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Needle-Free Anaesthesia With Jet Injector

Injection Into Upper Arm

 Needle-free anaesthesia with a jet injector in Turkey is a development in modern medicine that is having positive implications across the profession for a variety of reasons, especially in the hair transplant industry. It utilises a jet injector system as a means of drug delivery. The jet injector itself fires a narrow jet of fluid under extremely high pressure, in this case an anaesthetic, into the bloodstream that penetrates the skin in much the same way as a hypodermic needle does. This effectively nullifies the need for a hypodermic needle which has a lot of negatives associated with it, for example:

  • Hypodermic needles can cause pain, discomfort, and swelling around the impact site
  • They can cause pain for some time after the drug has been administered
  • There is an increased risk of infection
  • Many suffer from a phobia of needles

Needle-free anaesthesia with a jet injector has, in contrast, a range of associated benefits, especially when compared to the traditional use of hypodermic needles, for example:

  • It allows for the painless and seamless application of drugs to the desired site, with initial soreness lessened, as well as pain after the procedure
  • It reduces the risk of infection
  • Needle-free anaesthesia provides a safe and wholly viable alternative for individuals who suffer from a fear and/or an aversion to the use of needles in medical practice(s)

Needle-Free Anaesthesia In Hair Transplant Procedures In Turkey 

The needle-free anaesthesia with jet injector in Turkey is becoming increasingly common. As mentioned above, many people suffer from a fear or an aversion of needles. In fact, it is estimated that around 10% of the world’s population suffer from a condition which is called Trypanophobia, more commonly known as a phobia of needles. Further to this, it is also estimated that 20% of the world’s population feel a great deal of discomfort at the thought, or in the presence of needles. It is important to note that this is a predication and the actual figure could be greater than 10% and 20% respectively, though it could also be less.

Taking these percentages into account, even measuring for individual differences and fluctuations in data, it is a safe and reasonable assumption that there are many people who have avoided seeking out a hair transplant procedure owing to their fear (or phobia) of needles. This is because it is a well known fact that various types of needles are involved in a multitude of hair transplant processes and procedures, from beard transplants to eyebrow transplants, local anaesthetic is administered to the target site via a hypodermic needle, or a series of different hypodermic needles. The use of needle-free anaesthetic can be implemented seamlessly into the following methods of hair transplants: The FUE hair transplant method, the sapphire FUE hair transplant, and the direct hair implementation method.

The Benefits Of Needle-free Anaesthesia In Hair Transplants

Traditionally, the needles that are used in a hair transplant procedure can cause pain and discomfort. The anaesthetics that they are used to administer can also take quite a while to take effect, with person-to-person results varying slightly. Needle-free anaesthesia with jet injector in Turkey requires far less time to reach its peak effectiveness, which means the active substance works to numb the target area faster, with greater efficiency, and has a greater spread across the target area; this improves the accuracy of substance delivery.

As the needle-free method of anaesthetic delivery removes all needles from the hair transplant process, this means that the procedure is now accessible to people suffering from Trypanophobia, or an aversion to needles. Overall, the use of the jet injector has, and will have a massively positive effect on hair transplants, reducing overall pain and discomfort, improving the efficiency of the drugs used and opening up the procedure to those individuals who had previously shyed away from hair transplant procedures owing to the inherent use of needles. This means that if you are suffering from hair loss or premature balding, which is causing you distress, and you also suffer from a fear of needles, you can now have access to the life-changing surgery that you have always wanted.

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