Nose Job Before And After Gallery

Nose Job Female

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Before and After Photos

Women have different ideas about the kinds of features that can enhance their feminine aesthetic. As far as the nose is concerned, many want a more “dainty” nose.

To achieve that, they may want to refine the (bulbous) tip of the nose, smooth the bridge (dorsal hump), shorten the size, reduce projection, or reduce the size of the columella.

From the “before” images, you can find a nose that has a similar shape and size to yours.

In an open rhinoplasty, patients have concerns about scarring. From the “after” photos of patients, you can see how they heal.

Also, many people get a nose job for a deviated septum. They may also get it corrected while getting their nose reshaped. You can request before/after images of such patients.

Remember, results can vary between patients, depending on surgical technique, skin thickness and elasticity. 

Nose Job Male

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Before and After Photos

Men have different aesthetic concerns for which they want to get a rhinoplasty.

They may want a nose that has a wider, straighter, or higher bridge, a refined nasal tip that sits at 90° from the upper lip, and more projection. 

To communicate your goals to the surgeon, you can show the before/after photos of a male rhinoplasty patient.

And for that, you should check the “before” images of patients whose nose is similar to yours. Their “after” images can also give you a glimpse of your own results.

Although, remember, age, skin quality, anatomy and surgical technique affect the final outcome.

You may also want to view images of patients who have had sports injuries or septorhinoplasty for a deviated septum if your situation is similar.  

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Before and After Photos

In ethnic rhinoplasty, the most important thing for a plastic surgeon is to understand the differences in facial anatomy that exist between cultures.

It isn’t okay to measure up a Caucasian nose against a Hispanic, Asian, African, or Middle Eastern nose. By viewing the ethnic rhinoplasty before and after pictures, you can get an idea of the surgeon’s knowledge and expertise.

Plastic surgeons must understand the nuances of your cultural heritage when you’re getting an ethnic rhinoplasty. If you wish to preserve it, the nose job should ensure that. 

If your main concerns are a wider base, hanging columella, flat/depressed bridge, wide nostrils, or droopy nasal tip, you should view “before” images of patients with similar concerns. You can even show these images to your surgeon.

The results may vary depending on the ethnicity of the patient. The underlying bone structure, cartilage, thickness and elasticity of the skin can all vary.

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