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Non-Surgical Nose Job in London

An asymmetry in the facial features can lower the self-esteem of many people. It is common to feel unhappy with the size or shape of your nose. A simple protruding at the bridge of the nose can also be a bother. Being a central facial feature, seeking perfection in this part has led to rhinoplasty being quite popular. However, its demand has been waning with the “liquid nose job”, also known as a non-surgical nose job, being on the rise.

non surgical nose job

Multiple injuries on a specific part of the nose can lead to bumping or hollowing, which this procedure can help smoothen out. A constant reminder of the physical trauma can also thus subside. There are many other reasons why people may feel conscious about the way their nose looks. Being a more affordable procedure than surgical rhinoplasty, people can choose Longevita to change the shape of their nose and create greater facial harmony.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is most suitable for those who’re looking to enlarge the size of their nose. Therefore, it is especially helpful for those whose nose size is smaller. It will refine the shape of your nose so that it complements your facial features perfectly. Liquid nose job being a temporary procedure is usually a good way to find out how your nose will look if you’re thinking of getting a permanent surgical rhinoplasty. Recently, however, non-surgical rhinoplasty has been generating a lot of social media buzz. You can also jump on the bandwagon to get your dream look with your nose being perfectly contoured.

How Does a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Work?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. In this, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are inserted beneath the skin of the nose to change the shape according to the desire of the patient.

It is quite safe, easily performed, and painless. Commonly, patients can experience redness. But as the procedure takes only 15 minutes to be done, it is quite preferred by those who’re seeking quick solutions. It doesn’t have any downtime. You can even get one in your office lunch break, so there’s no need to skip out on workday.

If you wish to make your nose straighter or make the tip crisper and raised, you can certainly choose this procedure. Moreover, those who have a quite angular nose can also benefit from the liquid nose job. But most of all, it is used to enlarge the size of the nose.

Although, most importantly, the purpose of a non-surgical nose job is to take care of the aesthetic concerns of the face. If you have breathing problems or have to undergo major reconstruction of the structure of the nose, then surgical rhinoplasty is the one that can help you.

Non-surgical nose job in London

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Benefits of Non-surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job procedure cannot take more than 15 to 30 minutes to perform. Moreover, it can be done at our London clinic. So, you can go back to work soon after. Sometimes, patients fear pain from the needles, which is why we do apply a numbing cream. It does, however, take some time for the cream to start working.

Another added benefit of the non-surgical nose job is that it is cheaper than a surgical nose job. As in the latter, you have to go under the knife while the former involves the use of needles. It can cause some people to feel a little discomfort after the procedure has been done.

It is also free of many complications that accompany an invasive surgical procedure. This makes the procedure especially suitable to those who’re thinking of permanently shaping their nose as the dermal fillers will provide them with a good idea of the way their nose shape would change. The procedure is temporary, and the fillers will not last for around 6 to 12 months, after which, they will dissolve. Therefore, it is the perfect way to make a minor adjustment to the shape and size of your nose.

Within just one hour of the procedure, you’ll have a contoured nose that’ll provide a greater balance to your facial features. It can smoothen out lines and bumps in your nose, increase its volume, uplift the tip to make it more prominent and straighten the bridge. Thus the procedure can be used on the bridge, tip and sides of the nose for reshaping.

How does the Procedure work?

At Longevita, we always begin by consulting our patients. In order to ensure the success of your non-surgical nose job in our London clinic, we need to discuss your desired needs and wants in detail. Once the expectations are clearly communicated, you can book a package with us, and we can schedule a date for the treatment to take place.

On the day of the non-surgical nose job, you’ll be required to come to our clinic. You’ll lie down and be given numbing cream for your nose so that you don’t feel any pain. After it has taken effect, we will proceed with injecting the dermal fillers in the target areas of the nose. You’ll be free to go after under an hour.

All of this will take place at the hands of our skilled medical staff who’ll make sure to improve the symmetry of your nose so that it sits beautifully and naturally on your face. Being a relatively simple procedure, many clinics take advantage of their patients by administering dermal fillers in an unskilled manner. All of our surgeons have board licenses and medical insurance. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. You will, regardless, be given time to discuss anything you want with the surgeon.

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Risks and Limitations of Non-surgical Nose Job

The risk of developing a complication from a non-surgical nose job is quite low. Other than feeling slight discomfort, you can experience bruising, itching, and swelling. But these are all temporary side effects.

Sometimes people complain about the failure of their non-surgical nose job. The problem arises because of unskilled surgeons. They might overfill the bumps or target areas in the nose, giving it a misshaped and unsightly look. Therefore, we understand how important it is to have nothing but the best surgeons work on your treatment. An unlicensed practitioner may be completely unaware of the anatomy of the nose and can end up causing nerve damage along with tissue death, among other complications.

Regardless of everything, you should always consult your doctor about the possible risks that are associated with the treatment. As a person’s skin type and possible conditions can also influence the results of the surgery, the risk and complications can also vary.

Precautionary Measures to Take Before your Non-Surgical Nose Job in London

You can discuss these in further detail with your doctor, as each of our patients is unique, their needs can vary. But generally, research has shown that using vitamin K gel after getting a cosmetic procedure can reduce the risk of bruising. This is why we suggest that you also include foods in your diet that are rich in vitamin K before getting the treatment. A common concern for many people is the bruising as it can make them feel uncomfortable being seen with one. This is why vitamin K can be helpful.

Another possible side effect of getting a non-surgical nose job in London is nausea. This is because some people end up overeating before their procedure or are nervous. In order to avoid that, limit your food intake. Lastly, although blood loss is not a complication that usually happens in case of a non-surgical nose job, you still need to be careful about not taking any blood thinners before the treatment.

Why Have a Non-Surgical Nose Job with Longevita

Longevita is a medical tourism company. However, it does offer non-surgical procedures in its London clinic. This means that you won’t have to take the time out of work to travel to Turkey. Our experienced medical team there will be available to take care of you. We are available for five days a week so you can book a free consultation with us at any time. This means you can book a call right now, here to get support for any issue. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and answer any questions you have.

Moreover, we’ve often seen many people suffer from the complications of their treatment alone without any help from their clinic. This is not the way Longevita takes care of its patients. We have a one-year aftercare program in which we’ll be available to help you whenever any problem comes up.

Being a temporary treatment, you can greatly benefit from the non-surgical nose job. You can use it as a test run to move towards getting a permanent rhinoplasty. Moreover, as it is quite cost-effective, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. The results will last from 6 to 12 months. We would recommend that if you’re satisfied with the results of your liquid nose job, you get a permanent rhinoplasty at Longevita.

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