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Before and After Photos

Usually, protrusion of fat pads in the lower eyelids occurs due to ageing. This is what makes the eyes look constantly puffy and tired. If this is your sole concern, you can get lower eyelid surgery.

View the “before” photos of patients whose lower eyelids look similar to yours. In the “after” photos, you can get an idea of the surgical outcome.

The sagging skin also results in droopy upper eyelids. So, the heavy upper eyelids cause a visual disturbance. Here, upper eyelid surgery is more suitable.

The surgery will remove excess skin and fat while tightening the muscles. You can see the results of patients with similar problems in the before/after gallery.

Additionally, you can see the results of those who had double eyelid surgery.

However, keep in mind that genetics, diet and lifestyle can affect the final outcome, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same results as another patient.  


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Before and After Photos

A facelift lifts the skin, but it cannot get rid of crow’s feet, frown lines and drooping eyelids and eyebrows. That is why you need to view the before and after photos.  

There’s also confusion around a mini facelift and full facelift, for which you can view this gallery of our patients.

If your primary concern is jowls and sagging skin around the cheeks, a mini facelift will suit you better. It focuses on the lower half of the face.

In a full facelift, you can reduce signs of ageing from the midface area to the neck. Surgical technique, age of the patient, and skin quality can affect the outcome of the surgery. 

Lip Fillers

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Before and After Photos

A lip filler can address different concerns. You may want to get a lip injection for plumper, fuller lips or fill lines for a smoother appearance.

You can give your doctor a reference of images of patients with similar lip profiles and the results you desire.

Sometimes, the only concern is volume loss. However, you may also want to get rid of lipstick lines/smokers’ lines.

If you’re struggling with one or a combination of these problems, it’s a good idea to view this gallery of our patients who had similar concerns to yours.

However, keep in mind that patients’ anatomy, their metabolism rate, their dietary habits, the volume of fillers, and the area of injection can affect the final outcome.

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