All About Matt Rife’s Plastic Surgery Rumours

Matt Rife’s no stranger to courting controversy, whether it’s his questionable idea of what constitutes a “joke” or his provocative tweets. He is “ProbleMATTic,” after all. But while Matt’s so-called edgy comedy may continue to remain a subject of much debate, there’s another thing about him that’s caught quite a bit of attention – namely, his physical being.

Now, Matt has quite graciously drawn much attention to it himself – highlighting the difficulties of being a comedian when you’re that attractive. Maybe that’s what opened Pandora’s box… Regardless, many have noticed stark differences in the comedian’s looks from way back when compared to now. Unsurprisingly, it has sparked widespread speculation about Matt Rife’s plastic surgery (obviously, alleged), but are those rumours really onto something?

Who Is Matt Rife?

Matthew Steven Rife, or who the internet might know as the attractive standup guy from TikTok, is a comedian who was born in Columbus, Ohio, on 10th September 1995. He’s 28 years old at the time of writing and might possibly be in the prime of his career after it took off thanks to a video he posted on TikTok called “The Lazy Hero.”

This is not to take away from the fact that Matt had been trying to break big into the comedy scene for quite some time. After starting at the age of 15, he eventually saw fame after becoming a part of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out (you might’ve seen a clip of him grabbing Zendaya’s face on that). But then came TikTok…

What came after, however, put him on a lot of people’s radar: Natural Selection – a Netflix stand-up special, and special it was because that’s where Matt “joked” about domestic violence.

But it didn’t end there. For those who had the audacity to be offended by this joke, Matt linked to a store selling “special needs helmet” on his Instagram story. Not to worry though, he has signed another deal with Netflix.

What Plastic Surgery Has Matt Rife Allegedly Had?

Matt Rife is believed to have had the following treatments:

Cheek Implants/Filler

Matt has notably full cheeks, and they look fuller now than they used to be, which has led some to believe that he might’ve had implants or fillers for it. Although, from the looks of it, he seems to always have had fuller cheeks.

Matt Rife cheeks before and after
Matt Rife’s cheeks in 2013 vs 2023/Image credit: mattrife/Instagram

The placement of the implant is done through surgery in which the surgeon makes an incision to place the implant within the cheek. Its results are considered permanent, unlike those from dermal fillers.

dermal filler, of course, technically isn’t a surgery. It’s a minimally invasive treatment in which commonly hyaluronic acid is injected into the target area. It may last for 6 months to 2 years

Jaw Implants

Having a “snatched” or “it can cut glass” type of jawline has been all the rage recently, and seeing how Matt’s jawline has grown with him, some have questioned whether it’s a naturel or possibly tampered with.

Jawline implants have been the front contenders in this debate in which the jaw is augmented to look more defined through a silicone implant. The results of this procedure are also considered permanent. But again, Matt’s jawline has always been quite sharp.

Matt Rifes jawline before and after
Matt Rife’s jawline in 2016 vs 2023/Image credit: mattrife/Instagram

Buccal Fat Removal

The somewhat suckered-in, shadows underneath the cheeks have led some to believe that buccal fat removal might also be on the list of procedures that Matt might’ve had.

Matt Rifes buccal fat
Matt Rife in 2021 vs 2024/Image credit: mattrife/Instagram

It’s a procedure in which a fat pad is removed from the lower cheeks to improve the facial contour. Since the fat is taken out, it’s also considered a permanent surgery.


While not plastic surgery, dental veneers are a part of cosmetic dentistry, and these restorations can help improve the overall aesthetics of the smile.

Matt Rifes smile
Matt Rife in 2019/Image credit: mattrife/Instagram

Matt has quite openly admitted to getting veneers on his front teeth (eight of them, to be exact), as there used to be very noticeable gaps between them, and they were uneven as well. Now, however, his teeth look as bright as ever (certain types of veneers are even resistant to stains).

Did Matt Rife Get Plastic Surgery?

While it’s been widely rumoured that Matt Rife had plastic surgery, especially in the jaw area, the Ohio native has denied getting any cosmetic work done. In a 2023 Access Hollywood interview, when Mario Lopez asked Matt about the biggest lie he’d read about himself, Matt replied, “That I’ve had plastic surgery.”

“That’s the funniest thing in the entire world to me because puberty hit me so late like I didn’t look like this [pointing to his face] until I was like 23.” He brought up people saying that he’d had cheek fillers, jawline surgery or even his lips done, but he dismissed these rumours.

That’s not the only time Matt has addressed speculation surrounding his “glow-up.” He reiterated that he hadn’t had any procedure done on Cancelled with Tana Mongeau’s podcast. Although, there, he did admit to getting his teeth done through dental veneers.

Matt Rife before and after 1
Image credit: mattrife/Instagram

Looking at Matt’s photos, while the changes in his jaw do seem a bit dramatic, even from an early age, he did have a pretty strong jawline. It’s also worth considering that in many of his photos used for comparisons, he was still a teenager.

As for his lips, they, too, have been quite voluminous and on the fuller side from an early age. Though, the apples of his cheeks do seem rounder than they used to be, especially when he’s smiling. It may be because of certain dietary changes; some facial exercises also claim to help with it. Then there’s also the possibility of cheek fillers, but it all remains a mystery.


Controversies aside, Matt Rife’s plastic surgery rumours don’t seem to hold much weight on closer inspection. It might just all be a puberty glow-up. He’s also quite physically fit, which might’ve also contributed to his defined profile.

In any case, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no shame in any man getting plastic surgery. It’s a deeply personal decision and totally up to the person to decide whether they want to have it or not. If you are considering, make sure to find someone experienced, qualified, and board-certified so they can help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals in the best possible way.

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