Apron Belly: What It Is, Causes & 5 Ways To Get Rid of It

apron belly

Many people struggle with an overhanging flap of skin down the stomach that resembles the appearance of an apron. This is known as an apron belly, and it can develop as a result of significant weight fluctuations or following childbirth. 

While it may be possible to lose fat through diet and exercise, there is no way to get rid of the excess skin except for going under the knife. However, knowing what causes the apron belly is essential in determining the best course of action.

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Dennie Morgan Lines: Causes & 3 Ways To Fix Them

dennie morgan line

Some skin problems can be indications of underlying health problems. Dennie Morgan (DM) lines or Dennie Morgan folds are an example of this. Because of their appearance, they’re usually confused with wrinkles and thought to develop as a result of ageing. However, that’s not always the case. 

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Top 13 Best Face Scar Treatments That Actually Work

face scar

A facial scar is not only a constant reminder of what you went through, but it can also negatively impact your emotional well-being. That is why many people seek face scar treatments. No matter how the scar got there, whether it was an accident, burn, injury or acne, research shows that it can weigh down your self-esteem and confidence. 

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Malar Bags: What Are They, Causes & Treatments

malar bags

Faces are particularly vulnerable to cosmetic problems, as even the slightest change can be pronounced and dramatic. The malar bags are one example of this. While many people commonly refer to them as “eye bags,” they’re not the same as them and need to be treated differently. 

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Pollybeak Deformity: Why It Develops & How To Treat It

pollybeak deformity

After rhinoplasty surgery, it’s possible for patients to experience complications. Some of them are only temporary, but others may need surgical intervention. Pollybeak deformity is one such complication. 

Some cases can be predicted or even prevented, but that’s not always possible. It’s important that you have an understanding of this problem, so you can clearly communicate your concerns to your surgeon before or after the rhinoplasty. 

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Banana Roll Fat: What Causes It & 3 Ways To Get Rid of It

banana roll fat

There are many people who struggle to lose stubborn fat pockets from different areas of the body. These could be anything from muffin tops, love handles and saddlebags to banana roll fat. These names sound innocuous enough, but they can easily make a woman feel conscious about her body contour. 

In the case of banana roll fat, the shape of the buttocks and upper thighs is distorted. It may make a woman feel bad enough to avoid certain clothing (bikinis or tight pants).. However, understanding the causes of banana roll fat is important in finding the right treatment for it. 

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