Breast Surgery While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Things to Consider Before Breast Surgery During Pregnancy

The hormonal changes accompanying a pregnancy will affect your breasts in different ways. Since they’re temporary, it is not recommended that you get cosmetic breast surgery while pregnant. However, there are other reasons why getting cosmetic breast surgery is unsafe and inadvisable while you’re still pregnant and even for some time after that.

As you approach childbirth, the shape and size of your breasts will continue to change. Many wonder if these changes are permanent or temporary. Additionally, you may want to know how long you should wait for your breasts to take their prepregnancy size and shape. That way, you’d be better able to decide whether or not you even need plastic surgery.

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Plastic Surgery Types that You May Combine In One Trip

combine surgery

If you’re in good health and have been thinking of transforming more than one part of your body, you can consider combining different plastic surgery procedures. However, many people are unaware of the plastic surgery types that you may combine in one trip safely. 

The needs and expectations of different patients vary. That is why if you’re considering getting more than one plastic surgery, it’s important to consult a medical professional. It’s possible that you can get multiple surgeries at the same time, or you may need to space them apart for your health.

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Stay In Turkey: What To Do & How To Extend It

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Turkey’s magical allure is irresistible. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” History is littered with admirers of this enthralling beauty. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), 51.9 million people visited the country in 2019, of which 86.2% were foreigners. 

Istanbul, being the most sought-after tourist destination, welcomed 15 million tourists, which is 33% of all foreign visitors. Tourists flock to the city for its historical and cultural wonders. However, with medical tourism on the rise, Istanbul has also become a hub for plastic surgery. But many medical tourists end up prolonging their stay in Turkey for a relaxing vacation. 

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Pre and Post Operative Instructions

You may download the below instructions that you are advised to follow before and after your medical procedure. Please note that adherence to these instructions are critical to the success …

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