Everything You Need To Know Before Your Trip To Turkey

If you are planning a medical trip to Turkey, making sure that you’re travelling with the right documents, clothes and information that you need can make or break your trip. Whether this is the first time you’ll be setting foot on Turkish soil, or you’re a seasoned traveller seeking further information about a medical trip with Longevita, we have compiled a guide to answering a few common questions.

Do I Need A Visa To Enter Turkey?

In order to travel to Turkey for your treatment, British citizens will need to apply for an e-Visa and have a passport that is valid for a further 6 months after the date of travel. Your visa will provide you with access to Turkey from any airport, port or other methods of entry into the country and allow you to stay for up to 90 days within any 180-day period, either in a single trip or across multiple stays.

An e-Visa offers a digital alternative to the time-consuming task of a physical visa application. All that would be needed to apply for a visa is an internet connection and a device that can connect you to the application online. Upon acceptance, you can download the e-Visa on your phone, tablet or alternative portable device and start travelling immediately from the date of validity. It is advised to keep a paper copy to hand, however, in the case of any failures on the system or any other cases that you may not be able to show your digital copy.

While physical visas are available from various ports and airports, for the time being, it’s likely that this will be replaced completely by the digital versions in the future. For this reason, e-Visas must be applied for in advance of travel and it is advised that you file this application up to three months ahead of your desired travel date. You will need to pay a fee in order to obtain a visa to enter Turkey, which is currently $20/£20 (sourced: 14/01/19).

For more information regarding the Turkish visa and whether you are eligible to apply ahead of booking your treatment, you can visit the official e-Visa website online.

What Can I Expect During My Stay?

With a population of over 72,750,000 people and a blend of both Asian and European cultures, Turkey offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy a diverse culture while you recover from your treatment. Upon arrival at your chosen airport in Turkey, you will be collected from the airport by our private vehicles and taken to one of the four or five-star hotels available as part of our travel plans. Dependant on the city of your choice and your needs throughout your stay, you could stay at one of the following hotels:

West Istanbul

Holiday Inn Şişli

Situated in the heart of Western Istanbul, this unique hotel offers luxury, plentiful facilities and 168 comfortable rooms to choose from.

Ramada Encore Bayrampasa

On the outskirts of Istanbul’s old town sits the hotel Ramada Encore Bayrampasa. This 4-star hotel is home to a gourmet restaurant, gym, bar and plenty of amenities to help you relax.

 East Istanbul

Wyndham Grand Kalamis

Situated near to a stunning marina, this 5-star hotel has 210 elegant rooms to choose from and 24-hour room service to ensure your every request is fulfilled.

Double Tree Hilton Moda

Another five-star hotel, this option sits in a prime location by the Mamara with floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty of incredible views to enjoy, you can relax in style while you recover.

Hotel Suadiye

Complete with a fitness centre, sauna and enviable WiFi connection, you can enjoy the air conditioning and stocked minibar at the Hotel Suadiye as you recover in the days after your chosen procedure

 What Can I Do While I Recover From My Surgery?

Turkey is a cultural hub ideal for a holiday escape. Rich with mystical elegance, Istanbul promise a trip to remember with plenty of unique architecture and sightseeing to enjoy after your treatment.

Many of the treatments here at Longevita offer shorter recovery times, with many patients able to get back to their daily routines within a day of the surgery, though may be recommended to stay in Turkey for up to a week for check-ups. For this reason, many choose to take the opportunity to enjoy Istanbul. Depending on your treatment choice, you may be able to do more than other patients, so it’s important to clear this with your surgeon or host prior to embarking on any activities.

In Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia is a must-see for those wanting to enjoy the sights. This stunning building is currently a museum but has a rich history of being both a church and a mosque, now offering a unique collection of mosaics, tiling, calligraphy and more. You could also take a stroll along Istiklal Avenue for a spot of shopping, or to grab a bite to eat of the local cuisine. Delicacies include Menemen, kofte, and Lokum.

Providing that you follow the advice of your surgeon, you can enjoy Turkey’s enchanting sights throughout your stay. Travelling to Istanbul for your treatment allows you the opportunity to enjoy a holiday while opting for your medical procedure, thus offering a truly unique experience.

When Can I Travel After My Surgery?

Following your surgery, you will be given a full aftercare plan by your surgeon that will be entirely personalised to you and your individual case. This plan will depend on your treatment, how your body reacted to the given procedure and any other expectations or requirements you may have. For this reason, the point at which you can travel will differ on a case-by-case basis.

However, there are standard recovery times we implement across different procedures before you are able to fly to ensure that your results, and most importantly your health are kept at the forefront of your priorities. The minimum stay for your procedure may be as follows:

  • Hair Transplant – 1+ days
  • Breast Enlargement/Lift/Reduction – 4+ days
  • Nose Job – 6+ days
  • Liposuction – 4+ days
  • Tummy Tuck – 6+ days
  • Facelift – 6+ days
  • Eyelid Surgery – 6+ days
  • Bum Lift – 4+ days
  • Dental Implants – 1st Visit: 3+ days. 2nd Visit: 3+ days.
  • Crowns – 5+ days
  • Veneers – 5+ days
  • Laser Eye Surgery – 4+ days
  • Cataract Surgery – 4+ days

Your Travel Coordinators

When travelling for treatment with Longevita, you will be assigned a designated travel coordinator to ensure that your travel is conducted seamlessly. They are on hand to organise your entire itinerary to suit your personal requirements, from your transport from the airport in Turkey to move to and from the hotel and hospital upon your arrival.

They can also provide assistance in finding the best flights, times, prices and airlines to suit your schedules, treatment plans and location within the UK. Effectively conducting the legwork on your behalf, you can rest assured that your travel will be dealt with by our experienced team, so nothing is missed.

Upon arrival in Turkey, you will be met by one of our friendly greeters located within the airports, from which you will then be guided to your private vehicle and driven to the hotel. This same service will be available for each of your appointments throughout your stay, so you will only need to worry about public transport or finding your way around when you come to explore Istanbul in their glory.

For more information ahead of your visit to Turkey or to book your initial consultation with our team, you can get in touch on 02036 916851 or request a call back online.

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