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pollybeak deformity

Pollybeak Deformity: Why It Develops & How To Treat It

After rhinoplasty surgery, it’s possible for patients to experience complications. Some of them are only temporary, but others may need surgical intervention. Pollybeak deformity is one such complication. 

Some cases can be predicted or even prevented, but that’s not always possible. It’s important that you have an understanding of this problem, so you can clearly communicate your concerns to your surgeon before or after the rhinoplasty. 

banana roll fat

Banana Roll Fat: What Causes It & 3 Ways To Get Rid of It

There are many people who struggle to lose stubborn fat pockets from different areas of the body. These could be anything from muffin tops, love handles and saddlebags to banana roll fat. These names sound innocuous enough, but they can easily make a woman feel conscious about her body contour. 

In the case of banana roll fat, the shape of the buttocks and upper thighs is distorted. It may make a woman feel bad enough to avoid certain clothing (bikinis or tight pants).. However, understanding the causes of banana roll fat is important in finding the right treatment for it. 

dysport vs botox

Dysport vs Botox: The Complete Guide

Reviewed by Prof. Fuat Yuksel.

If you’ve been thinking of getting rid of the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, chances are you would’ve heard about Botox. However, there’s another neuromodulator whose name pops up along with it: Dysport. That leads to the “Dysport vs Botox” comparisons to determine how they differ and which one is better for treating particular aesthetic issues.

bone loss in teeth

Bone Loss in Teeth: Causes, Signs and Treatment

Reviewed by Dr Izbel Aksit.

Bone loss in teeth elicits fear in many people. However, the truth is that it’s normal for our bones to lose and gain mass constantly. It is only when certain conditions make bone loss the predominant process that you have something to worry about.

For that, you need to understand why it happens and what you can do to treat or prevent it entirely.

what is body mass index

What Is Body Mass Index & Why It’s Important For Plastic Surgery

Reviewed by Prof. Fuat Yuksel.

Body mass index or BMI is a measure that was developed almost 2 centuries ago by mathematician, astronomer, and statistician – Adolphe Quetelet to define the average man. Since then, it has found other applications, including screening candidates for plastic surgery, who usually ask what is body mass index and how it affects them? Let’s find out.

how to get rid of white tongue

How to Get Rid of White Tongue

Reviewed by Dr Izbel Aksit.

It’s normal to wake up every day to a white coating on your tongue. The mouth gets dry due to a decrease in the production of saliva during the night, which is typical. However, sometimes, the white is more than usual and seems to appear out of nowhere. That’s when you think of the “why” and “how to get rid of white tongue?

Most of us don’t stick our tongues out, look in the mirror, and check if they are healthy. Although often overlooked, this organ can tell a lot about a person’s health. And since a healthy tongue should be pink, the white can raise some alarm bells. To find the right treatment for a white tongue, first, you need to understand what it is and what causes it.


Everything You Need to Know About J Plasma

Reviewed by Dr Hassan Soueid.

Every day we hear stories about surgical techniques and technologies breaking new frontiers. Renuvion cosmetic technology or J-plasma is one such invention. In light of a growing need for minimally invasive procedures, J plasma/Renuvion fits the bill perfectly.

When it comes to J-plasma, many people aren’t exactly clear on the kind of “plasma” that’s being marketed. It isn’t blood plasma, but the plasma that we know as the fourth state of matter – ionized gas. This is used on organic skin tissue for cosmetic purposes. Here, let’s find out what it is exactly that J-plasma does, how it does it and whether or not you’re a good candidate for this treatment.

gingival flap surgery

Gingival Flap Surgery: What Is It & When Do You Need It?

Reviewed by Dr Izbel Aksit.

Gum disease affects millions around the globe even though it’s preventable. Unfortunately, 45% of the people in the UK alone have periodontitis, also known as gum disease. Two in three adults in the UK also have visible plaque. And if this plaque is not taken care of in time, it can harden into tartar (calculus).

Ultimately, the presence of this tartar is what sometimes necessitates a gingival flap surgery. This gum flap surgery can be done on its own or in combination with a bone grafting procedure, especially if the patient has suffered significant bone loss and intends to get dental implants.

what is a seroma

What Is A Seroma?: The Signs, Causes & Treatments

Reviewed by Prof. Dr Fuat Yuksel.

Seroma is a complication that commonly develops after plastic surgery but fortunately, it’s not dangerous. In fact, a small seroma can get reabsorbed by the body without needing any treatment.

However, if the size of the seroma is large and it’s increasing in size while becoming more painful for the patient, it needs to be treated in a clinical setting. But before anything, many people don’t know what is a seroma and why it develops in the first place. So, let’s find out.

calcium deficiency teeth

Calcium Deficiency Teeth: Know The Signs Before It’s Too Late

Reviewed by Dr. Izbel Aksit.

Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals found in our bodies. In fact, it makes up 99% of the bones and teeth. Even though it’s a micronutrient, its presence has a macro impact on the normal growth and development of the body. Aside from supporting bone and tooth development, it aids blood clotting, hormone secretion, muscle contraction, and the transmission of nerve signals. So, its deficiency can have wide-reaching implications, one of which is calcium deficiency teeth.

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