Breast Lift In Turkey

Genetics, ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, and gravity can make the breasts droopy and less firm.

Severe sagging can also result in pain in the neck, shoulders, and back and cause rashes (intertrigo) and skin infections.

However, you can make the breasts firmer and perkier through a breast lift surgery or mastopexy. This surgery will reshape your sagging breasts.

What Is A Breast Lift?

As we age, our breasts lose their shape and sag due to loss of skin elasticity.

Other than that, the stretching of the skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the subsequent shrinking of the glandular tissue causes the skin to sag.

In the same vein, weight loss/gain causes the skin to become loose.

If you have bigger, heavier breasts, gravity will weaken the suspensory ligaments, supporting the breasts to the chest wall, which will cause them to sag.

A breast lift or mastopexy surgery removes excess skin and tissue, reshapes/repositions the nipple and the areola (nipple-areola complex) and tightens the remaining skin in the breasts.

Keep in mind that a breast lift is not the same as breast enlargement surgery. If you want to increase your breast size, you need to have this surgery included in your treatment plan.

How Much Does A Breast Lift Cost In Turkey?

Breast lift in Turkey may cost around £1,700.

The low cost of living and currency exchange is mainly why surgeries are so cheap here. Companies also offer additional services, such as accommodation, transfers, and aftercare, to patients.

The thriving medical tourism has led to a competitive landscape which also allows foreigners to get a cheaper breast lift cost in Turkey.

How Much Can I Save On A Breast Lift In Turkey Compared To The UK?

In the UK, breast lift costs can be around £7,000. So, breast lift turkey cost in Turkey can be almost 4 times lower and can potentially save you about £5,500 or more.

Keep in mind that since breast lift is cosmetic surgery, it is not available on the NHS. You’ll have to get the procedure privately, and the breast uplift price can vary depending on:

  • the location of the clinic
  • the qualification of the surgeon
  • the type of anaesthesia
  • the surgical technique

And high cost won’t necessarily entail the success of the surgery. You have to find the right clinic and surgeon.

Who Can Have Breast Lift & Why?

You are a good candidate for a breast lift in Turkey if:

  • You are older than 18 years. Before that, your breast tissue may still be developing.
  • You aren’t overweight and have already achieved your ideal weight. Weight gain results in fat accumulating underneath the breasts, while significant weight loss leaves stretched skin hanging, resulting in droopy breasts.
  • You are unsatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of your breasts. One may droop more than the other and have an elongated shape with nipples and areolas facing downwards.
  • You do not suffer from any heart or lung disease.

Why Should I Have Breast Lift In Turkey?

Many people choose Turkey because of the affordable cost of breast lifts and the quality of medical treatments. You can choose to get a breast lift in Turkey for the same reasons. While the cost will be lower, provided you find the right surgeon, you can get excellent results from your treatment.

Health tourism is a regulated industry in Turkey. The Ministry of Health requires providers to have specific licenses before they can offer their services. The surgeons also need to be registered with the Turkish Medical Association while having liability insurance by law. For this reason and the low breast lift price in Turkey, you can consider getting a breast lift abroad.

Am I Suitable For Breast Lift?

What To Think About Before You Have Breast Lift In Turkey?

Before getting a breast uplift, you need to ask the following questions so that you can make the right decision:

  • What are the credentials and experience of the surgeon? What is their specialization?
  • Can I see the patient portfolio of the surgeon and meet with a previous patient who had this surgery?
  • How many breast lift surgeries has the surgeon performed, and what are the overall success and patient satisfaction rates?
  • Does the surgeon have insurance against malpractice?
  • How will the shape and size of my breasts change over time?
  • Where will the surgeon make incisions, and how well do breast lift scars heal?

Is Turkey Suitable For Breast Lift Surgery?

Turkey can be suitable for breast lift surgery if you’re looking to get the procedure at an affordable cost. But the low breast lift Turkey price isn’t indicative of low quality.

In fact, you can find many specialist plastic surgeons with years of experience and have international accreditations. Because of the boost in the medical tourism industry, many also have a diverse patient portfolio having experience in treating patients with different aesthetic goals. Therefore, Turkey can be a good option to consider for breast lift.

