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Enhancing facial volume, redefining lips and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines in order to combat signs of ageing can be achieved with the help of non-surgical treatments such as Fillers. Specific types of fillers, such as Dermal Fillers, can help to plump and lift areas in the face and neck which have lost elasticity over time. As we begin to age, the skin’s collagen production begins to reduce which can ultimately lead to skin around the face, neck and jawline beginning to loosen and sag. Dermal Fillers at our clinic in London can also be used in order to rejuvenate the skin on hands, and can ultimately restructure the skin in order to produce a more youthful appearance.


Here at Longevita, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative techniques to each and every one of our patients, and provide a tailored approach in order to ensure that our patients are the ideal candidates for the treatments that we suggest. This can help to guarantee the best possible results.

How Do Fillers Work?

Fillers are generally made from Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally-forming sugar which already occurs in the body to help repair any damaged tissue. As we age, the production of this sugar, and protective fatty tissue around the muscles, decreases, which can lead to a loss of elasticity. Non-surgical Filler procedures at our London clinic often take around 30-45 minutes to complete, dependent on the size of the area which is being targeted. Generally, the process is relatively pain-free meaning no anaesthesia is required. However, if you are feeling uncomfortable at all throughout the procedure, then numbing cream can be applied.

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What Are The Risks Of Fillers?

While fillers use the natural ingredient Hyaluronic Acid with the injections, there are some risks to consider, which will be discussed in detail by the surgeon prior to the treatment taking place. Some of the potential risks include asymmetry, some bruising and/or bleeding, possible scarring, lumps, skin redness or rash, and under- or overcorrection of wrinkles.

It is also important to remember that our London Filler treatments may require more than one course in order to provide optimal results.

The Benefits Of Fillers

One of the major benefits of Fillers is that they can be applied to almost any area on the face, neck, jawline and hands. The versatility of this treatment has led to an increase in demand, with patients from all over the globe seeking Filler treatments as an affordable alternative to surgical procedures.

With sagging skin being prominent in the undereye area in particular as we age, it is important to know that there is a solution for this common annoyance. Dermal Fillers at our London clinic, in particular, offer a safe and minimally-invasive solution to help target loss of volume and dark circles in the delicate eye area.

Fillers can also be used for the nose area, and is a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty as it can help to correct any unsightly bumps or hooks in the nose, without any downtime required. With the increase in celebrities seeking Lip Fillers, these have also become an increasingly popular option for those who were born with thin lips, or whose lips have begun to lose plumpness over time. Other areas where Fillers can be applied include the cheeks, the hands, the jawline and the chin, and can provide a solution to loss of definition or volume.

With minimal downtime and the procedures being relatively risk-free due to the use of naturally-occurring ingredients within the injections, Fillers offer an effective solution for those looking to tackle signs of ageing.

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High-Quality Filler Treatments At Longevita

At Longevita, we tailor all of our treatments to our patient’s individual requirements, in order to ensure that the best possible results are achieved at all times. Our non-surgical Fillers are performed by some of the best non-surgical treatment specialists from across the globe and are all performed at our clinic in London. This not only helps to make our Filler treatments accessible for all but also affordable. Fillers can be performed on different parts of the face and body, in order to help restore a youthful appearance to ageing skin.

To determine the most appropriate treatment for you, book a free consultation. We offer free audio or video consultations and aftercare appointments five days a week by our expert patient consultants or aftercare specialists online at the comfort of your home. Rejuvenate your skin and reclaim your youthful appearance with help from Longevita, today.

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