Nose Job In Turkey

The shape and size of the nose can impact the way the face looks, and because of this, some patients can be self-conscious about their noses.

Whether through genetics, or a childhood accident such as a broken nose, there are many reasons a person may not be happy with the way their nose looks.

This could lead to a dip in self-esteem and a drop in self-confidence. Learn about the types of noses and about the different ethnic noses to see which one you fall into.

However, if you want to change the size or shape of your nose, you can get a nose job in Turkey.

What Is A Nose Job Turkey?

A nose job, medically known as rhinoplasty, is an aesthetic plastic surgery to change the shape and size of the nose by reshaping the underlying nasal structure.

The surgery can restore the functioning of a damaged, broken nose and/or improve its appearance, depending on the patient’s requirements.

How Much Is A Nose Job In Turkey?

The average nose job cost in Turkey can be around £2,000. Although this cost nose job in Turkey can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, experience of your surgeon and the location of the clinic, among other factors.

It’s also possible for a closed rhinoplasty cost in Turkey to be more than that of an open one (or even the other way around) because the techniques are different.

In the UK, however, the same surgery can cost you £4,000 to £10,000 or even more, which is why many prefer the nose job prices in Turkey.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), rhinoplasty was the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery in 2020.

More than 800,000 had this surgery in that year alone, and almost 67,000 people got their nose jobs in Turkey. A major reason why many people come to Turkey for such procedures is that it can be more cost-saving.

Why Is Rhinoplasty So Cheap In Turkey?

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is cheap for two main reasons: the low cost of living and the exchange rate.

Wages are lower, and so are the overhead costs, which makes nose job in Turkey prices much lower, especially for foreigners.

The pound sterling and the United States dollar are also much stronger than the Turkish lira. Therefore, the exchange rate also benefits medical tourists, who are then able to get a more affordable rhinoplasty in Turkey price.

Moreover, medical tourism has led to competition between the clinics to offer even lower Turkey rhinoplasty costs for the patients.

Many of them also go a step further and offer additional services in the same nose job surgery cost in Turkey, such as accommodation, transfers, translators, and aftercare.

Who Can Have a Nose Job and Why?

The nose is a central part of the face, and for this reason, people are particularly conscious of how it appears.

While many people opt for rhinoplasty in Turkey to improve the look of their noses, nasal surgery was first introduced as a way to relieve issues with the sinuses or to repair an injury that has left lasting effects.

If the nose has previously been broken, a nose job can realign the cartilage and straighten out its appearance.

Those experiencing breathing problems due to faults or issues in their airway can benefit from adjustments and reshaping to help them breathe better in the future.

However, if the patient has breathing problems due to a deviated septum, the surgeon may suggest septoplasty alone or in addition to rhinoplasty.

When they are performed together, the procedure is called septorhinoplasty, and it improves both the shape of the nose and the nasal airway.

Whether it’s a misshapen nose, or a blockage of the airways, through reduction and realignment of the cartilage, it is possible to modify the nose through rhinoplasty.

Am I Suitable For Nose Job?

What to Think About Before You Have A Turkey Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic surgery. Therefore, you need to make sure that a facial plastic surgeon or an ENT specialist is performing your surgery. They need to be board-certified with liability insurance.

In addition, you should know how many rhinoplasties they have performed and for how many years.

Learn about the complications and risks of surgery and find out the overall patient satisfaction rates. You need to be able to trust your surgeon for the best rhinoplasty in Turkey.

Besides the surgeon, where the nose job takes place is equally significant. In the consultation, you should ask about the registration and accreditations of the hospital.

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Is It Safe To Get Rhinoplasty In Turkey?

Health tourism is a regulated industry in Turkey, so you can safely get a rhinoplasty there. Special licenses and certifications have to be obtained before health tourism services can be dispensed.

There are also regulations regarding the facilities where the procedure will be performed, the kind of staff that should be present, and the registration your doctor needs to have. You can also find the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) surgeons in Turkey.