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How To Find The Best Surgeon For Breast Lift Surgery In Turkey?

To find the best surgeon for breast lift in Turkey, you can consider taking the following measures:

  • Check out the reviews – Online reviews can be a good place to start, but make sure to check out independent sites and forums as well.
  • Ask and verify – Make sure that you’re aware of the qualifications, speciality and experience of your surgeon and try to verify their credentials on online registers.
  • Ask questions – How your surgeon answers your questions regarding the surgery can also be a good indicator of whether or not they’ll be suitable for you. They must go over the details of the procedure with you and be open about the potential risks and complications.
  • Check aftercare availability – Since recovery is a big part of the surgery itself, you must make sure that your surgeon is offering aftercare services.

When choosing a surgeon, you should

How To Best Prepare for Breast Lift In Turkey?

Before coming in for your surgical breast lift, you need to make a few preparations.

First, you should inform the surgeon about any medications that you’re taking.

You’ll be advised against taking any blood thinners as they can increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.

Moreover, you need to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery as it also poses a risk of increased bleeding during surgery and can slow down breast lift recovery.

The day before the surgery, stop eating and drinking after midnight. If the surgery is taking place under general anaesthesia, food and beverages can cause:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • infection
  • aspiration

And on the day of the surgery, wear loose clothes so that there’s no pressure on the breasts post-op.

Lastly, remember to remove any piercings and jewellery pieces, and do not apply anything to your body.

Breast Surgery Pre op Instructions

What Is The Procedure For Breast Lift In Turkey?

Breast Lift General

First, the surgeon will perform a physical exam and ask for your medical history. There may also be a need for some medical tests.

After that, the surgeon may take measurements of your breasts and take before/after photos so that you can see the changes that the surgery will make. The following explains how is a breast lift done:

Breast Uplift Operation

In a breast lift procedure, the surgeon makes the incisions and then lifts the breast skin and fat.

Here, they will reposition the glandular tissue higher up and then support it with internal sutures and mesh.

After that, they move the nipple and areola upwards so that they’re forward-facing.

This is followed by a reduction in the size of the areola if needed. Then the surgeon will remove excess skin to achieve a new breast contour.

The skin is stitched up using skin adhesives/dissolvable stitches. You may have surgical drains on the sides of the breasts to get rid of excess blood and fluid.

The surgeon will apply dressing/surgical tape to the area, and you’ll have to wear a support bra afterwards.

The whole surgery takes place in 2 to 3 hours. If you need additional surgeries like breast augmentation, it will take longer.

There are four different surgical techniques for a breast lift. The surgeon decides on the technique most suitable for you depending on the:

  • breast anatomy
  • degree of breast sagging
  • position and size of the areola
  • skin elasticity

The techniques for the breast lift process are as follows:

1. Crescent/Periareolar

It is in the shape of a half-moon, made on the outer edges of the lower half of the areola.

This type of incision is recommended for those who have minor sagging and want to fix asymmetry in the position of the nipples.

2. Circumareolar/Doughnut

This is the incision that the surgeon makes all around the areola.

Again, this addresses a minor degree of droopiness and is best for people with small breasts.

3. Vertical/Lollipop

In this, the surgeon makes an incision around the areola and vertically down the midline of the breast.

This is more invasive and suitable for people with larger breasts. It addresses moderate sagging.

4. Anchor/Inverted T

This combines the circumareolar and lollipop incisions along with a horizontal incision at the crease of the breasts (inframammary incision).

This is one of the most common incision techniques and is recommended for patients with severe sagging and large breasts.

In this, the surgeon removes the skin (including the hole made around the areola), sutures it and slides the nipple into a new position.

Breast Uplift Incisions

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Recovery & Results Of Breast Lift

Breast lift in Turkey is usually inpatient because of the general anaesthesia, so you have to stay in the hospital overnight.

