim to keep our eyebrow transplant prices affordable.

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Specialist Eyebrow Transplant In Turkey

There are many different shapes and sizes of eyebrows that may be sought after by our patients, and we understand that no two procedures are the same, ensuring you are always treated with an individualised approach. The importance of angle, direction, shape and number of hairs are considerations that our expert hair surgeons use when it comes to performing an eyebrow transplant in Turkey, and our surgeons always produce the best possible results. If, on the rare occasion, an unexpected result occurs our surgeons are covered by malpractice insurance, allowing you to receive correctional surgery for free.

Our Turkey eyebrow transplant procedures in Istanbul are minimally-invasive and produce natural, full looking eyebrows dependant on the patient’s desired outcome. The procedure is formed under local anaesthetic and although patients should avoid exercise, in particular sweating post-procedure, this is for just a few weeks, making the recovery period relatively short. Once the procedure has been carried out, you will have access to a 24/7 aftercare service team in Turkey, and when you return to the UK there will be regular follow-ups to ensure your transplant went as planned.

Eyebrow transplants are one of the most detailed, meticulous surgeries of its kind, and our eyebrow hair transplant surgeons are some of the most reputable in their field, ensuring you will receive the best results in relation to your desired outcome. All of our eyebrow transplant procedures are carried out at some of the highest rated facilities in the country, and you will be paying a fraction of the cost that you would for identical treatment in the UK, with our cheap eyebrow transplant in Turkey.

For more information on any of our hair transplant procedures, in particular our Turkey eyebrow transplant, contact us on 0845 5198 948.

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