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nicole kidman plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery: The Celeb’s Secret to Aging Backwards

Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman has been gracing the big screen since 1983 when she was only 16 years old. However, the winner of Academy, BAFTA, Emmy’s and Golden Globe awards looks just as ageless, fueling the “Nicole Kidman plastic surgery” rumours. Having starred in Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge, Dogville, The Undoing, and Big Little Lies, among other mega-hits, the mother of four is a striking beauty. 


Study Reveals Nose Job Changes Your Personality

Put those internet personality quizzes aside; we’ve got something better for you. The secret to learning about the real you lies in your nose!

The shape and size of your nose reveal the kind of person you are. But what if someone gets a rhinoplasty to change their nose? Would that change the kind of person they are? 

is ice good for your face

Is Ice Good For Your Face? Separating The Myths From Facts

It was a TikTok, wasn’t it? The idea of putting ice on the face has been around for years, but it’s only recently that many people are genuinely interested in knowing “is ice good for your face?

It may be because many influencers are making extravagant claims about the benefits of ice facials. The anecdotal evidence on it is getting a little out of hand. That day doesn’t seem far when ice itself would be crowned the elixir of life by these “influencers.”

ariana grande plastic surgery

Revealing Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Secrets

Much has been said about the very subtle changes in the facial features of the “Positions” pop singer – Ariana Grande. Breaking into the big screen at the age of 16, the singer, who is now 28 years old, has literally grown up in front of the camera. And since you can find photos of the singer from her teenage years, many people have much to say about her facial transformation over the years. There are many people who believe that Ariana Grande plastic surgery isn’t a rumour but a fact.

what age do girls breasts stop growing

At What Age Do Girls’ Breasts Stop Growing?

Reviewed by Prof. Fuat Yuksel.

When women are growing up, they are curious about their bodies and sometimes, they may not be exactly aware of the small changes that they will go through. It’s a fact that the fluctuating levels of hormones in a woman’s body affect her breast development throughout life. A common question that women ask before thinking of getting breast surgery is: at what age do girls breasts stop growing?

new year resolutions

New Year Resolutions: Are You Ready For the New You?

A new year always holds the promise of new and endless possibilities. It’s like a fresh start where you can be anyone and do anything. And New Year resolutions just help solidify the commitments, goals, and promises that we intend to keep to ourselves and others in the upcoming year.

Things may be a little tough at the moment due to the Omicron variant, but as famous Youtuber doctor “Dr. Mike” says, “alert not anxious.” And so we shall bathe in the spirit of newness that will soon envelop us. And we can make a list of all the New Year resolutions without getting too ahead of ourselves.

do teeth whitening pens work

Do Teeth Whitening Pens Work?

Admit it, if you don’t smile that much, it’s probably because you have gnarly teeth…or a very stoic personality. It could be both. But if it’s just your teeth, literally, coming in the way of your happiness, you need to do something. In such instances, the mind usually wanders towards the easiest, most accessible solution – teeth whitening pens. But do teeth whitening pens work, or is it just money down the drain?

robot dentist

Will Robot Dentist Replace Dental Practitioners?

Before you start imaging a post-apocalyptic world with sentient robots ruling humans, hold your horses! Although you might not be able to help yourself if you’ve seen enough sci-fi movies and seasons. Let’s just say they are a bit of a stretch, and the way they portray the takeover of all that once belonged to humans is rather scary and depressing.

Still, there is one thing that many people have been considering about the “rise of robots.” One of the biggest concerns of people in the 21st century is what robots will do with their jobs. Literally, type “will a robot take my job” into Google, and you’ll get around 218 million results! A robot dentist can ring the alarm bells for dental practitioners in the same way.

HoYeon Jung Squid Game

Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung: Natural Beauty or Cosmetic Surgery?

Squid Game – there’s a slim chance you haven’t heard about this show yet, even if you haven’t watched it. The show’s captured the zeitgeist of modern culture. Alienation, discrimination, desperation, and impoverishment, together they are a recipe for disaster. It will make you wonder how far you are willing to go to not lose a game that will end up costing you your life.

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