The effects of anaesthesia can last for 24 hours, so you may feel a little foggy. But even after discharge, it’s best if you completely rest for 2-3 days

Your surgeon will prescribe medicines to you, so make sure to take them. Because you’ll be given antibiotics, do not drink alcohol at all.

If you’re discharged with surgical drains, you’ll need to empty them at least 3 to 4 times a day.

The surgeon may remove this and the dressing 4 days after the surgery.

Most of the swelling will take at least 3-4 months to go down. Breast lift healing time may vary between patients, however, you can expect to wait for at least a year to see the final results.

Aftercare Of Breast Lift

Breast lift has a downtime of 1-2 weeks.

You should make sure to avoid all kinds of strenuous physical activity for at least 6 weeks. That also includes lifting a child.

You need to gently ease into your old routine. You can begin by taking short walks so that the blood circulation speeds up the recovery process.

After 6 weeks, you can resume your normal routine but make sure to consult the surgeon.

And make sure to wear the medical bra for 4-6 weeks during the recovery period. It will provide support to the breasts.

Side Effects To Expect After Breast Lift

You can expect to experience the following side effects after a Turkey breast lift:

  • Scarring: The surgical scars from a breast lift are permanent, but they should fade over time. The plastic surgeon will have placed them so that your bra will conceal them.
  • Swelling, Bruising & Soreness: The surgery can cause slight swelling at first, which peaks after 2-3 days. Your breasts may also feel tight and sore.

Other than that, you may notice redness and bruising around the surgical areas. These can take weeks to months to go away.

  • Nipple Sensation: The sensation of the nipple may change after a breast lift. They may be oversensitive or undersensitive.

It can also extend to the entire breasts. They may feel numb, but it gets better after a few weeks.

What Could Go Wrong After Breast Lift?

After getting a breast lift, you may end up developing an infection (pain, redness, heat, swelling and drainage).

Its risk is higher if you don’t take your antibiotics or don’t follow the aftercare instructions.

There’s also a risk of excessive bleeding, collection of blood below the skin (hematoma), or seroma (collection of fluids in the surgical area).

Other than that, you may develop keloid scars. There’s also the slight risk of the formation of blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).

Some patients also end up with asymmetrical breasts.

This happens when a pre-existing asymmetry in the shape and size of the breasts becomes accentuated after the surgery.

What To Do If You Have Problems After Breast Lift In Turkey?

If a problem arises after breast surgery, you should get in touch with the Aftercare team online for a free consultation.

International patients can also create tickets on the Support Panel or get in touch with their surgeons.

You can read more about the aftercare of boob lifts on our website.

Alternatives To Breast Lift

One alternative to breast lifting is what’s known as a vampire breast lift. In this, the plastic surgeon injects platelet-rich plasma to give you firm breasts.

It may also slightly change the breast shape by increasing volume.

However, the results are not permanent. It is non-invasive, so it does not fix moderately or severely sagging breasts.

Other Procedures to Have with Breast Lift

If sagging breasts aren’t your only aesthetic concern, you may need plastic surgeries other than breast uplift.

For instance, if you’re also concerned about small breast size, you can have enlargement surgery with a breast lift.

Apart from that, you can also have a tummy tuckliposuctionrhinoplasty, etc. 


Are the results of breast lift permanent?

The results of a breast lift can be if you don’t get pregnant or lose/gain weight.

However, keep in mind breasts can sag naturally because of gravity and the ageing process (the skin loses elasticity). So, your breasts may droop even after a breast uplift.

Will a breast uplift surgery reduce cup size?

In breast uplift, the removal of excess tissue and skin and tightening will decrease the size of your breasts. Moreover, since their position also changes, you may need a new bra cup size.

But keep in mind that pregnancy and weight fluctuations can stretch the skin of the breasts again and make them droop.

How would the clinic deal with an emergency if serious complications were to arise during the procedure?

All the facilities are equipped with an intensive care unit (ICU).

How long will I need to stay abroad before I’m well enough to travel back to the UK?

3-4 days after breast lift, surgeons perform a checkup on the patient’s breasts. So, you may have to stay till then, after which you can fly back to the UK.

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