BBL Before And After

Brazillian Butt Lift

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If you’re looking for a clinic to get this plastic surgery, you should check out our BBL before and after photo gallery. Looking at the before/after photos can tell you a lot about the expertise of the surgeon.

Why Check Out BBL Before and After Photos

In BBL, the fat transfer may take place from the abdomen, thighs, flanks, or lower back. Look at the “before” photos and find patients whose body is similar to yours. In their “after” picture, you can see how much the volume and shape of their butt have changed.

To find out if the surgeon is qualified, you should look at the small details, such as the junction between the lower back/buttocks and buttocks/upper thighs. It needs to be smooth. Also, patients wonder if the results of the BBL will change as the body absorbs some of the fat. The surgeon should take this into consideration before the surgery, and you can see if they do in the “after” pictures.

The results of the surgery can differ depending on the fat harvest, your body, and your genetics. You can see the final outcome after the swelling has subsided. 

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