While the answer to how much is rhinoplasty in Turkey can be a deciding factor for many, it’s important that you do your research, no matter where you’re getting this surgery.

Ask all the relevant questions, check all the related documents and where possible verify them to make sure you’re getting the best nose job in Turkey.

Is Turkey Good For Rhinoplasty?

Turkey has increasingly become a very popular tourist destination for plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty. Sharing of positive nose job in Turkey experiences through word-of-mouth are one reason why Turkey has gradually become a medical tourism hotspot.

However, as the patient volume has increased, so has the experience of practising plastic surgeons here, which, in turn, allows them to deliver better results to the patients.

You can also find many specialised surgeons who have decades of experience in their field. So, Turkey can be good for rhinoplasty both in terms of quality and the affordable rhinoplasty Turkey cost.

How To Find The Best Surgeon In Turkey For Rhinoplasty?

In the search of best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, the following might help:

  • Make sure your surgeon is registered with the Turkish Medical Association and their facility is regulated by the Ministry of Health.
  •  Find out the specific training and experience (number of years) of your surgeon.
  •  Check out the patient portfolio of the surgeon.
  •  Read online reviews on independent sites and forums, but also try to get in touch with a previous patient of the surgeon.
  •  Consult with the surgeon to make sure they understand your needs and aren’t rushing you into making a decision.
  •  Find out if you’re being offered aftercare services so your recovery goes smoothly.

By finding the best doctor in Turkey for a nose job, you can have peace of mind before, during and after your procedure.

How Best to Prepare For a Nose Job?

There are a few but very important things that patients need to know before the surgery.

Patients who will undergo Turkey rhinoplasty should stop taking aspirin, blood thinners, or anti-inflammatory medications 10 days prior to the surgery.

If the patient takes medicine regularly, they should inform the surgeon beforehand.

Also, smoking can affect the result of rhinoplasty. So, the patient should stop smoking 10 days before the operation.

And, if the patient consumes too many tobacco products, they must stop at least 3 months before the operation.

This 3 months period will allow the body and nasal system the necessary time to heal before the surgery.

Last but not least, it’s important for a patient who’s undergoing a nose job to be physically and emotionally prepared for the surgery itself and the recovery period.

nose job preoperative instructions

What Is The Procedure For A Nose Job In Turkey?

Nose job diagram

A nose job can consist of a number of different alterations, including a reduction, reshaping, or, sometimes, the use of implants to enhance portions of the nose. The sections of your nose that can be treated include:

The Bridge: By removing bone and cartilage, lumps or a hump can be reduced or removed altogether. They may also break the bridge of the nose to bring the remaining pieces together.

The Tip: By reshaping or removing the cartilage at the tip of your nose, this can be lifted, lowered, or reduced.

The Overall Length: By reducing the septum, a surgeon will be able to reduce the overall length of your nose.

The Width: By breaking the bridge of the nose, the pieces can be arranged to provide a slimmer look or placed further apart to create a wider nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is a technique that requires making small incisions on the inside of the nostrils.

This technique causes less swelling and since the incision lines are placed inside the nostrils, it does not leave visible scars.

However, this technique may not always be possible depending on the case. In this kind of situation, plastic surgeons can perform open rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is a technique that involves making a small incision between the nostrils. 

Some plastic surgeons would prefer an open technique, especially in complicated cases, as the surgeon is able to visualize the nasal structure better than closed rhinoplasty.

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Limitations of A Nose Job

Your nose can be altered to either fix underlying medical issues and/or simply provide a more favourable look.

There are, however, some limits to how much change can be achieved through rhinoplasty.

It might not be possible to take a large nose and make it very small and still have it look well-shaped and balanced according to a person’s facial features.

Keeping the nose in balance with the rest of the face is very important.

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Teegan’s Nose Job Experience

Recovery And Results Of Nose Job

During the first 24 hours after surgery, the patient may experience swelling and bruising, which peaks after 2 or 3 days but disappears within the first few weeks.

It is also normal to have pain in the nose and the head area. A painkiller prescribed by the surgeon can ease the patient’s discomfort.

Patients can return to school or business life after 10 days, although the surgeons advise them not to be too active during this period.

It’s important to note that each patient experiences the healing process differently. At this stage, the patients shouldn’t compare their recovery with other patients. 

Rhinoplasty surgery’s recovery can take between 1 – 1.5 years. Since the skin on the nose is thicker, the swelling takes longer to go away.

It is only after that that the patient can see the final result. The results of a nose job are permanent.

Recovery Timeline 
Day 1You should expect swelling, bruising and mild discomfort. You may have bleeding from your nose.
Day 2 – 4You should expect maximum swelling and bruising.
Day 5 – 14The doctor removes the stitches. Bruising disappears.
Week 2 – 4Much of the swelling begins to go away.
Month 1 – 12You might still have swelling and/or feel numb.
Year 1 – 1.5All swelling and numbness go away. You can see the final result.

Aftercare Of Nose Job

Following the aftercare instructions is critical because it can affect the results of your rhinoplasty.

Make sure to learn how to clean the nose after rhinoplasty surgery.

Additionally, keep in mind the patient should lie down on the bed with their head up.

The surgeons may recommend the application of cold compresses to reduce swelling and make the patient feel a little better.

Patients usually get out of bed two days after the rhinoplasty. They can get back to their working routine one week after the surgery, but they should avoid strenuous activity.

In general, physically demanding activities such as running, swimming, jogging, gymnastics, and movements that raise a patient’s blood pressure should be avoided for three to four weeks.

The things the patients need to avoid are as important as the instructions they need to follow.

Once you return home, we will be in touch during your recovery process. To see the final results, have a look at our before and after nose job gallery.

Side Effects to Expect After A Rhinoplasty

There are some temporary, expected side effects after a nose job.

  • Swelling: This is the most long-lasting side effect of nose surgery. Most of the swelling goes away within 3 weeks, but it takes 1 year to settle.
  • Bruising: There may be some bruising on the patient’s face, especially around the eyes. The bruising disappears within 10 days.
  • Stuffiness: Nasal congestion may happen due to post-operative swelling. After the swelling goes away, the stuffiness disappears. If the stuffiness is due to the crusts and scabs inside the nose, it disappears after the surgeon removes the crusts and scabs in a check-up appointment.
  • Numbness: The nose, top lip, or upper front teeth can be numb. It usually disappears within a few months.
  • Temporary Loss of Sense of Smell: The patient may experience a temporary loss of smell. In most cases, it takes a few weeks for smell sense to return fully.
  • Bleeding: The patient’s nose can bleed after the surgery. This is an expected reaction.
Nose Job Aftercare ProcessWhat the Patient Shouldn’t Do?
Day 1 – 7Avoid foods requiring prolonged chewing and avoid excessive facial movements for one week.
Day 1 – 14Do not blow your nose. You may sniff back gently. No sexual activities are recommended. You shouldn’t smoke.
Day 1 – Day 21You should do no vigorous exercise and should avoid any significant physical exertion, lifting or straining for a minimum of 3 weeks after your surgery.
1 YearMinimize sun exposure to the nose for at least 12 months. Always use sunscreen with a high SPF when going out in the sun. It’s not recommended for patients to wear regular glasses or sunglasses that rest on the bridge of the nose for a year.

What Could Go Wrong After A Nose Job?

Complications of aesthetic rhinoplasty plastic surgery are rare and usually minor when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Nonetheless, there is always a possibility of complications. These may be such as infections, scarring, bleeding, or reaction to anaesthesia.

After nose reconstruction surgery, cracked small capillaries on the surface of the skin may also appear in the form of very fine red spots.

Since closed rhinoplasty is a surgery performed inside the nose, there is usually no visible scar.

However, when an open technique is used or narrowing of the wide nostrils is necessary, very small and thin scars may appear on the base of the nose.

Although it’s rare, scars may become thicker or wider after the surgery.

Also, a second rhinoplasty may be required in 1 out of 10 cases.

It is not possible to predict, and even the most skilled and experienced surgeons may need to perform a revision rhinoplasty in Turkey.

What to Do If You Have Problems After A Nose Job In Turkey?

In the case of a nose job in Turkey gone wrong, you should immediately get in touch with the aftercare department.

They may ask you to send pictures of the surgical areas to get an assessment from the surgeon.

You can also get help from the Aftercare support after your rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey. They’re available online, or you can get in touch with them by calling them.

We will also follow your recovery process for one year after the surgery to avoid any such instances.

Alternatives to Rhinoplasty

A non-surgical nose job treatment can be an alternative to traditional nose surgery.

However, there are differences between surgical and non-surgical nose jobs.

The Procedure

Rhinoplasty procedures and nose fillers are very different treatments by nature. General anaesthesia is needed for surgical rhinoplasty, and it requires at least a 1-night stay in the hospital.

On the contrary, non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment involves the use of needles and only numbing cream may be necessary.

The Aftercare

In relation to the distinctive natures of these surgeries, their aftercare process is also different. The rhinoplasty recovery process needs special attention to reach the final and expected result.

Its aftercare process is more difficult and painful compared to the non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment.

The Downtime

There is less downtime if you’re getting a liquid nose job. No general anaesthetic is required during the 15-minute procedure.

You can get back to work right after. However, in rhinoplasty, you need at least 2 weeks off work.

The Result

In non-surgical rhinoplasty, the results are immediate and last 6-12 months.

On the other hand, it takes at least 10 months to see the final result of the rhinoplasty surgery but the result is permanent.

The Price

One of the main differences between a nose job and a nose filler is the cost. A nose filler is cheaper than a surgical nose job.

Although both treatments are for nose reshaping, the cost of surgical rhinoplasty is higher due to the operating theatre charges.

Other Procedures to Have with Nose Job In Turkey

You can combine nose job surgery in Turkey with chin liposuction and other facial procedures if you want to improve your facial balance. 

Breast surgeryliposuction, and BBL can also be performed together with rhinoplasty in Turkey.

DifferencesSurgical Nose JobNon-Surgical Nose Job
AftercareClose follow-up required.Observation sufficient.
DowntimeAt least 2 weeksNone
PriceStarts from £1950Starts from £400


Do you offer male rhinoplasty?

Both males and females can undergo rhinoplasty. The surgeon will take the physiological differences between the male and female noses into consideration to ensure satisfactory results.

Do you offer ethnic rhinoplasty?

Yes, the surgeons we work with can perform ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey. To get an idea of the results that you can achieve, you may visit our rhinoplasty before and after gallery.

Is there any age limit for nose job?

It is recommended that patients wait until they are 16 years old before undergoing rhinoplasty since the nose may not yet be fully developed at that age. There is no upper age limit for a nose job.

How long does rhinoplasty surgery take?

Aesthetic rhinoplasty usually takes an hour or two.

How long will I need to stay abroad for a nose job surgery?

You need to stay for at least 7-8 days in Turkey for a nose job.

Will I meet the surgeon to agree to the treatment plan prior to the nose surgery?

Upon arrival at the clinic, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss the details of your nose job procedure.

This will include the opportunity to express any expectations or desires, ask questions regarding the surgery itself, and have access to our nose job simulator, which will give you a clearer idea of what you will look like post-procedure.

What will happen on my surgery day?

After signing the forms of consent, you will then go through a number of medical tests to ensure that you are physically suitable for a nose job. If the results are good, you will be taken for surgery, and you’ll stay at the hospital for a night.

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